First Coffee, Now Doughnuts

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A quick survey: how do you say “doughnut” in Chinese? A web search reveals the following results:
1. zha mian bing quanr 炸面饼圈
2. zha mian quan 炸面圈
3. you zha quan bing 油炸圈饼
Yep, I’ve got donuts on my mind. Not because Krispy Kreme lures me in every other time I’m in Causeway Bay, but because Dunkin’ Donuts has just announced plans to open up 100 shops in China over the next 10 years, starting with Shanghai. Does anyone remember that this is Dunkin’s AKA Dang Ken’s (当肯) second tour in China? I recall visiting one of their establishments near Beijing’s Friendship Store in 1998. Indeed, the company did open a handful of shops in China in the 1990s, but pulled out of the market (perhaps because Chinese weren’t ready quite to consume deep-fried sugar bombs?). The new strategy includes more localized offerings, including soybean and honeydew-flavored donuts, mochi rings (similar to donuts but made of rice flour) and a selection of teas. Dunkin’ joins the Japanese chain Mister Donut in China. Will Krispy Kreme follow? And more importantly, how will this stretch China’s already expanding waistlines?