Keeping Us Real

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A few of you have rightly commented that I shouldn’t have called Lan a “rookie reporter” when he really was a “fake” reporter in the sense of deliberately trying to extort money from the mine bosses. You’re right. Special thanks to Ginger, who wrote in:

In this case, maybe you should also include in your argument the fact that Lan was not on the reporters staff, but the ads sales staff? Maybe you should also include that fact that Lan told his friends he went to that mine in order to blackmail the miner 1000 RMB with his “fake” journalist ID? And maybe you should also try to re-phrase this following sentence “a rookie reporter like Lan… is off investigating …..”

And while we’re on the subject of thanks (and embarassing mistakes) thanks to Du Yisa for pointing out that our blogroll calls the EastSouthWestNorth blog “EastSouthNorthWest.” That’s horrible. We’ll have it fixed.