Rosemary’s Baby Does Darfur, Divests Petro China

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More on divesting Darfur, with Chinese companies again in the crosshairs. Jody Williams, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner for her work (I think) in banning landmines, and (retired?) actress Mia Farrow take on the Oracle of Omaha directly in a WSJ piece today about why Americans should divest any holdings they may have in Chinese oil companies. I , umm, have no opinion as to who might have a better sense of how financial markets and politics intersect, Warren Buffett or the star of Rosemary’s Baby. Indeed, in this age in America, anyone who ISN’T a celebrity should just shut up do WHATEVER it is that celebrities want them to do. I mean, for god’s sake, they’re celebrities and we’re not!
Then again, isn’t Warren Buffet a celebrity, too?

Here’s the link…