On the Road with Golden Dawn, Greece’s Ultra-Nationalist Party

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Even as it appropriates the Greek past for propaganda purposes, the far-right party has gained in popularity while espousing virulent anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.

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Condemnation and hate against Golden dawn is the norm in all multicultural media across the west. But readers must understand that Golden dawn is an anti-multicultural party, and thus the main enemy of the media which descibe it, and all media in the western world is multicultural.

For example was Golden dawn described as nazi, racist, when they feed starving Greeks only.

Only months later, the jewish leftist(Mulitculti) billionare George Soros, who in large part created the financial, especially in Greece. Donated tones of money to help only starving illegal aliens and immigrants. Was he called nazi for ignoring starving white people and only helping brown people? No of course not. Multiculturalists are anti-white. These are the people you listen to, people who hate you, and would call you a nazi supporter if you accepted food for your people only if your family starved, but would not mind specifically feeding none-whites.

For objectivity, please read Golden international newsites. Do not accept the multiculturalist lies at face value. These people hate you.


Additional information.

White Britons to become minority by 2066

US set for dramatic change as white America becomes minority by 2042

Ethnic british already minority in London.

White-american most common victim of hate-crime.


There is a Marxist policy of population replacement all across Europe, many cities now resemble the third world, where the indigenous population are being pushed out and replaced by foreigners, mostly third world people, this policy is celebrated by politicians and any dissenters are arrested and charged with so called hate crimes. The reality of the failure of these artificially created societies is kept from the people through a complicit media and state and media intimidation of truth tellers, although the internet has woken up many people. 

It’s the indigenous population that face persecution, inequality, oppression, and left wing hate and tyranny. Many immigrants know their elevated status and take full advantage of it, rubbing it in the noses of the indigenous population, which causes greater anger and resentment and a deeper fracturing of society.These Marxist do not hide their genocide agenda, one very senior front bench politician of the last far left Labour administration in the UK stated that ‘the British as a race aren’t worth saving’. 

 Others stating that they have no problem with there being no indigenous people in Europe in the future, and that is one purpose of mass immigration, there are many others.Golden Dawn know all this full well and are fighting to secure their nation for their people, demonising them with the old tired and desperate Nazi and fascist label doesn’t wash anymore, they’re fighting for the continued existence of their people, identity, heritage, and culture, and doing so the only way they can because they know their political parties do not serve them, to hate them for doing this makes you the racist and a supporter of genocide.


The rise of the Golden Dawn party is a consequence of the corruption and incapability of the political system to protect the country from economic crisis and halt the vast numbers of illegal foreign immigrants (estimated at around 500.000+ people) that flooded Greece as a gateway to Europe mainland, bringing along with them the usual raise in crime and unemployment of the local people. The Golden Dawn voters is a strange mix of far right politicians, young people with an appetite for clashes and violence, but the vast majority of them are people from all sides of the political spectrum that are sick and tired and fed up with the mainstream political parties that brought Greece into this financial and social mess. In no way do these people represent a rise of fascism in Greece, it is just a sign of the times that may not last for long.

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If a people of a nation don't want immigrants in their nation, why should the concept be shoved down their throats? It seems like Greeks want to keep Greece Greek.  I say let them.


"... why should the concept be shoved down their throats?"Because the liberal politically correct multiculti trolls will have a fit and will see you as racist who wants to preserve his culture and identity.. and that my friend, these days it's a crime against humanity.. Welcome to white genocide!


Oy vey, vat is diss!

Der Goyim starting to defend themselves from the tyranny, oh no!


Yup, the usual pattern. When the going get tough, some try to "hate" their way out of it. Get enough of them at once and you can have a world war.....

However, with Greece, having a population of maybe 11 million people, and declining, this fairly small group of haters can only lose. They will undoubtedly paint themselves into a corner once the rest of the country sees that they aren't helping anything.


Oh boy, here we go again.  How easily people forget.