Global Briefing, April 5, 2011: This Is an Intervention

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Forcing the Issue — “Employing U.S. military power to overthrow Gaddafi would do Libya more harm than good,” argues Romesh Ratnesar.

After Unrest — In the New Yorker, Dexter Filkins chronicles the uprising in Yemen and considers what comes next; Read TIME’s account of the country’s ‘Bloody Monday’ here.

Battle Lines — The U.N. has entered the fray in Ivory Coast, sending helicopters to target some of Gbagbo’s military camps in Abidjan, reports TIME’s Ishaan Tharoor.

Getting to Know You — In the fourth installment of their ‘New Europe’ series, the Guardian features Poland. The special includes a profile of a Polish family, a podcast about Polish football and a feature on techno music headlined ‘Poles Dancing.’

Socialismo —  Can Zapatero’s resignation redeem Spain’s Socialists? asks Eric Karlsen in a dispatch from Madrid. (Um, apparently, that Zapatero is a busy guy.)

Home on the Range —  People are moving off of the American plains — should Bison move in? Check out David Samuels’ must-read piece in Mother Jones.

Disappearing Daughters — The Economists uses data from the 2011 census to show the number of ‘missing’ girls in India. There are now 914 girls aged 0-6 years old for every 1,000 boys of the same age, though in one state (Haryana) the ration is 830 to 1000.

Video — The UK’s Channel 4 has (already!) produced a documentary on the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on Mar. 11. Panic-inducing soundtrack aside, it’s a rather compelling piece. TIME’s Japan coverage, here.