Global Briefing, May 2, 2011: Bin Laden is Dead

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Osama’s Obituary — “I am a person who loves death,” the inspiration of the 9/11 attacks one said. “If I am to die, I would like to be killed by the bullet.” The U.S. obliged him on Sunday. Read TIME’s account of his life and death. His life in pictures, here.

Symbolic Victories  —  “The killing of Osama bin Laden is more of a symbolic victory for the Obama administration than a game changer for the US strategy in the “Greater Middle East,” writes Marwan Bishara on AJE; Indeed, Bin Laden’s death holds more symbolism than significance, argues TIME’s Tony Karon.

In Plain Sight — The world’s most wanted man was found in a ‘mansion’ in Abbottabad, Pakistan. TIME’s Aryn Baker asks what that means for Pakistan and the ISI.

Watery Graves — NewsFeed explains why Bin Laden was buried at sea; Ishaan Tharoor wonders what ghosts might emerge from his grave.

Gone Rogue — The New York Times Magazine investigates the killing of Afghan civilians by a “rogue” unit.  Read Jim Frederick’s post on the enabling of the so-called “Kill Team.”

Letter from Libya — In the New Yorker, Jon Lee Anderson looks at Libya’s “ragtag” rebels and wonders if they can, in fact, defeat Gaddafi.

The Syrian Siege — The New York Review of Books‘ blog has a insider account of Syria’s violent crackdown on protesters. Our latest from Syria, here.

In Pictures —  Light Box features Martin Parr’s quirky, compelling photographs of ordinary Britons celebrating the wedding of the… oh never mind. But seriously, these pictures are good.