More On Food Fears

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On my previous Food Fears post, Mimi and Wildgame commented that if Hong Kongers are worried about what they eat, maybe they should look farther afield and get their food from somewhere else. I’m not sure that’s the solution. For starters, it’s much more expensive. You can see that clearly in some of the high-end grocery stores here that carry produce from Japan, the U.S. and Europe. Step outside to the wet market and you can find mainland versions of many of the same items for much cheaper. I don’t think the fact that most people would go for the cheaper apple is really stinginess. It’s more like common sense.

There’s also the question of the environmental impact of eating food that’s been shipped across the world, a point raised by the folks behind the 100-Mile Diet. They only consume what’s been grown or raised within 100 miles of their home in Vancouver, Canada.

And shouldn’t people be able to expect that food grown in their country is safe? The only solution seems to be to improve inspections and enforcement. Not only is it a matter of public health for people all over China, but it will also help the country meet its ambitious goals for agricultural exports.