Guangdong–Fifth Tiger?

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Guangdong province is about to reach another milestone. The GDP of the world’s factory surpassed that of Singapore in 1998, Hong Kong in 2003, and, by the end of this year, is expected to edge out Taiwan as well (though it still lags far behind South Korea). Since 1990, Guangdong’s growth has averaged 14.4% annually, according to a recent statement from Guangdong’s governor. The last three decades of unchecked development have left the province with tens of thousands of factories–and a major dilemma: Guangdong is running out of room. 94% of urban land has already been developed, and the remaining land that’s suitable for development–about the size of Guangzhou–is well below what’s needed to sustain the economy, China Daily reported. Guangdong has to find a way to balance its future development. One strategy, proposed by the Bauhinia Foundation, a Hong Kong think tank, is to combine Shenzhen with Hong Kong to create a 20 million-strong metropolitan powerhouse. Hong-Zhen anyone? Shen-Kong?