WATCH: Gloomy Kim Jong Un Bored by State Choir

North Korean despot Kim Jong Un could not hide his boredom at a state concert.

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North Korean despot Kim Jong Un could not hide his boredom at a state concert put on by his armed forces.

The 30-year-old was filmed looking distinctly unimpressed during a passionate rendition of the Song of the Korean People’s Army in the pariah state’s capital, Pyongyang. The concert by the military’s male choir praised his courage and leadership, as well as that of his grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il.

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By contrast, Kim appeared quite giddy with excitement when welcoming former NBA star Dennis ‘the worm’ Rodman to North Korea along with the Harlem Globetrotters and a team from VICE Magazine. The former Chicago Bulls forward and North Korea’s despot were pictured getting on famously at a mixed-match basketball game in Pyongyang, and later Rodman said that the pair were “friends for life.”

Early hopes that Kim, who was partially educated in Europe, would adopt a more moderate approach than his tyrannical predecessors have disintegrated following the testing of a nuclear bomb last month as well as belligerent rhetoric including propaganda films depicting U.S. President Barack Obama in flames. Chronic food shortages are a fact of life in the world’s most isolated nation, and around two thirds of the country’s 25 million population depend on meager government handouts just to survive.

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