Blackout Leaves 620 Million Indians Without Power

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The country’s eastern and northern electricity grids have collapsed, leaving an estimated 600 million people in 13 states without power, according to the Associated Press. The blackout is causing travel chaos and raising questions about the rising power’s ancient infrastructure.

(MORE: India’s Blackout, Day 2: 620 Million Left Without Power)

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Bill Daughtrey
Bill Daughtrey

That's twice the population of the United States, could something similar happen here? Check out the proactive measures that Dominion Resources is taking to prevent a similar disaster in the future: 

Bill Daughtrey
Bill Daughtrey

That's twice the population of the United States, could something similar happen here?

Paul  Felix Schott
Paul Felix Schott




nation’s electric power grid is something most all of us think will

never fail. Larger storms are putting more people without power in the

dark every year worldwide.


One event not from a storm like the

2003 blackout on the northeast coast of the United States that took

place. That event left over 50 million people in the United States and

Canada and many from all other nations that were visitors to America in

the dark for days. No TV or Radio for many. Many went without water to

their second floor or beyond. Many had no running water at all. For the

first time electronic banking stopped on the east coast of America.

Many will never forget the telephones did not work. Most all

transportation came to a halt no traffic lights, and gas stations no

electric power to pump the gas


The smell of  sewage was everywhere in the inner cities. For the first

time millions of Internet Users vanished off the internet till in

January of 2011 in Egypt Government Censorship.  

Now except  for

a few smart ones that had a backup generator till  there fuel ran out.

Most of them only think the power would be out for a day or two 24 to

48 hours.  A few had enough fuel for longer put not many.  Hospitals

and Shelters were the only lights on in all the cities up and down the

east coast at night.  They had Natural Gas Generators or Diesel with

large storage tanks. 


the only ones you can call really smart were the ones with a Solar

Energy System their lights were a Lighthouse Beacon to all around.

Their lights were on every night and the gate and garage door remotes

still worked.

Now being the director for safety many times in my

life i would say the owners of the ones that had a Solar Energy System

really did care for their family.

There will be many more times the Power Grid will go down be safe not sorry.

Renewable Energy is the way to go Wind, Hydro, Geothermal and others. Solar is clearly leading the way worldwide.

All should look to install a Emergency Backup Power.    SOLAR

GOD Bless

The Lord's Little Helper

Paul Felix Schott


Pic. 3  Very messy and filthy environment on railway station, i heard India has much better and advanced infra structure for the biggest railway in the world.

Charles Edward Brown
Charles Edward Brown

This is what happens when the United States ships jobs overseas. I hope that US companies take a real bath on this. We need jobs in the US and not in India.


It will take a very long time for India to come out of, "DARK AGES."


It's quite a coincidence that the grids should decide to display their displeasure at the time a protest-movement, known for it's candle-lit vigils and marches, is trying to muster crowds in New Delhi.


Just got power back after 15 hours. I have never typed so much on my smartphone in my life... It was the only thing that worked during the cut. I ensured that the power backup had enough juice to keep the router online! 


In picture 10/11- why are the girls identified as "Muslim girls"?