China and India’s Clash on the Roof of the World

October marks the 50th anniversary of the Sino-Indian War, when Chinese troops overwhelmed unsuspecting Indian forces, seizing the Aksai China plateau in Kashmir. The border between the two Asian giants remains disputed and still rankles bilateral relations.

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October marks the 50th anniversary of the Sino-Indian War, when Chinese troops overwhelmed unsuspecting Indian forces, seizing the Aksai China plateau in Kashmir. The border between the two countries remains disputed and still rankles bilateral relations. The following are scenes from a half-century ago, shot from the Indian side of the border.

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More Photography from Time


I bet Time printing copy will be the next to go after the Newsweek if they continue to write this kind of rubbish article for the US government propaganda

Well the condition of both the countries was similar at that point of time. Most of the bordering states between india and china sided towards india just because of the  assumption that india being more closely assiciated with tibet (buddhism) would be a better ally than the mao side.

The major issues which led to the failure of india was that 1st that the signals from india side about chinese aggression were ignored. India had starting building up troops in these border regions but did not convey this to chinese authorities properly which had put them on alert. India had an air power superiority during that time but it was not used as the generals themselves were not confident enough to apply these to the war. Lastly the logistics of war were terrible and although having an advantage over chinese troops from a strategic location perspective the supply chain for the soldiers had gaping holes. Yes and lastly Nehrus arrogance ..

barronvonkissalot  amazing brain wash work

1. India was building military posts north of the Mcmahon line, which was recognized by india itself as the border before the conflict. 

2. Ahh, the laughable india airforce story. Compared to the imaginary air superiority of india, China has a real and much larger air force which was refined in Korea war, I can't stop indians from thinking they are better than the US air force, lets just say this, then indian leader had a better understanding of how good their so called air force was.

3. Just some facts for the indians, the indian army was not a worthy opponent, 

a. none of the battle last longer than an hour

b. for every 1 indian killed in battle, 3 more indians surrendered, another 3 indians just ran away from their post and starved and freezed to death in the wild mountain range.

c. It was because people from Zangnan(indians call it something pradesh)volunteered as guide, the PLA was able to find the secret trail and cut the indians in half. So much for your theory that people in Zangnan was pro india.

barronvonkissalot 1 Like

Those two kids on the first page, does anyone believe they can read or write?  Do you think they know what is on the sign? Don't you feel weird they were holding up a sign which says they want to be with a country that still have half of its population illiterate and failed its citizen on everything else? Who put the signs in their hands?


India is same after 50 years. Half the population lives below poverty, No food, No clean water, Behind the label of 'the world's biggest democracy' it hides a cast based society which has medieval infrastructure, appalling corruption, little effective rule of law, massive arms spending, heavily protected and noncompetitive manufacturing and an almost unique cruelty to poor and low cast people. They tell a lot of lies.

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Nehru a born loser was suffering superior complex (commonly known Indian syndrome) when he ran in to red dragon to get a crushing and humiliating defeat.

Kajua 1 Like

Indians are brought up to believe that they invented everything and gandi single handedly brought down the British Raj. Nothing to do with WW2, Debt or globalization being cheaper than colonization. Nehru was thinking on the same lines.


@Kajua Funny Kajua and Maaq have the same ip addresses.

Also they( meaning the same person) is a Pakistani, who hind position burns every-time he sees / hears India's name, as India beat the_shit outta pakistan(a now failed state and epicenter of terrorism) in two wars.

Poor guy spends his days poring vitriol hiding behind false id's- what a waste of time, while others keep getting ahead. sad, very sad !!

Get a life !!! :)


Thanks for the info.


More fact-challenged rabble rousing..."Chinese troops overwhelmed unsuspecting Indian forces..."

This is an excerpt from an Indian publication:

"Nehru said as recounted in an essay by A.G. Noorani. “Maybe the nature and scale and magnitude of the conflict was not anticipated, but I am not prepared to say that they did not give us sufficient warning that military encounters might follow.”

And from another article:

"Indian army officials who viewed the footage testified to it's authenticity. The narrative of the documentary may reflect the party line but the visuals are all true. It is one reason the government has never released the top secret Henderson Brooks-Bhagat report that squarely blamed a coterie of Indian generals responsible for this ignominy."