In Pakistan, Christians Come Under Attack Again

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A Christian community in the Pakistani city of Lahore came under attack by an angry Muslim mob over the weekend, following an alleged blasphemy incident. Houses were burned down and property destroyed in what was the latest assault on the country’s increasingly beleaguered Christian minority. It also is yet another episode of the sort of sectarian violence eating away at the Pakistani state. Hundreds of Pakistani Christians took to the streets across the country on Sunday, demanding better protection. Read a reported account of the mob attack, by TIME’s Omar Waraich.

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baronhas 2 Like

Things would not be so bad if we had an administration that would jump to the defense of Christians as swiftly as they do for Muslim extremists. Someone burns a Muslim prayer book and the White House trumpets its displeasure through the puppet media right away. A Christian church is burned with people in it and we get shrugs, if not total disinterest, from the same source.


Very sad and shameful for all the Pakistan  It can not be an act of a Muslim  Allah strictly Prohibit one even not to kill himself (SUICIDE) what to talk of other. It is clear that one who kills anybody can not be called a Muslim. I am sure Pakistan Government must take appropriate action against those who took part in killing burning arson  and looting the property and all the victims be given due compensations and be rehabilitated adequately . 


USA finances Pakistan to a very large extent, and what they get in return ?

US is the most hated country in Pakistan.

Pak ISI and state supported groups help, train, finance, encourage & men Afghan / Yamni / Somalian and other terrorists to kill Americans.

Pak supports Iran nuclear efforts. Pak ISI and state supported groups disriminate & kills non muslims ( now Non Sunnies ).

Is the most powerful nation finances self destruction, that too both under Republican & Democrat admn. Have they lost it.


Udai Singh,

What a comment?Show's how much you hate Pakistan.When you agents of bunderstani (indian)will stop blaming Pakistan for all the ills of the world?

It shows how ignorant you have become in hatered of Pakistan.Just grow up and stop blaming Pakistan for all the ills of the world.When you point an accussing finger towards other,the 3 of your fingers are pointed towards yourself.



My dear first check up on your own ignorance.

Pak army killed, raped, maimed & plundered lakhs of Bangladesi's unarmed civilians mostly fellow muslims.

Now you have turned on Ahmadias, Hazaras, Shiks, Hindus and finally Shias- the game just continues.

My surprised was directed at the USA who loved to be milked by Pak at every opportunity.

USA supported your Bangladesh genocide and financed & armed your forces in the process due to assumed wisdom of Henry Kissinger.

They continued to allow themselves to be milked by Pak for Russian presence in Afghanistan, for Pak being military ally, then to use Pak roads to reach Afghanistan, then to befriend ISI to control Taliban, now they have to finance Pak to now to run over by Jihadis, not to implode, is there no limit to American foolishness.

Pak is good at milking US for which I credit Pak.

It is US stupid urge to   finances self destruction that amuses me.

By the way I read Dawn every day and know about Pak a lot, my dear.


You still show how ignorant ,mischievous,miscreant and hatefull towards Pakistan.Why you are so jealous of Pakistan.You say,"You are criticising USA for being run by Pakistan."What a stupid and wrong criticism?

So you think and claim,Pakistan is so strong and credit worthy of runing all troubles in every country in the world.What a nonsense.By reading "DAWN",does not make you informed about Pakistan and its people.Just get out of hate shell for Pakistan.That will be good for you and will let you see what bunderstanis are doing against Pakistan through Afghanistan to destabalise our country by training and paying terrorist to cause all this trouble in FATA and Balauchistan.