Can Yi JIanlian Learn to Love Brauts and Beer?

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I don’t want to say I feel sorry for Yi Jiianlian, the Chinese basketball star who was just the sixth pick in the NBA draft–the guy after all will soon be a multi, multi millionaire–but he’s obviously depressed at the thought of playing in Milwaukee for the Bucks, the team that picked him. There are apparently just 27,500 Asian Americans who live in the metro area. The NBA rumor mill has Yi’s agent already working on a deal that would send him to the Golden State Warriors, which would obviously make him MUCH happier, or perhaps to the Philadelphia 76ers.
Anyway, here’s Yi responding to a question at a post draft press conference about where he was drafted. The lack of enthusiasm couldn’t be more obvious.

Q: There have been media reports saying you’re not too interested in the Milwaukee Bucks, but with this outcome what do you think you’re going to do. Are you going to request being traded off or are you going to stay on with this team?

A: I don’t really know much about the Milwaukee Bucks, I didn’t get to see a lot of their games in China, neither have I been to their city, which is why I don’t really know much about this team. I haven’t seen their training nor have we been in contact, so I’m not too sure yet. I will certainly be focusing on the China National Team.