Hillary Clinton Goes Globetrotting

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embarked on a whirlwind 13-day foreign tour, taking her from palaces in Europe to a ceremonial yurt in Mongolia.

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embarked on a whirlwind 13-day foreign tour, taking her from palaces in Europe to a ceremonial yurt in Mongolia.

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Firozali A.Mulla
Firozali A.Mulla

The problem with us and will stay on is when the horse

runs away we will close the barn gate. President

Barack Obama and Republican

challenger Mitt Romney both

have softened their positions on gun restrictions over

the years. As they expressed shock and sorrow over the bloodshed at a Colorado

movie theatre, neither suggested that tougher gun control could

make a difference, a notion that has faded from political debate. Romney signed

a ban on

assault weapons as

Massachusetts governor. But as the presumptive Republican nominee, he now bills

himself as the candidate who will protect gun owners' rights. Obama called for reinstating the

federal ban on assault weapons during his 2008 presidential campaign. But since

his election, he hasn't sought to get that done or pushed other gun control

proposals, either. Neither man is likely to raise gun control as a campaign

issue — beyond Romney's insistence that an Obama presidency is bad for gun

owners. Both say they'll protect the Second Amendment right to bear arms. A look

at the evolution of the candidates' positions and where they stand on guns: I

thank you Firozali A.Mulla DBA


Theres a rumor that Bill Clinton wants a divorce from Hillary  Is that why shes staying out of the USA and wasting time and money on doing nothing... Tell me one thing she has done to  keep American safe.. They dint want her in some places so she may as  well come home and lie for Obama



Hillary, like

Angela Merkel, are shining examples of the positive impacts women are making in

the political and social conversations worldwide. Although she has been accused

of being too ambitious, Hillary has bucked the stereotypical reality of what

she was expected to be. Her life should serve as a profound example for young

women worldwide. To read more on the evolution of women go to

thegreaterbooks…..: http://www.thegreaterbooks.com...

Cindy Schwartz
Cindy Schwartz

That's our hardworking Secretary of State, busy running the world.

Now, if only she would be our hardworking President of the United States -

we could see even more progress.


Sorry, but Oprah did in that chance in 2008....  Oprah picked race and Chicago-ness over gender and experience....   A lot of people forget about it now, but it was largely Opray's Obama push that got him moving on the inescapable path to the presidency (of course, it also took some helpf from a very badly designed campaign from Hillary et al.).


Rather than playing in mud Hillary Clinton should come out openly and support Freedom and Democracy in Egypt without any reservation and making waves. Starting with give an ultimatum to the military and the captive Court to accept the People's verdict and allow the new elected members to rule over the nation.  It is a golden opportunity for Hillary and Obama to make history in the middle east supporting the elected government of Islamic Party and change the image of America and Americans in that part of the world Primarily and in the Islamic world generally. But, will Obama and Hillary show their guts?