Brutal New Delhi Gang Rape Outrages Indians, Spurs Calls for Action

On Sunday, a 23-year-old woman was gang raped for almost an hour on a moving bus and then thrown semi-naked on the road to die. Sadly, it was not an isolated incident

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Altaf Qadri / AP

Indian women protest outside police headquarters in New Delhi on Dec. 19, 2012. The hours-long gang rape and near fatal beating of a student on a bus in New Delhi triggered outrage and anger across the country

Last Sunday in New Delhi, at around 9.30 p.m., a 23-year-old woman was gang raped for almost an hour on a moving bus and then thrown semi-naked on the road to die. Hideous violence against women is nothing new in India, but this particular outrage has caused widespread anger. Perhaps it was the casual ferocity of it. Or the fact that it took place on some of the teeming capital’s busiest streets. Or perhaps a nation at great pains to modernize is finding it hard to stomach what feels like an increasingly predatory sexual culture.

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The rape sparked protests in the capital and outrage in Parliament, with several politicians demanding capital punishment for the perpetrators. The police have arrested four of the accused, and the trial, Indian Home Minister Sushil Shinde said, will be fast-tracked. “The incident has raised the issue of declining public confidence in the law and order machinery in the city,” a National Human Rights Commission statement said, “… Especially, in its capacity to ensure safety of women as a number of such incidents have been reported in the national capital in the recent past.”

Indeed, the rape of the 23-year-old — now fighting for her life with grievous injuries not only to her genitals but her intestines — is just another horror in a grim litany of Indian sexual violence. There were 17 cases of rape reported in the state of Haryana, which borders much of Delhi, in October alone. Across the nation, a woman is raped every 20 minutes, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. These frightening figures have risen steadily in recent years: in 2010, 24,206 rapes were reported, an almost 10% increase over 2001. The number of unreported rapes is without a doubt greater.

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Compounding the problem is the fact that many still view rape as personal shame, not a violent crime, and male aggression is routinely excused as a mundane fact of life. After Haryana’s 17 rape cases in October, some informal village councils, called khap panchayats, suggested that girls should be married off early to prevent sexual violence. The state’s former chief minister, Om Prakash Chautala, endorsed the bizarre and archaic diktat. “In the Mughal era, people used to marry their girls to save them from Mughal atrocities, and currently a similar situation is arising in the state,” he said. I think that’s the reason [the] khap has taken such a decision and I support it.” (He later retracted his statement.)

Experts say blaming survivors of sexual assault is common in India. Rather than prosecute perpetrators, many say the fault belongs to rape survivors, who are shamed for, say, daring to walk alone, taking public transportation or wearing certain clothes. “Blaming the victim has been in some way also part of the larger design of the system, where you want to push the women to say they are responsible for what happens to them,” says Ranjana Kumari, a member of the National Mission for Empowerment of Women. “It is like saying men are not responsible but it is the women who lured them into this.”

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Retrograde ideas about a woman’s “place” in society, socioeconomic insecurity and a crude yearning for power add other dimensions. According to Indian newspaper reports, Sunday’s attackers began by harassing the woman for simply being out with a man at night and then proceeded to beat her male friend with an iron rod. Indian experts say the rate of reported rapes is higher in areas with the most pronounced gender and class divides. “Normal changes in [Indian] society are seen as a challenge, and that’s why women are blamed more if they are expressing themselves freely, are mobile or wearing what they want to,” Kumari says. “This environment, sadly, is not seen as enabling women and making them strong but rather seen as reasons for such attacks.”

After Sunday’s incident, Home Minister Sushil Shinde set up a new committee to evaluate the situation and push for changes. He suggested identifying routes frequented by women at night and increasing police patrols along those routes. But without a wholesale shift in the country’s attitudes toward sexual violence, this sort of haphazard measure is doomed to fail. And in the meantime, the cycle of sexual violence will continue.

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"Across the nation of INDIA, a woman is raped every 20 minutes, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. These frightening figures have risen steadily in recent years."  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Are women just an object in India? Even the rapers has a mother (off course a woman) OMG OMG OMG


»Poetic Parloir«

A horrifying act of humiliation; a pure malice; striking our core of caring. In the wake India has awoken, so maybe something good can arise out of the murky deed - deeper respect for human rights.

On the other hand many an outraged agitator now crave for capital punishment; but be careful what you wish for; as, can one inhumane act justify another.

Reward yourself, inform yourself, and take a look back at the history of death penalty, before you shout about it. Shunt this virtual way …

»In Violence of Technique - the Electric Chair«

Le Berthélaine - artist, writer and critic

joebrosnahan 1 Like

Thes dispicable scum are the tip of the iceberg

I must say Indai does deal with this Properly

death  agonizing burned alive I can only hope the rest who endulge catch up with you

The lowest of low Muist be dealt with swift and yes brutal ,not half as brutalas the gang rape Period.

No I draw thje line esp this


vidyasri 1 Like

This horrible rape can be a turning point for women everywhere. It will take too long and cost too many lives unless we come together as civic and corporate communities to unite and empower real change. We need the support of American companies doing business in India. I have worked for a Fortune 500 for many years and I know they care for the communities they serve. I have been badly eve-teased and even assaulted in Delhi. I am suggesting that the horrible death and painful suffering of this young woman and the thousands like her who go unreported require us to come together now as a global community. Let us condemn this violence together and ensure safe spaces for women and men. Please sign this petition asking American companies doing business in India to condemn this horror and ensure public safety. Link:

NhojLuapJanpicx 1 Like

Over the years, violence against women still has not been totally eradicated.Recent brutal raped case in New Delhi,India marks as no more innocent in this world.From their cradle,horns and evil spirit already blessed and meant them for the reason to destroy God's wonderful creation until to their grave...I condemn, the beastly acts of this juvenile evils.Government should be push to reform their punishment category in this kind of crime with no exemptions for death penalty. Should be, No more juvenile court they must pay the same magnitude for such violence committed.For they will be given pardon,it will only multiply evils in the society....FOR THE BEST KIND OF DEATH PENALTY: "SAND BLASTING" inch to inch in their flesh till to the bones! How is it good to see?????


Regarding the serious issue of violence against women in India:

1. There was the case of Sonali Mukherjee whose face was permanently disfigured by a gruesome acid attack in 2003 when she was just 18. Her injuries were so severe that she went to the High Court of India pleading to be euthanised.
The perpetrators were sentenced to nine years of Jail but were granted bail when they appealed to High Court. They are still free.
Google her name, the case is beyond horrific.

2. The Times of India reported last year that 57% of men between the ages of 17-25 thought that beating your wife (in certain circumstances) was acceptable. Surprisingly 53% of women in the same age group also thought light beatings were acceptable. The fact that so many consider violence of any kind, including domestic, to be acceptable in any way is very troubling and indicative of how many view women rights in India.

3. Over the years, rape has become institutionalised in India and the authorities have either turned a blind eye or have been involved. There are numerous cases of women who have been raped, gone to the police, been put in police cells and then gang raped by the police officers...which is beyond reprehensible.

While rape is 'on the agenda' (so to speak) the people of India need to demand 'an explanation' as to why their government's security forces in the north Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir have been using rape and molestation as a punitive and intimidating measure against civilians believed to be sympathisers of terrorists.

When a government uses rape as means of intimidation and what essentially amounts to state sponsored sexual terrorism and as a 'weapon of war' (in this case by the armed personnel representing India's central government) you know the country and its citizens are in serious, serious trouble.

4. It is important to note several studies have shown that sexual violence and in particular rape is the most under-reported violent crime. This is the case in Westernised countries and far more so in India due to the treatment/abuse of victims by the police and judiciary as well as the social stigmatisation and ostracism that often accompanies it.

Outside of legal rooms it is not uncommon in India's interior villages and hamlets for local kangaroo courts to advise the woman to marry her rapist to "preserve her honour". In some cases, rape can be used to settle caste issues and local disputes.

5. Femicide and female infanticide is obviously multi-factorial in aetiology however still a major issue and is another representation of the deplorable values many hold with regards to women rights.

6. There are countless instances of Indian politicians e.g. Botsa Satyanarayana and Abhijit Mukherjee who have made morally reprehensible and misogynistic statements since the girl was raped and they are still saying awful things even now she is dead.
If (supposedly educated) politicians hold such views, there is little hope of changing the attitudes of those less educated who are more likely to commit such crimes.

I do not think it would be unreasonable to suggest that EVERY politician (both at local and state level) who has made ANY form of misogynistic comment in the past 2 years be removed from public office permanently.

7. Obviously for these abhorrent acts to cease or certainly diminish in frequency will require societal change at the most fundamental level which is a very long process.

In the interim if the corruption, collusion and indifference of local and state government, police and judiciary does not change and the authorities fail to punish those who commit such heinous acts of evil in the most severe manner as is possible there will never be any justice and therefore no deterrent for potential rapists or those who would perpetrate crimes against women. It also sends a message to the populace that violence towards women, in any shape or form, is tolerated and societally/morally acceptable.

8. I am half Indian, half Scottish and my wife is from Hyderabad (we live in Australia now). From both of our observations, many but not all of, Indians view and treatment of women is deplorable.


The treatment of women in Australia, may i dare say is much worse compared to treatment of women in India mate.


Some of the statements by the Indian authorities sound truly idiotic. Here in the US, things have gone to the other extreme. During intercourse, if the girl says 'stop' and you don't pull out within milliseconds, you are guilty of rape, punishable by fines, imprisonment, and a label of sexual predator that will destroy the rest of your life. Equally idiotic.

ObaidKarki 1 Like

Who’re you kidding boys? Indians are Monsanto herbivorous they broke all-time-record, previewing preteen boy’s nudity on internet. As matter of fact Indians need larger penis to quit web-porno and grow up. Kidnapping underage Indian girls and selling them to Delhi underworld as hookers is Bollywood. Stop kidding yourselves. When a Mass-Murderer-At-Large Narendra Modi charred thousands of sleeping babies and turned their corpse to charcoal preaches all over Delhi streets out-load to become India’s next Prime Minister, would you think Delhi-Gang-Rape Victims will see Justice or Democracy. On my dead body! No hard feeling more real rape yet to come. Delhi needs now another 4 million underage prostitutes registered to stop gang-rape in 36 million population metropolis. It’s not the Indian males who’re horny for beasty sex but the dowry-arranged-marriage 2-child-system are to blame. The Indian media dramatized Delhi-Gang-Rape stunt show was inspired an one billion dollar Google tag continuity of Adam Lanza Connecticut shootout that drew waves of protests erupted across India after the attack on December 16 when the woman was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted with an iron bar, leaving her with terrible intestinal injuries.


All of religious frnds ...Inorder to dont repeat ..we have to treat the rapists brutally & cruelly.Other case i have some comments for parents .Dont let the girls to go outside for films or such an entertainment after darken .Better to follow some islamic cultural dressing.Still your girls need to be outside after normal time limits & let them rape .No worry about them..Really women cannot be men..I will not loss anything if i go outside .But in case of girls may more chance to happen..Really a feel very bad about girl.There should be such a rule that no such entertainment for girls after certain time period.



So let me get this are saying that instead of working toward taking a tough stance on rape and imposing swift and harsh punishment for those that commit such horrible acts, it's better to treat women as lesser human beings by restricting their freedoms even more than they already are? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with each and every person that thinks like you do? I see that you say that the rapists should be treated brutally and cruelly, but everything you say after that pretty much nullifies that statement because, in essence, you are still putting the responsibility of being raped on the girls. IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS IT OK TO BLAME AND/OR PUNISH THE VICTIM!!!

RisyAqua 1 Like

Feed those rapists with chicken Briyani, torture every hour for a week
& execute them Live on National television. This will only help to
stop  in committing this crime.


In this 21 century, with  improved living standard and advancement in technology we cannot,any more tolerate mis- behaved men.   Women should be allowed to move freely, given the freedom to mind her peaceful life. Men should be talked to respect women and treat them like their daughters, mothers or sisters. Men should have the determination to control their manly instincts.

A rapist  should be punished severely for raping a women, I would recommend death sentence, since rape is common in India, it is no more in this new era. Stop it! That will stop more men to even think about touching a women.

A severe punishment may encourage men to behave themselves and be respectful to women.


@GirijaLogendran I agree with U.  But somewhere it feels that a mere death sentence is too small a punishment for those monsters, who did this.

Nevertheless, a quick trial and conviction and a death sentence is likely to be a signal to those who attempt to sexual abuse.

As a girl pointed out earlier on TV, a rape is not the first crime a guy might commit.  It's actually the result of several smaller forms of sexual abuse which go unattended.

Well, in this case, I feel the culprits should be hanged till death while they are looking into the eyes of their own family members. Perhaps that would make them intensely realize their mistake.

GirijaLogendran 1 Like

@NandaKishoreN @GirijaLogendran 

There should be a trial but the 6 rapist should been caned every day,till the hanging date. They should feel the same pain that the poor 23 year old girl went through. There is no mercy for the merciless. 

Men should be educated to respect woman. If they cannot treat women like their mum, sister or daughter then they have some kind of mental crisis /problem over the opposite sexes. Which then need refer to the psycho analysts.

When the punishment is strong then it reduces the crime like this. Capital punishment should be enforced


@GirijaLogendran @NandaKishoreN I got Ur point but ironically, the other day I heard on TV that 31% of rape cases filed with Police are done by family members it seems.  

About treating women like sisters and daughters, well number of fathers involved in raping their daughters too isn't less.

Though, U r right in pointing that there is a possibility of psychological problems in such men which needs to be addressed both medically as well as socially.

Ameeruddin 1 Like

har girls and boys ke gaurdian mistake hai jaane se pahle poochna chahiye ki kahan jaa rahi ho?


@Ameeruddin That's a pathetic thought smelling of the rotten ways of control over girls at home.


@NandaKishoreN @Ameeruddin , then tell your own solution please!


@NandaKishoreN @DrSalimUllah @Ameeruddin Really this is very disgusting but the reason is still the same. The people doing such acts are actually so much sensitized by this vulgar media and naked society that they just want to have sex anywhere even with their sisters and animals. The main culprit is again that what I mentioned earlier. I don't want to argue with you as you can't under stand my point due to religion distance. I say what I got in Quran and that's the real and applicable solution and you say the thing which are implemented in the word but not effective even a bit. 


@NandaKishoreN @DrSalimUllah @Ameeruddin so what you say the girls wearing dress now a days is proper? Proper dress means Proper Hijab. Apart from religion, Hijab is must for every female whether Muslim or Non Muslim otherwise the results are clear. For you kind information, US, UK and all other modern countries have more stronger law enforcement agencies but the situation there is even worse. The events of this sort taking place in India on weekly basis are occurring there on daily basis or perhaps more so your said solution is not the remedy. Females should be restricted in the way I told earlier.


@DrSalimUllah @NandaKishoreN @Ameeruddin I'm appalled.

What sex-provoking dress do U think normal college-going girls wear? Are they moving on the city roads in bikinis? Seriously!

And restrict the free moment means what? It's getting unsafe to go to colleges and schools, or go to work, coming home from work, from companies, doctors, nurses after a late-night surgery or an Accountant after a late audit.
Other day a Home-Guard was raped.

What are U going to restrict.
Doctors shouldn't save lives at nights, Company executives shouldn't work late hours?
Come on!

The ideal situation, as U put it, what I mentioned isn't day-dreaming. That's something the Govt, media and everyone of us in the society must work towards.


@NandaKishoreN @DrSalimUllah @Ameeruddin thats just day dreaming. What to do in this lawlessness situation? Ok, I admit that we should strive for this ideal situation you mentioned but till that achievement what should we do? Is it not better to restrict the free movement of our daughters and sisters or at least direct them to avoid sex provoking dress!!!



@DrSalimUllah @NandaKishoreN @Ameeruddin U don't put a ban on the movements of children.  U make the society more safe by a) stringent laws, b) proper implimentation of laws with compassion at the level of police and c) treating the psychic violent behaviour and d) constantly working towards social awareness.

imranaa819 1 Like

Its the most disgusting crimes ever committed, the victim and all here dreams have crashed, just sit back and think for a minute what if such a thing would have happened to your or your dear and near ones, Think of the darkness surrounding you its horrible. the one who is harmed understands the pain the most and is the greatest sufferer no words or acts can restore her peaceful life back. We can only comment and pray for her recovery and hope that Justice is delivered. 

The devils who committed the crime should be publicly paraded and the media should show the whole world their stupid heinous faces, let the whole world condemn them and let them deserve the death penalty. Such acts are not committed by sane human-beings and they should not be let free as they are a threat to society and the goodwill of the future: May Justice Prevail.


@imranaa819 I totaly agree. chop their body parts and do same what they did with that girl. she is no more now..lets pray for that there will be no such crime in future..


The Indian authorities are too lazy to prosecute rape cases. Most of the time they blame the victims for being raped. The best punishment for the rapists should be castration. 

PlumbLine 1 Like

As India abounds in idol worship, demonic activity is rampant, and the result is wonton lust and sin.............

NandaKishoreN 1 Like

@PlumbLine What do U know about what is the form and depth of Idol worship, as proclaimed in Vedas?

An Idol is the representation of consciousness, it's the personification of consciousness.

It's very easy to superficially say things like multiple Gods and Idol worship.  But it's the Vedic way of allowing the devotee to choose the path and form of worship.  And it's that aspect of Hinduism which enables understanding the forms worship in other religions.  It is that Vedic tradition which allows us to go to a church and respecting the traditions there while still being a Hindu.

If U don't know and can't understand then its ok, but don't make derogatory comments like this.


@PlumbLine This is a racist comment, seriously meant to hurt the sentiments of another religion. That makes the statement undemocratic and religiously intolerant.

Such comments trigger responses from the followers of other religions about Ur religion.  So watch Ur words my dear friend!


Thats beyond belief, the most heinous of crimes against the person. 

I hope they get hung for this the perverted sick minded individuals. 

A moving bus and no one bothered to help... disgusting. 

I've been in situations where I havent given it a second thought to my safety and helped others in trouble, I really hope that eats away at their conscience.

In what civilised society is this even acceptable. Absolutely Sickened. 

I hope INDIA deals correct justice to these animals. Changes the LAW what is wrong with these kinds of individuals.


"no one deserves to be raped".

I am A MAN.


Good and bad people are found everywhere. 99.9% of Indians are law-abiding, decent, family-oriented folks. As a female, I would feel safer walking through a street in India than many other places in the world. Women are respected there--in fact, India had a female prime minister for many years. There are seats in Parliment set aside for women.  


IT is interesting that the Western media likes to hype and play up any bad thing that happens in India. There are more than one billion people in India, and a handful of bad criminal types still leaves the 99.99% who are good. I think the American media just does not want to talk about the problems in the West---broken families, divorce, gun violence, drugs, sex abuse even by priests and scout masters, etc. 

SushmaRamesh 7 Like

 @prettygal What are you smoking?
I honestly don't even know where you're getting most of this from.
Which female prime minister? The one that got assassinated?
Also, 99.99 percent are "law abiding, decent, family oriented folks." India is known as the rape capital of the world. Do you know how many rapes happen per year? Over 10,000 rapes happen in Delhi alone. There are 69 rapes that go unreported for every one that does. You want to tell me that there ISN'T a serious problem here?
I understand white privilege, and the exotifying of my country. India is and was my first home. But we have always had a problem with how we treat our women. We have treated our women like shit for such a long time now, and you want to say that's the West putting that label on us. If this was poverty, or something off of Slumdog Millionaire, I would agree with you. But this is something that honestly is our problem, and no one is hyping it up. The fact remains that very few places hate women like India does.
We blame rape on the women. You say you're not scared to walk the streets of India? Great, good for you. I can name a hundred INDIAN women who are.
If 99.99 percent of the population are good WHY IS THIS HAPPENING SO OFTEN, IN SO MANY PLACES.
Seriously. You can admit that there is something seriously wrong with your country without being a Western pet.
Know the difference.

ashsheather 2 Like

@prettygal this is a really ignorant and unrealistic comment. 99.99% of good, law abiding citizens in India? Sorry to break this to you, but, there isn't 99.99% of good people in ANY country in the world. And unless you've been living under a rock your whole life, you would know that westernised countries have been addressing and charging people guilty of sexual and child abuse, gun violence, murder etc. They aren't turning a blind eye to it. Are you trying to say that the westernised world is over exaggerating the situation of the rape of this 23 year old woman? No, reporting exactly what happened isn't "playing up" anything. But I suppose if this was a local Indian media website you would have no problems with this report. Actually, if you look at who wrote this particular news story, you will see it is an Indian person from New Delhi. And just fyi, divorce and broken homes isn't select to just the US, UK, Australia and other first world happens everywhere. Even in India believe it or not!


Yes, broken homes are happening these days in India and this is a side-effect of the westernisation that Indians are blindly adopting.


@sunny.home.sunny Please, you sound as ignorant as prettygal. People dont divorce because its the cool thing to do or because its what the rest of the world is doing. Divorce happens and many reasons factor into it. Have a read of Sushma's comment below then come back here and tell us all that the blame should be thrust on the white people. If you truly believe what you say then you are just part of the problem. Open your eyes. Stop enabling these monsters. Treat your women better. Educate your people. And stop blindly blaming westernised culture for what some sex crazed maniacs did to a young innocent woman with an extremely bright future. Humans are sexual creatures, Indian people lust just as much as any other race of people do. The sooner you accept that, the sooner India can move forward and make changes for the better.


This rape is no different than a terrorist attack because it happened in public place when others were present. Such people should be given death penalty for spreading such terror in any society.


India need NEW & YOUNG blood to rule India. Currently India is rulled by old hags & Impotent men. India need men with balls and women with guts. Wake up india, before its too late. 99% of Indian politicians are thieves, murderers & rapist.

nabeel 1 Like

Delhi rape case - its a national ugly , and they judgment shuold taken by our government as soon , while , the same way the punishment would also consider public opinion as so , once after this case also our Government follows strict rule for public safety. If possible , punishment result that declare the all victim are un-eligible for holding INDIAN NATIONAL , its should be a first Judgement from Govt. finally Death Sentence if possible in front of Public or could be taped.       

maverickpuli 1 Like

the land where Buddha enlightened the land where first university of the world was started nalanda,the land of resources and the abundant knowledge is now doomed because of the selfish instincts of people in the administration the sonia family...i wish the family owned politics be banned and a free vote country will reign...


The old India still governs mindsets. How can it be otherwise in  a country that still tremulously awaits the sexual revolution, its very own Summer of Love, nearly half-a-century after much of the western world. Sex may be everywhere in India: on roadside hoardings, on the big screen, in newspaper adverts but the apparent new openness must be seen alongside a raft of stark statistics, which point to an instinctive orthodoxy and a furtive and ashamed view of sex. A few years ago, The New Statesman magazine asked me to write a piece on India's sexual revolution. My piece reflected a view that remains valid today: It's coming.

mairbear66 1 Like

India is changing and many (not all) Indian men are terrified. They are frightened that women will hold positions power in government, in their businesses, and in their own homes. The education level is rising for men and women but women are still treated worse than cattle. It is a huge dichotomy because India has had female prime ministers. 

As long as the practice of killing female children or killing a woman because she does not have a son continues, any advances made by women in India will continue to be one step forward, two steps back. The horrors and cruelty endured by Indian women and female children at the hands of Indian men will not stop until Indian society changes. Ignorance and cruelty cannot stop until education overcomes stone age belief systems.


@mairbear66 What is the question here and what are U discussing?

MorningMist 2 Like

@NandaKishoreN @mairbear66  Seriously Nanda? Mairbear is talking about the deep rooted misogyny that causes rapes like these in India. It's so ingrained that people are generally indifferent to the plights of rape victim. This victim was a medical student but did you know that in Bihar they raped and killed a 10 year old girl. She was just a child! So don't be so brass and arrogant. Also it's spelled as "YOU" and not "U". Learn to write. 


@MorningMist Seriously! 

a) I never thought somebody is going to lecture me on misogyny.  And teach me all those points which I know and feel about.

b) I'm absolutely in my senses and clear about what I wrote. Does rape happen because, men are "... frightened that women will hold positions (of) power.."  Do U actually agree that a rapist is going to sit and analyse all that and then commits the crime?  A rape is a spontaneous act of showing physical strength.  

c) Even highly educated men like doctors, professors, are known to have raped.  Education has got nothing to do with rape.

d) On the other hand, female infanticide and craving for son is the result of i) poverty and the socially imposed responsibility of getting her married; and ii) belief that a religiously a son is required to perform rituals after death.  ... Craving for 'son' and female infanticide and rape are two entirely different things.

c) I know about the Bihar (the state) rape and let me add that as the National Media was reporting the rape of this 23 year old medical student in Delhi, a 5 year old kid was raped by her father's friend in Bidar (a town), the state of Karnataka and was reportedly brought to Niloufer Hospital in my city HYDERABAD, 

d) 'U' is used in the internet instead of "you".  On the internet, words are spelt differently for many reasons. And getting checked for English spellings is perhaps the last thing I wud expect on the internet or elsewhere.  So thank you very much.