British Member of Parliament Walks Out of Debate Against Israeli Student

The British MP George Galloway walked out of a debate at Oxford University on Wednesday evening when he discovered that his opponent was an Israeli citizen

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George Galloway, an MP for the leftist Respect Party, stormed out of a debate on Wednesday night at Oxford University after discovering that one of his fellow speakers was an Israeli citizen, writes the Guardian. Galloway refused to take part in the discussion entitled “Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank” once it was made clear that his opponent, Oxford student Eylon Asian-Levy, was Israeli.

Galloway, who represents the northern England constituency of Bradford West, is a supporter of Palestinian rights and a vocal critic of Israeli policies, often referring to Israel as an apartheid state.

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He had already spoken for ten minutes in favor of the motion before handing the floor over to his opponent, writes the Oxford student newspaper Cherwell. However, Asian-Levy, a third-year student in philosophy, politics and economics, was only able to speak for three minutes before being interrupted by Galloway.

“You said ‘we’,” exclaimed Galloway. “Are you an Israeli?” When Asian-Levy replied that he was from Israel, Galloway stood up, grabbed his coat, and while walking out the door retorted, “I don’t debate with Israelis. I have been misled, sorry.” His exit led to cries of “racism” from the crowd of students who had gathered to watch the debate.

Later that night Galloway tweeted: “I don’t debate with Israelis or speak to their media. If Israelis want to speak about Palestine they can talk to the PLO.” He also said in a statement following the debate, “I refused this evening to debate with an Israeli, a supporter of the Apartheid state of Israel. The reason is simple; No recognition, no normalization.”

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Student Asian-Levy told Cherwell that he was “appalled” that an MP would choose to walk out of a debate based on the opponent’s heritage. “ To refuse to talk to someone just because of their nationality is pure racism, and totally unacceptable for a member of parliament,” he told the student newspaper. The organizer of the debate, Mahmood Naji, “condemned” Mr. Galloway’s performance at the debate and explained that he never “misled” the MP. “At no point during my email exchange… was Eylon’s nationality ever brought up, nor do I expect to have to tell the speaker what his opponent’s nationality is,” Naji said.

According to the Guardian, Asian-Levy wanted to use his speech to call for a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict that would recognize both states.


George Galloway ,MP,  did the right thing..there is no point at all continuing to debate with an Israeli on this issue.


then there is no point in debating about anything if every side has a different opinion. there is no point in debating at all. this is the kind of totalitariarism that every left politician has been tought all over the years "i don't want to hear your opinions as long as they don't agree with mine". So go away and run mr MP we also don't want to hear your nonsenses anyway!!!!!  


 But is he not from the country that attacked Korea, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Iraq again, Libya and now Mali?  The country that went to war over Argentina islands, that killed all those civilians in Northern Ireland, the country whose MI5 tortures its own Muslim citizens, the country that occupies Spanish Gibralter, the country killing people in Afghanistan.


@ricardo_lionthe country that went to war over Argentina islands ?????

"Falklands Documents — Newly declassified documents show that Britain considered allowing Argentina to set up a naval base in the Falkland Islands, just two weeks before the invasion in 1982, reports the Daily Telegraph. In a restricted memorandum, Raul Schmidt of the Chilean embassy in Buenos Aires told David Joy, his British counterpart, that Argentina’s sovereignty disputes with Chile and Britain both arose from the country’s desire to have a naval base in the Falklands. A scribbled note by an unnamed official in the margin of the document reads, “I think we are agreed that the Argentine interest in South Atlantic security is part of her wish to gain sovereignty over the islands. But it’s only a small part. After all, if all they wanted was a naval base we could easily accommodate them,”


Spiritual Warfare........

Revelation 12:17........17 And the dragon (Satan) was angry at the woman (Israel) and declared war against the rest of her children—all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus.

jkaravidas 1 Like

what is the point in being in a debate if someone is not willing to hear out different arguments and answer accordingly??

The MP walking out only showed that he had no real answers to give and saw the debate as a chance to express only his own opinions without having the decency to allow to anybody else to have a different view on the matter. Perhaps the MP should feel more at home in North Korea were he would have all the freedom to express his opinions (if they coincide with the official policy of course!!!!) without any opposing voice to hinder him.

Instead he could not stand to face a student only because he happened to be an Israeli?? He should be ashamed!!

PaulPÜtz 1 Like

well done Mister Galloway.More power to you.Keep up the good work and thank you .Paul Pütz   Brussels