The China Blog remembers Michael Jackson

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Ling as MJ, 2002

Ling as MJ, 2002

It’s taken me a week, but I’ve finally found my 2002 Halloween photos. Yes, that’s me in a Beat It costume cobbled together with my dad’s old sunglasses (I refuse to believe he actually wore these), a wig purchased years earlier in Beijing (I knew it would come in handy), a bedazzled glove courtesy of my sister, and that jacket–the thrift shop find of the decade!

Though MJ only stepped foot in the mainland once in 1987, his star power left fans mourning throughout the country last week. This clip of Chinese kids dancing to a medley of MJ songs seems to be generating some hits,  if for nothing else than the chance to see pelvic thrusts performed on CCTV! In my opinion though, this Chinese-dubbed version of Smooth Criminal is far more entertaining. R.I.P Maike Jiekesen (麥克傑克森).