Help Orphanages in China

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Last fall we mentioned a non-profit group, Our Chinese Daughters Foundation, that helps orphanages in China. The harsh winter is making conditions in China’s orphanages increasingly difficult, and they have sent out a new appeal for help. I’ve posted the request below:


We have all seen the news reporting the terrible weather in south and
central China. Snow and ice storms have been ravishing the regions of the
country where a tepid weather is the norm. Orphanages, which are always next
to last to receive disaster relief, are facing especially hard times.
Problems include power outages, lack of food, clean water, coal, quilts and
warm clothes. Moreover, latest reports state that this weather is likely to
continue for another 10 days.

The situation is critical. Many orphanages have not received any aid, and
will get no relief other that what we provide. Resources are scarce; costs
of basic necessities like food and coal, are doubling or even tripling. The
transportation system, already choked with holiday travel, is being pushed
further into chaos because of canceled trains and snowed in train tracks.
Because of this, we cannot ship blankets or food directly and have them
arrive in time to help.

What can you do to help? OCDF is accepting financial donations to give to
institutions who are in most need. Please contact our office 8403-4979 or TODAY to help. We can send a car to accept cash, wire
transfers will take one day to process or credit card donations. We will
continue funding the costs of basic goods until the money runs out.

This is a time sensitive request! These children need our help now! Please
make your donations today!

Naomi Kerwin
Director Community Outreach
Our Chinese Daughters Foundation – Beijing Office
(office) 011-8610-8403-4979
(mobile) 011-86-1371-8879-311
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OCDF is a 501c3 non-profit organization.