Coal for Kids II: A Correction and a Message to Our Loyal Readers

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Naomi from OCDF writes to point out that the figure of four hours heating a day is before the orphanages get their extra supplement from the program. With the additional coal they can heat 16 hours a day, a huge difference. Incidentally, it occurs to me that some of our more frequent commenters might actually want to use this as an opportunity to put their money where their mouths (or pens) are. Those consistently critical of China (yes, Mr. Mutton Kebab, that means you), might want to actually help do something about the conditions they so often complain about. Those who think China can do no wrong (too numerous to list but you also know who you are) and that everything we write is part of a vast conspiracy to make China look bad and keep her from taking her rightful place at the top table of nations, well, you guys can also do your bit for the motherland. After all, didn’t President Hu just cite 人文关怀 or “compassionate care” as a major new goal for the Party and country? So come on people: Do the right thing! I hope to hear from Naomi soon that a flood of contribution have come pouring in.