Global Briefing, May 5, 2011: Super Dogs and Corporate Scoundrels

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Rules of Engagement“To accept that the bin Laden raid was legal, is, in effect, to acknowledge publically that what we are actually conducting in Pakistan is a kind of war,” writes Raffi Khatchadourian for the New Yorker. “In his death, bin Laden has forced this admission from us.”

Closed Doors— As migrants continue to flee the Arab uprisings toward Europe, the European Commission has said Schengen countries can temporarily tighten their borders, reports Leo Cendrowicz from Brussels.

Ground Zero —  In India’s Telegraph, Kanishk Tharoor reflects on deaths that have defined ground zero, ten years apart. “I simply find it difficult to see joy in the indifferent face of violence and death,” he writes.

Supply Chains— Adel Adel Ghafar visits the tunnels that link Egypt to Gaza to find out how the revolution is changing ‘tunnelnomics’ on both sides. Watch TIME’s video about the tunnel smugglers of the Gaza strip.

Herstory — Muslimah Media Watch interviews Eman Hashim, an Egyptian blogger, who was in Tahrir Square for the protests against former President Hosni Mubarak.

White Collars — Jeffrey Sachs takes on the “corporate crime wave” he says is sweeping rich countries. “The next time you hear about a corruption scandal in Africa or other poor region, ask where it started and who is doing the corrupting,” he writes. “Neither the US nor any other “advanced” country should be pointing the finger.”

Man’s Best Friend — I’m not much for dog stories… but Foreign Policy put together a great photo essay on the use of canines in combat.

In Pictures — Light Box features the 3/11 Project, which is using photography from Japan to raise money for earthquake and tsunami survivors (#3 is my favorite, you?).