Must-Reads from Around the World, July 19, 2012

Today's picks include a terrorist attack in Bulgaria and an impending ASEAN announcement

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A picture shows smoke rising over Bourgas airport on July 18, 2012. At least seven people were killed and more than 20 wounded in an apparent bomb attack on a bus packed with Israeli passengers at a Bulgarian airport, officials said.

Bulgaria attack — A suicide bomber exploded a bus carrying Israeli tourists at an airport in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, local officials report. The blast killed at least seven people, and Israeli planes have already landed to evacuate the surviving victims. Early government reports say that the terrorist was using a fake United States drivers license.

London Terrorism — Three London-based men were charged for allegedly preparing for acts of terrorism in the U.K., according to the BBC. Meanwhile, a man and a woman were charged with possessing terrorism-related documents without a valid reason. Such materials include a document entitled “39 Ways to Support and Participate in Jihad” and online al-Qaeda magazine Inspire.

Common Ground — The Cambodian foreign minister announced that the Southeast Asian countries that make up ASEAN are crafting a joint statement to be released Thursday that will address the ongoing tensions in the South China Sea. This move will seek to repair the image of the group after it failed to present a communiqué after its summit last week. “We, ASEAN foreign ministers, agreed in principle on a number of issues over the South China Sea issue,” the foreign minister said at a news conference.