Activist Disappears Part 2: Back Home

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A quick follow up on the post below. According to Zeng Jinyan. she received a call on Sunday from Yuan Weijing to say that she was back home in Shandong, having been forcibly taken back by local police, and is once again under house arrest. Yuan reportedly said she was was stopped by airport customs officers after checking in and taken to a basement where she saw the same group of Shandong police who have been waiting outside Zeng’s Beijing flat for the last month. No explanation was given or documents produced. Nor was there any interrogation. They simply forced Yuan into a van. She arrived home in Shandong at around 9 o╩╝clock on Saturday evening and is now recovering from her rough handling.

“It is obviously an illegal detention,” Zeng said. “We have not decided what to do yet. For now, we will wait.”