Obama’s China-based Brother: Most Likely to be Harrassed

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Here’s a Youtube grab that’s floating around from a Shenzhen TV station about one resident of their city, Mark Ndesandjo. He is Obama’s half brother,  has married a Chinese from Henan province and spent the last six years in China. The report states that when his brother won the election Mark texted some of his Chinese friends: “新美国来了!” or “The new America has come!” The program features shots of Mark teaching piano at a Shenzhen municipal orphanage, where he has been volunteering for years. It also shows him practicising calligraphy and remarks he can pretty much be considered an old China hand. It’s a rather a touching little clip. Obviously, the philanthropic gene runs strong in the family. A bunch more detail on Mark can be found at Thomas Crampton’s blog, here. Poor fellow. Mark Ndesandjo that is. I imagine he’ll have lots of unwanted attention in the next few months.