Wen Jiabao Gets the Shoe Treatment

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China’s Premier followed in the footsteps (as it were) of former (hurray!) President Bush by having someone throw a shoe at him while speaking at Cambridge University. No footage (wire story here) unfortunately so we won’t be able to see his reaction. Probably didn’t miss a beat, knowing him. There’s plenty of footage from youtube (I can’t get it to link for some reason but it’s a cinch to find) which does indeed show Wen acting in his usual imperturbable  way.  Interesting if this is the start of a trend. This shoe hurler apparently missed by several meters so maybe the next practitioners of what surely will be an increasingly popular past time as it is now guranteed widespread coverage will get in a bit of practice first. Or perhaps reporters will in future be required to attend press conferences unshod. Personally, I liked the cream pie in the face thing better but that was pre-9/11 I guess.