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Commenter Canchi objects strongly to the last sentence of my previous post. Here’s why:

…as a legitimate blogger, for Simon to have said what he said at this time, for this occasion, is blow below the belt …. After such tragedy, for such a solemn occasion, when Chinese people all feel the pain, for him to make political fodder of such a legitimate and proper act of the Chinese government is indecent. How would he feel, if someday, let’s say Prince Philip passes away, and I bring up the subject that he once made disparaging remarks concerning the Chinese race? Or I start trivializing Princess Diana’s funeral by saying what a circus, why lower the Union Jack at half-mast, people die by the thousands every day. Besides, she’s just an adulterer, and the Queen (of Britain, that is) never liked her anyway.

I certainly don’t want to offend anyone at a time like this. I don’t agree that nothing the government does with regard to this mourning period should be commented on though. Still, Canchi, you’re right. It is a difficult, sensitive time here in China and I’ll certainly keep that in mind in the future.

Meanwhile, another commenter named zzia119, apparently a high school student, put up this poignant post that I think speaks directly to how deeply everyone feels about this tragedy:

Although we did not hear the alarm sound in classroom, all my Classmates also stood up. 2:28 is too sensitive to us . Some students who come from Sichuan Province could not bear sobbing. We did not know how to comfort them. One of them lost the relation with his Family。Finally ,my teacher said to us: “There are also some survivors waiting for rescue. Now we pray for them.