Protests Rage in Middle East, Sparked by Anti-Islamic Film

A mysterious video produced by a group of largely unknown Islamophobes in the U.S. roiled a parallel set of Salafists (orthodox Muslims) in the Middle East and sparked attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt, Libya and Yemen

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A mysterious video produced by a group of largely unknown Islamophobes in the U.S. roiled a parallel set of Salafists (orthodox Muslims) in the Middle East and sparked attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Protests raged for a second day in Cairo and kicked off in Sana‘a, Yemen’s capital. Meanwhile, in Libya, government officials struggled to account for the lapse in security that led to the destruction of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the country’s second city, and the death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens.

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Mursi between international acceptance and among Islamic reference.

President Mursi humanly and regardless of their religion Islamic man loved by all to the extent that his opponents also love him .. Authorized man acceptable, also see him internally that sort Fund ie it elected by the people internally .. but talk comes through the reservation world and this explained Finally, through the recent events to the effects of the film offending Islam and president's remarks Mursi and interview those statements universally kind of fear of what is brought by the growth of the Islamic movement states revolutions Arab Spring .. and here we say when he met the clergy world-wide meeting on the background of so-called dialogue of religions and resulted from the results met the audience attic a peaceful coexistence between countries of the world and respect for religions of peoples to each other without exposure to the rituals of one of one of the rituals and worship different peoples for worship others .. no freedom of beliefs .. and if it was said by the West to designate religious extremism or terrorism فمردود it also within the West itself and what happened from the events in Norway to address Christian man to kill more than seventy spirit and Nbaraih Court has reasons of that psychopath this unfortunate very unfortunate in what logic and any custom Away law be Nbaraih man killed more than seventy spirit innocent without his fault Aogerm do that heinous crime in the other Nbaraih arbitrator .. I want to say and the other as they call our Egyptian vernacular that such phenomena exist in all countries of the world and Aacol because he linked CONNECT religion Aoaqidh or religion As I said before and I as a Muslim I condemn what happened Balnroih and affected so heavily influenced by a human being regardless of belief or to convert to a religion never but ماأريد to say is that religion is for God and the world for all without link up or contraindications Hrasah a Mainade by Islam Kmatkd religion and land are all human beings live faithful cooperation and love for architecture to land Mainade expe President Mohamed Morsi, which his reference Islamic counted for him to not take attic man Friendly and loving in all his speeches find that the feelings of humanity flowing from verbal lying nascent peace for everyone and fear stemming from the phenomenon of phobias Islam must fall back in the presence of Mercy as head of the largest Muslim country in the Middle East and that his hand only Labida contain bogeyman Iran to the West .. only one who can contain genie Iranian and lured him pretext of love in Islam and is the specter of war and Nazeera for the world should be to the world and particularly the State of America to extend the fledgling with confidence and love of President Meyers and dealing with the treatment of a friend and ally and away from the manifestations of apathy Egyptian-American relationship for the benefit of the world.

Prakash Sarko
Prakash Sarko

Since when Pakistan and Indonesia become part of Middle East. Does TIME always have to do these adjustments to show these things are happening in middle east only? OR maybe Pakistanis and Indonesians are being made out to being some sort of extensions of the Middle east or Arab world? 


Pakistan and Indonesia are not extensions of the Middle-east or the Arab world?

It is not the geographic borders or the distances that matter. It is the psychological synergy in fundamentalitic thinking that matters more!

Actually Pakistanis are more fundamentalistic and extremists than some Arab countries like Jordan or to some extent Egypt. Indonesia is lot less fundamentalistic in comparison but it does have a large population that is quite extremist amongst south-east asian countries.


TwiggyRamirez, they're raging about a movie of muhammad being portrayed as a mass murderer, womanizer and pedophile, when that's exactly how he was characterized in the Koran? geez!

Missy Wishbringer
Missy Wishbringer

I like how in some of the pics the muslims are wearing NIKE tennis shoes !!! (12)


Not just NIKE shoes. Even those in the Arab world who support Sharia like the MB, they never ride camels. They love to drive cars produced in the non-Islamic world. LOL!


I do not think you can split this on party lines. My own views on many issues are mixed;  on some I am  very conservative, indeed, on  most  I am probably  a  relative liberal in the old fashioned sense. In the case of the US, the Bentham like  idea of the  greatest  good for the greatest number and  Rousseau like ideal of upholding the  right to life,  liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which implies one does not always succeed  in the pursuit as happiness is an elusive fox )  are worthy guidelines but often ignored by political leaders. Oddly,  It was the Reich’s  Chancellor  Otto Von Bismarck - whom Attila the Hun or Ghengis Khan would have been proud of as a son-in the 1880s introduced  first model social security scheme to  Europe. His motive was to produce a reasonably well-educated public able  to master the late  Victorian  era coal and steam based technologies and  so that the relatively  new German Empire could produce   strong healthy mothers plus stalwart soldiers and seamen to check Russia and conquer France and Britain and  eventually to achieve world  domination. To the extent that the USA has

also sought world  dominance  the effort, since its admirable contribution

to end in WWII in 1945, has proved very costly,not only in money terms but in

lives and limbs, with a defeat in Vietnam, and Pyrrhic  victories in Korea and he Middle East. (The only clear and almost costless victory  was over the communists in tiny Grenada; ask an average US public school mistress to find it her World Atlas, if she has one). Aside from the massive cost of maintaining a Ministry of War and armed services Government budget burdens are usually heaviest in   education, medicare  and government  pension schemes  (as the government in modern  Athens well knows).  In  Western societies   people tend to vote  for the person they like   rather than a party. They prefer optimistic looking  candidates  like Barak Obama and even daffy Looney

Tunes characters like dyslectic  GW Bush (at least in his re-election against a miserable looking John Kerry ). Same with JFK over Nixon, Reagan  over Carter,  Clinton over George Bush. What are the odds short of a miracle on Romney winning; he is a dour often bad tempered billionaire without a real plan? Well miracles can happen and may be  some prying journalist, employed by Rupert Murdoch, might find that Obama really did lie about his birth or has a white mistress on the side.

Rustam Punjab
Rustam Punjab

One can't publish Hitler's book, one can't deny holocaust publicly, And you can't publish nude pictures of a British princess because that will heart her feelings. If that's not a hinder to your so called free speech then what is it? These bigoted and double standards are what made Muslims angry. Tony Blair and Bush administration can esacpe of their lies about destructive weapons in Iraq and are not blamed for even one single loss of human life instead American system judges people living thousands of miles away from them  n0t even connected to them by any mean. That's what make them think that they are being molested. Once for a while stop being the God father of world and let people handle their own matter, not every thing is headache of America nor it is related to any of American affair. And you Americans on no ethical grounds can judge any human being on this planet whether it is Muslims ,Christians or  are from any other religion, after when you have killed thousands of Indians, nearly one million Japanese by mass destructive weapons(Do I need to remind you about American Japanese Isolation too?), Vietnamese invasion, and thousand of Muslims in Iraq too. Until now 1/3 of your population cant's accept an African American their presidents and he is accused of being Muslim because he has got his middle name Hussein and these people burnt their blood and lost their souls while working hard for their masters. And how about CIA undercover operations in other countries to kill political figureheads and overthrow democratically elected governments that doesn't seems to walk side by side with American dream?  for those who think history is what their mother tells them about how many boyfriends she had before they popped out. Hello America! world is not unipolar anymore, its morning now/


Rustam, the difference is, if Hitler's book is published or holocaust is denied or nude pictures of Kate are published, people don't go out in a frenzy and KILL infidels. Most of the protesting in the western and non-Islamic world generally is PEACEFUL unlike in the Islamic world. I am sure you know what happened to the Dutch film producer few years back. People from other religions do not react so violently.

Yes, I agree with you on some of the atrocities that the American's have committed especially against the American Indians, Blacks, Vietnam war and the Iraq war recently. But Islamic brutality and savagery has been happening against the Infidels for 1400+ years. Why is it so difficult for  Muslims to respect other religions? especially when they respect Islam.

Most moderate Muslims are either scared of the fundamentalists t speak up or silent supporters.  The fundamental problem in Islam is lack of separation of mosque and state. The mullahs brainwash them and rule them using FEAR as their main tool. If you say anything against the religion, it is always death in Islam. Why? Why is Islam so afraid of dissent? If a Muslim converts out of Islam, in most Islamic countries he or she is killed. That is not the case with all other religions. 

Instead of ranting and raving against the rest of the world, Muslims need to ask themselves one fundamental question. Why do their fundmentalist religious clergy, who run their societies, keep them as prisoners of dark ages?

It is basically a war of two cultures, the 21st century non-Islamic world and the 7th century Islamic world. It is as simple as that!



Dear Rusty

On the one hand

, you are absolutely right about double standards, for example you can go to

gaol in Austria for casting doubts on the Jewish holocaust . l I doubt if there

would be no reaction  if a Danish  or British magazine  published  Goebbels  like caricatures of  hooked nose Jews counting their money, of a

manly Jesus cavorting with Mary Magadalene. 

They may  be even  riots in the street,  the  magazine’s  office might be firebombed  or the 

editor  fired and prosecuted   under the

Race Relations Act.

 On the other hand the  Western  world  does not have a monopoly on  hypocrisy. I used to live and work in a Gulf

emirate. On the week end Saudis and others would flood  into town , leave their  wives and children  in their hotel suites with room service. Visit

night clubs and  get drunk on Black Label

Whisky, or visit the Red light district  and hook up  with  some

Russian or Moroccan whore. I once watched a ten minute  weekly TV  monologue   by a mullah

in English  on  aspects of Islam. The topic  was how to treat your wife, the usual  ordinary things about making sure she never went

out alone or indecently dressed . He then added ,  “and above all never beat your wife”-pause- “I

mean unnecessarily, for example , if  she

persists in disobeying you, but my brother never  break her bones”

 It is uncivilised to burn embassies and barbaric

to kill an ambassador;  it is also evil

and barbaric to send a robotic drone to kill l women and children at an Afghani

wedding party or to massacre peolpe in a Vietnamese village caught between  yoursleves and the perceived enemy.

Bless You


Here is the basis of the stupidity now occurring. The video was produced by an Egyptian Coptic Christian who had immigrated to the US. He went to prison for scamming people with a Ponzi scheme. He should have lost his US citizenship and have been deported back to Egypt after serving his sentence, except the court seems to think he is going to reimburse $800,000 to his victims if he is permitted to stay here.

 However, the video portrayed 54 year old Muhammad as the pedophile that he was, having sex with 9 year old Aisha. Some Islamic groups still consider a girl to be an adult at the age of 9 and others at the age of 13.  Anyone who has a problem with the FLDS and Warren Jeffs (who can best be described as following Muhammad's example), but finds Islam acceptable is a lousy hypocrite starting with our President and Secretary of State.  Anyone who finds this video offensive, but is not offended by Muhammad, himself, is a lousy hypocrite.

It is good to see Muslims killing each other for a change instead of committing suicide with a dynamite vest to kill Americans and other NATO soldiers. There needs to be another video for every American flag that is burned. If each video results in 20 Muslim deaths, then good. Burning American flags disrespects my religion which is what America represents.


Typical redneck!

"Anyone who has a problem with the FLDS and Warren Jeffs (who can best be described as following Muhammad's example), but finds Islam acceptable is a lousy hypocrite starting with our President and Secretary of State."

What has President and Secretary of State has got to do with either the film or FLDS. In fact Warrem Jeffs is in a federal prison. 

You are a teabagger RepubliKLANsman who is just looking for anything to  go after Obama and Hillary.

Do you even have high-school education?

Get out of your CAVE, you Taliban of America and get some education.


 I actually have a master's degree, and you are an obtuse buffoon pretending to have a modicum of knowledge. The President and the Secretary of State blamed the video for causing the turmoil in Muslim countries, but it was made by an Egyptian. They are sympathizing with Islam which, just like FLDS and Warren Jeffs (not acceptable to the President and the Secretary of State), promotes pedophilia and forced marriages of children to old men. Do you really not see any problems with that? Are you a sex offender? Why the anger?



It is only possible for you to make flagrant accusations without any evidence because you are anonymous on the Internet. Do you ever try to prove your points with facts, dates and examples, or do you only hurl pathetic accusations? I think everyone can see your obvious bias. Discussing anything with you is a waste of time because all of your assumptions are exactly that, assumptions, and incorrect assumptions at that. Why would you think I am a conservative? I am certainly not. Nor am I a Republican. 2013 is going to be a very bad year regardless of which party is sucking the lifeblood out of our country's well being. BTW, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the greatest danger to children are the victim's own family, church clergy, and family friends. That would tend to implicate the 10% that are strongly liberal, the 10% who are strongly conservative and the 80% in between ratably. I am not inclined to assign clergy to either end of the political spectrum because I do not put much credence in people who jump to conclusions, like yourself, without substantial evidence.


"I actually have a master's degree, and you are an obtuse buffoon pretending to have a modicum of knowledge."

I have TWO not one master's degrees. I have been working in Fortune 100 companies for the last 20+ years with 6 figure salaries. So don't BS me with your idiocy! 

"The President and the Secretary of State blamed the video for causing the turmoil in Muslim countries, but it was made by an Egyptian. They are sympathizing with Islam"

They are sympathizing with Islam?

Typical redneck DELUSIONS! They are trying to save the lives of Americans who live abroad by calming down the MORONS! What would you do? Go on another Iraq like adventure and loose 4000+ American kids.

"which, just like FLDS and Warren Jeffs (not acceptable to the President and the Secretary of State), promotes pedophilia and forced marriages of children to old men."

Again you are a right-wing redneck who is bent on going after Obama and Hillary. Waren Jeffs is being prosecuted by federal authorities.

"Do you really not see any problems with that? Are you a sex offender? Why the anger?"

I do not see any problems that you are seeing because i am not a right-wing redneck. I am not a sex offender. If you do your research, most sex offenders are conservatives like you.

"Why the anger? "

Because, racists like you do not ever want to accept a blackman as a president. It does not matter how much you ReplubliKLANs men want to disguise your racism, it will come out. It is in your DNA.



"you've convinced me that you are a left wing dope"

You convinced me you are a typical right-wing redneck cowboy with an IQ of ZERO!


Yeah not everyone has to respect Islam but going out of your way to degrade it isn't exactly a step towards peace. I for one believe that making a movie out of a topic that will surely spread hatred is a dumb thing to do. People react to things that they don't like and attacking religion be it any religion is not a wise thing especially when various Muslim countries are suffering at the hand of U.S. World Peace you say? Start by understanding that the dotted lines on a map are called boundaries and they are not to be crossed. Try giving an opinion about the holocaust and then talk about respecting opinions. Certain things should be left alone. 


I agree with your logic but using the same logic how should the world react to destruction of Buddha statues at Bamian (Afghanistan) by the Taliban and not a single Muslim condemned the act. All of them (not even most of them) silently approve such acts against Infidels.

Sure we will respect Muslims as long as they  respect all other religions. Unfortunately TOLERANCE and RESPECT for other religions never existed in the Islamic culture throughout its history.  It is a very draconian, intolerant religion that does not belong in the 21st century.


And contrary to popular belief, Muslims are educated and Pakistan is a democratic society and I pity the people who rely on television and internet to become aware as both of these technologies can be misleading. What exactly do you know about the social life of a person living in an Islamic country? Have you ever visited an Islamic country? and media footage and pictures do not count. 

Referring to your comment:React like what? 

React like uneducated dark-age Sharia loving 7th century tribal cave dwellers?

We don't have to because we are in the 21st century highly developed democratic societies that are technologically and socially couple of hundred years ahead of them. So NO, I am not envious of Islamic countries at all.

P.S: We don't live in caves! 


That is not true at all there are certain people who are intolerant and are rigid in their views but  Islam is a peaceful religion. And as far as not respecting the other religion goes than let me bring this to your knowledge that Muslims do RESPECT other religions! but there are people who don't and these people exist in all religions ALL over the world not just Islam! and no one approves of violence but there is little that can be done in a country that is already under attack by several forces. Moreover, before you declare Islam draconian please learn abut it. There is nothing harsh in Islam and people have been advised to live in peace. Obviously if someone will attack our religion we will retaliate, just like Hindus would and Christians would i don't think there is anything wrong with that but yes people should act reasonably and there were several peaceful protests that the media did not highlight and the day after the riot several people came out to help clean the country (Pakistan). And Islam is a religion that can exist in all times. Talking about destruction i would like to point out that the people of Palestine are suffering at the hands of Israel and no one helps them, in which context do you place this?

Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston

THE FILM "INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS" THAT SPARKED OUTRAGE IN THE MIDDLE EAST WAS FUNDED BY CONSERVATIVES!!! - They calculated the outrage it would cause, even paying to have it translated into Arabic and promoted on Youtube in the Middle East, in an attempt to make the President appear weak on foreign policy during election season. 


I agree with most of what your comment .The trouble is

that we are witnessing mainly religious extremists who stir up excitable street

mobs for their own ends.  Islam does not

have a monopoly on extremism.  The late Nikos

Kazantzakis, who was in fact very religious albeit in a moderate way, wrote the

highly controversial book “The Last Temptation of Christ”, which was made into

a rather boring movie. The Greek Church wanted the book and the movie banned

and while they have successfully resisted the building of mosques near Athens, luckily

they did not succeed with banning Last Temptation. Kazantzakis obviously felt, along

with Plato and Socrates that the unexamined life is not worth living. This is a

very western view that has never caught on In the East.  In much of the Moslem world one does not question

the leadership, be it secular or religious, and 

 in many Islamic countries the

punishment for a Moslem converting to Christianity is severe. Most mainstream religions

are based on faith and the revelations claimed by their prophets (e.g. Moses,

St. Paul, St. John of Patmos and Mohammed) and one gets nowhere by trying to rationalise

Judaic religions’ beliefs, they have to be accepted through absolute trust in

an unquestioned faith. Most Moslems I know personally, including one of my brother-in-laws,

are moderate and respectful of others’ beliefs but in turn they expect respect

from Christians and Jews. The combination of mobs in large Moslem cities and

the extremists willing to excite them some time after Friday morning prayers

from the pulpits of mosques loudly broadcast via powerful amplifiers attached to

the balcony level of the minarets,   is a powder keg.  Apparently the idea of making the video came

from an Egyptian Copt extremist based in California - who ought to have known better.

At least the Danish cartoonist a few year ago could, if he wanted, claim

ignorance.  The Egyptian Christian in California

must share the responsibility for the danger he has exposed the Copt community in

Egypt to. The other element that can easily reach flashpoint, as it did during

the recent mob mayhem, stems from the Moslem world’s universal perception of

the biased pro-Israeli stance that successive holders of office in the White

House have taken. The American Jewish lobby is partly to blame, but after all defence

of Israel is their objective. But more significant is the courting of the

Southern Bible belt, who believes that the modern state of Israel was ordained

by God as a promised land for His chosen people, the Jewish race. The extreme southern

Baptists believe every single word  in the

Old Testament, including the basis for  established modern Israelis  emotional claim of  a right to exist which results in a zero sum game

that excludes the other ancient Semitic people , the Palestinians. Unless one

has lived in the region it may be hard to understand  the bitterness of the Palestinians (both

Moslem and Christians)  and by extension

the rest of the Arab and Moslem world over the issue.  At best the Palestinians can expect  a a few bones and some  gristle as their share of the Holy Lands, certainly

not a viable independent state, while Israelis take the filet mignon. Extreme

Christian  absolute beliefs (especially among

the southern Baptists)  in the words of

the Old Testament is rather  weakened ,

in my opinion, by the fact that the written text  over the past 

two thousand years   has gone through three levels of translation

from the  original Hebrew, via Greek and

Latin,  before the being barely readable in

 the early seventeenth century English

prose  of the King James authorised version.


Thanks Ron, You"ve proved my point.


I like people who have a grasp of geopolitics and geoeconomics. Bastards deserve a desert to live in don't they except when Israel wants to annexe some of that desert for their own purposes.


Ahmed Younis, 

I wish in my heart of hearts that Muslim people would heed your message, but I know they will not."Terry Jones cannot burn the Quran. It is unburnable. It sits in our minds memorized, in our hearts internalized and is protected by the Almighty — just as all of God’s miracles have been protected. And, there isn’t a man on earth who can burn our flag. It is unburnable". The same can be said to Americans, who are unduly concerned that someone would burn the Bible. Or that someone would burn an American flag. The responses are exactly the same the ranting and raving of the faithful against morally reprehensible actions of the Other.


The "film" was a 14 minute "trailer" released on  UTUBE by canny Operators to "justify" their attacks.  I think the entire trailer, and the Idiot Minister from Florida's testimony were ALL cobbled together in Adobe, and released to commemorate 911.  Obama's created a power vacuum by omitting all kinds of opportunities to take a hand in the fate of middle east.  By doing so, he sowed the wind... and now we are reaping the whirl wind....!