Straight Outta Inner Mongolia

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Since we’re on the subject of crazy rap videos, here’s one that comes from the heart of China. Last week Chinese web portal posted a video of a man, apparently a farmer from Inner Mongolia, launching his hip hop debut. (China Digital Times has the story here.) The farmer talks about the funny walk of a chicken and how his gold tooth, which was made by his friend the blacksmith, is stronger than any horseshoe. In other words, he’s representin’ for Inner Mongolia.

There have been a few stories recently about the global spread of hip hop, like this piece in National Geographic and this in Foreign Policy. Inner Mongolia, though, has got to be as remote as it gets on the hip hop planet. Given the Chinese love of spoof videos, you have to wonder if this guy is real or not. Unfortunately there isn’t much more on him out there, except for comments by readers asking where they can find the full video. Either way, this guy is really funny.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Filip, who points out that Danwei has a link to the full video, plus the full story: it’s an ad for Nokia.