The Amanda Knox Haters Society: How They Learned to Hate Me Too

Viewpoint: The author of a book on the young American accused of murder in Perugia recalls her adventures with the “guilters”

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When Italy‘s highest court reversed the acquittal of Amanda Knox and ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito this week,  a small cottage industry on the internet began grinding back into high gear. Actually it has never had a down day: the Knox-hating websites have been passing along innuendo and cherry-picked factoids for six years now.

If you have taken a dive down into the Amanda Knox rabbit hole, you will discover a couple of persistent acronyms. The first is PMF. That would be the Perugia Murder File, operated by a Seattle housewife and former French translator who is dedicated to the guilt of Amanda Knox. The other acronym you will encounter is TJMK, which stands for “True Justice For Meredith Kercher”—the young British woman murdered in this case–and is run by a New Jersey-based Englishman who claims that at one time he consulted at the United Nations.

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These sites host extremely active avatars, many proclaiming to be lawyers, forensic experts, criminologists, but who never reveal their true identities. Researching my 2011 book on the Knox case The Fatal Gift of Beauty, I met both moderators behind the acronymic websites. In 2009, I sat down with TJMK founder Peter Quennell, who has always claimed he started the site to make sure that no one forgot the victim. A stout, ruddy Englishman living in New Jersey, he had been holding out the carrot of introducing me to the elusive Kercher family. He seemed vastly knowledgeable and connected. At the time, I also believed that Amanda Knox could be, indeed, a Charles Manson behind a pretty face.

After a month in Italy doing reporting, however, I realized that some of the “facts” on Quennell’s  website didn’t seem to be in the police record in Italy. I emailed him to ask where he had found out that Knox and Sollecito  met police standing outside the murder house with a mop and bucket in hand. That damning incident  was nowhere in the record, not even the prosecutor would confirm it, nor had Italy’s Polizia Scientifica ever tested such items, which would surely have offered up some useful DNA evidence, had they been used to clean blood.

Quennell then accused me by email of being on the Knox family payroll, informed me that his sources in Perugia had seen me consorting with Amanda’s mother (I had in fact met with her once, in a public place, by then) and eventually started writing about how he was going to “train his scope” on my apartment in Manhattan, and closing emails with “how are the kiddies?”

As for PMF, I met with its moderator, Peggy Ganong, in Seattle in 2010, after Knox’s  conviction. She told me she first thought Amanda Knox “looked like a killer”  after seeing her picture online. Her site has posted translations of the court proceedings but also provides a forum for anonymous but self-described experts who suggest that men who believe Amanda Knox is innocent are driven by lust for her. They also post bilious captions beneath pictures of the Knox family.

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There are other players, more diffident, in the Amanda Knox hating universe. One called herself Miss Represented, on a site by that name which dispensed what professed to be expertise in criminal psychology, dedicated to proving Amanda Knox’s psychopathy. The operator of the site turned out to be a young social media expert in Bath, working at a UK social media company, horrified that I had emailed her at work. In a pleading email, she begged me not to publish her real name, which I will not do, and wrote: “Miss Represented was only ever supposed to be a place for my own reflections, some of them I still stand by, some of them I’ve rethought as I’ve gotten a little older and bit more mature.”

I went to Italy thinking I was writing a book about an American girl psycho. After a month in Perugia, I realized the case was shaky, and after a year there, I knew it was nonexistent. But I did enough research on Amanda Knox to conclude that the person she was in 2007 was not perfect, and probably not even very nice. In the sexist media world we inhabit, though, a pretty girl wrongly accused of a heinous crime can’t be just a jerk, she’s got to be a murderess or, in the superstitious alleys of Perugia,  a witch.

We don’t know what the Italian judges were thinking when they threw out Knox and Sollecito’s acquittal this week—and we won’t know until they release their report 90 days from now. My best analysis of their motivation is that they are simply letting the slow wheels of Italian justice turn by allowing a panel of judges in Florence to double-check the ruling of the appellate court in Perugia that acquitted the two students in October 2011. Given the notoriety of the case, and the fact that so many Italians still believe the original prosecutor’s theory that Kercher died in a cultish sex-game gone wrong, the high court may merely be applying an extra layer of judicial safeguard.

In my opinion, the new panel will agree with the last one that the case against the students is fatally flawed. I could, of course be wrong. In the eyes of the Knox-haters, I will always be wrong. But another shoe is also about to drop: Harper Collins plans to bring out Amanda Knox’s own book next month. For the company, which paid a reported $4 million for the memoir, the timing cannot be more perfect.

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People hate Amanda Knox because they believe her to be a Sociapath and liar;they believe she murdered Meredith and has now got away with murder,thats all;they( Believe )you see;there was no evidence,so,in reality nobody knows,if Amanda Knox and Sollecito are guilty or not guilty;because nobody knows,and nobody was there,at the crime scene.


@Brahwolf. All the evidence points to ONE perpetrator. That person is Rudy Guede. Only his DNA was found INSIDE Meredith. Only HIS DNA was found on her sock, coat cuff, purse, etc. Only his bloody hand print was found under Meredith's body. Only his bloody shoe prints were found in the bedroom. There is no way other people were in that room and were able to leave absolutely no traces of themselves.  Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent and the Court of Cassations has ruled that they "did not commit the acts". 

Amanda Knox had no signs of "sociopath" tendencies before she went to Italy, she has displayed none since she was released from prison. 


No one hates her, they just know she's guilty. You are a nobody. No one gives 2 hoots about you


This whole prosecution theory is insane and full of the silliest notions that could easily be seen as lies by a two year old.

This whole thing would have been laughed out of the media long ago if not for the obsessed Knox haters that keep talking about a "Mountain of Evidence" that turns out to be a mountain of misogynist  lies and insults and a molehill of evidence.

For instance, Knox is beaten and terrified into describing an obviously impossible situation where she did not harm anyone and the Italian JUSTICE system twists these terrified hysterical screams for help and mercy from the ItalianGestapo thugs into an admission that she committed the murder. She never said she or Raffalle harmed anyone!!!! Some "Confession"

Some of these Italian statements are so ludicrous, such as the non sequitor that Meredith did not like Amanda, for which there are only vague statements about toilet cleaning from obviously couched witnesses and this SOMEHOW(Italian Justice system thinking only) means that Knox killed Meredith, even though there is NOT EVEN A SUGGESTION from anyone that Amanda EVER said or did anything that even suggested that she did not like Meredith: Not EVER.

So Meredith not liking Amanda would be relevant if Meredith killed Amanda, maybe(perhaps in Italy), but how can Meredith maybe not liking Amanda mean in any way that Amanda would ever harm Meredith?

There are a thousand of this type of illogical and idiotic statements dreamed up by the Italians that get repeated as if they make sense by the Italian Police PR Machine people and Media bloodsuckers like Barbie and Vogt.


The Amanda Knox case has shown Italian Justice to be inbred, incompetent, and self-serving.
There was NEVER any "reasonable doubt" that Knox was going to be judged guilty from the very first moment that Mignini saw Knox and learned that she was an American, since he knew that in Italy the prosecutors and judges "were on the same team" and expected to work together and scratch each others' backs.
Mignini knew;
In the Italian system the prosecution does not have to tell the defendant about the evidence that that will be presenting in court BEFORE the trial starts, but in American courts the prosecution MUST reveal all the evidence that that will be presenting in court before the trial.
In the Italian system the prosecution is allowed to present false or incomplete evidence without producing documentation to support the evidence, but in American courts all supporting documentation is required.
In the Italian system the defendant cannot introduce evidence or investigate any of the evidence presented by the prosecution unless the presiding judge agrees to the requests of the defendants to examine the evidence, but in America the judge must give reason to not accept evidence.
In the recent Florence trial, the Italian Judge Nencini rejected, without comment, over 20 requests by the Knox lawyers to introduce evidence or question prosecution evidence.
In the American courts the Prosecution must stick to the presentation of the evidence and are not allowed to prejudice juries by insulting the defendants with questions like "do you still beat your wife", but Italian lawyers in this case have regularly “poisoned the well” by screaming that Knox is "a witch, dirty on the inside and dirty on the outside", a " demonic, satanic, diabolical she-devil”, “a spell-casting witch, a virtuoso of deceit”, etc, etc, etc.
In the American system a defendant cannot be convicted without a chance to defend themselves in court, but the Italian supreme court overturned the 2011 Knox acquittal because it disagreed with a decision in a case that Knox was NOT a participant and was NOT represented that had ruled that she must be guilty.
In the American system the judge maintains order in the court but a jury of your peers determines your guilt, whereas in Italy the judge maintains order in the court AND participates with the jury in the decision of guilt to make sure the CORRECT decision is the result.

The Italian Supreme Court ruled that the statement the police beat out of Knox without a lawyer could not be used against her, but later all of the guilty verdicts incorporate the contents of the illegally obtained statements.

The Italian Supreme court even stated that she cannot be innocent because the Guede trial verdict had found her guilty, even though she did not participate in the Guede trial in any way(this concept of being found guilty in a trial that you did not participate must be a unique to Italian Justice).
In American courts, when the CORRECT decision to convict the accused is not the result, the accused goes free(ask OJ), but in Italian courts, when the accused goes free, the prosecution whines to its buddies in the court system and the incorrect decision is thrown out so that there can be another trial to assure that the CORRECT guilty decision occurs.
The Italian "justice" system has spent seven years showing itself to be an inbred bureaucracy composed of self-serving autocrats whose main purpose in life is to preserve the image and existence of that bureaucracy .
The country that produced Galileo and Verdi deserves, and should demand, a lot better.


@vortex99 You are exactly right. The immense naivete even professional commentators show in the Knox – Sollecito case is astounding. American commentators must know of their own history, what happened during the prohibition period, how the mob corrupted the police and the judges during two decades. Now the mafia has influenced the Italian society during a millennium and during the last hundred years with the help of great amounts of drug money.

Thus it is not possible to understand the police of Perugia or the Amanda Knox's first and third courts out from normal non-corrupted perceptions of law. Only her second court acted normally, found nothing right and everything wrong and crushed the verdict, because judge Claudio Hellmann is a non-corrupted judge and a very brave man. Even if you have no idea about the corruption in Italy you must find it strange that one court decides guilty, next not guilty, third guilty, and without any ground of compromise, as if two different legal systems are at work. And that is absolutely true. Two legal systems are at work, the normal system, Hellmann's system, that tries to convict the criminal and set free the non-criminal, and the corrupt system, that tries to reverse 180 degrees the functioning of a normal legal system. A virus penetrates a functioning cell and converts it to something evil that produces more virus, and if the virus is malignant, death follows. A legal system's malignant virus is corruption. Corruption has many reasons, one being that an organization has an economic interest in corrupting a public authority to do wrong and pays money to get that result.

In the Knox - Sollecito case we have:

1. Rudy Guede, not only a drug addict but also a drug pusher

2. The mafia, Guede's supplier of drugs

3. The police, the protector of Guede

About the police protection: There is a connection, established in police reports, between the Perugia police and Guede, who had quite a crime record without arrests or prosecutions. Consequently, police protection is a fact. The Knox case in first and third courts is thus about freeing a mafia member, not present at the court, by trapping two individuals, Knox and Sollecito. Guede was not present in this court and to the apparent convenience of the mafia and corrupt judges he was judged in a separate court.

It must have been immediately clear to the police, (the Italian police is very competent) that Guede was connected to the murder. With blood, foot- and fingerprints all over the scene a cleaning process started. But cleaning was impossible, the circumstances were too complex. After three days the idea to bring in another murderer was accepted as the only way to free Guede or at least minimize his penalty. Knox was chosen because of the possibility to find her DNA on the scene. It was also necessary to accuse Sollecito, who could testify that Knox had been with him the whole evening and night of the murder. A prosecutor with a lively fantasy and great story telling capabilities was also arranged for the case. But the Judge in the second court, Claudio Hellmann, was uncompromising and crushed every "evidence" that the first court had judged upon.

Do you think the picture above is just fantasy? Then listen to the Italian Minister of Justice, Andrea Orlando, in his annual hearing on the justice system in the Lower House 2015-01-19. He said: "The latest probes have shown corruption has reached intolerable proportions, due to the fact that it is often linked to mafia-type organizations." Does the minister know what he is talking about? I think he is in a good position, anyhow. What entities did the minister mean to be "linked"? Well, as it was a hearing on the justice system, the police, the courts and the mafia, of course. Consequently, there is NO EVIDENCE in the Knox case, ONLY MACHINATIONS, which did not bother the third court.

The police was pressing an innocent and inexperienced American girl the same way all police sometimes does and getting, in this case, the desired result, confusion. US protects it's citizens from evil. Will US send Amanda back to Italy? I hope not.

Italy, what is that? The little beautiful and corrupt country? If you think that, you think as Italy’s Minister of Justice, and, by the way, also as it's Prime Minister.


somebody who gets the date of birth of the victim, and all accused wrong on her 'well researched' book, have no right to be called "investigative journalist" There are at least 2 incorrect  'facts" in each page of your book. I want my $9.99 back !


The only shaky component in this story is the reporting of Nina Burleigh-complete imbecile and a horrible "journalist". Interesting how two real journalists like Andrea Vogt and Barbie Nadau, both attending the real trial, have completely different take on the events and the evidence. Incompetents like Burleigh, whose account of Italy is probably the most idiotic one I have ever read, should not be allowed to write obituaries. She will mess them up.


As I predicted months ago, Sollecito has stated that Knox left his apartment for several hours the nights poor Meredith was murdered, and when she came back she was 'agitated'!  He has a list of questions for Knox, including why she showered in a room that had clear evidence of blood in it, and why was she gone for so long!  

Sollecito is not stupid.  He is cutting ties with Knox to reduce his sentence, and he will eventually accuse her of murdering poor Meredith.  His accusations above are the first of many, and they are damaging enough!

For all those Knox supporters who have denied for years that Sollecito withdrew Knox's alibi, watch and weep!  You have got nowhere to hide and it will be impossible for you lot to squirm out of this!  


Isn't it amazing how there are 3 cult-like hate sites all aimed at Amanda only?  They're supposed to be dedicated to victim Meredith Kercher but instead they'd  just rather spend their time trying to figure out new ways/angles on how to prove Amanda and Raffaele's guilt.

It's not provable cause they weren't THERE at the crime scene and nothing proves them there.

It's funny watching them scramble. It's pathetic what they do, though.

I am beyond grossed out and shocked by the amount of pure hate, just for the sake of something to hate. It's like it's a video game to them, a coping mechanism. 

They stalk any and everyone who speaks out in favor of the innocence of Amanda and Raffaele. They spend more time trying to shoot the messengers than ANY single thing they do in the name of Meredith. They have absolutely interfered with the Process (with Justice) That alone says it all. And what's sad is that a bunch of seriously scary nutters are standing up for Meredith Kercher. We are hated by the family because we are associated with Amanda. Showing them sympathy is like sticking a stick in a hornet's nest, seriously. 

These Cyber Nutters should be locked up in jail. Better yet, they should never be allowed a smart phone or computer ever again. In the end, truth will win and they'll be stuck with their sorry lives to find the next victim to hate on. 


@michellesings1  As I predicted months ago, Sollecito has taken a huge step towards accusing Knox of murder!  He has accused her of leaving his apartment for hours on the night of the murder and of coming back 'agitated'!  Get ready to squirm, Moore!  Your lies are coming to the surface.


@Ghislane100 @michellesings1Okay, calm down Sherlock! Rafaelle was just restating the events of the MORNING Meredith's body was discovered. His interview stated nothing new. Nothing to see here, move along...


@DippyBlue @Ghislane100 @michellesings1  Irrelevant!  He will spille his guts once the sentences are ratified and leave you lot squirming in a puddle of your own filth.  It does not pay to avidly support sadistic murderers like Knox.

Drop the pretence that a bottom-runger like yourself gets to tell me what to do.  I pay imbeciles like you to do those chores that I don't fancy doing.


@michellesings1  I think that you need to be either a simpleton or quite insane to believe that there is no evidence of Knox and Sollecito at the crime scene.

Knox's blood DNA was present, mixed with Meredith's, on several small bathroom fixtures and Sollecito's DNA was on Meredith's severed bra clasp. FACTS.

In the case of Knox's DNA mixed with that of Meredith, there is no plausible alternative to the conclusion that both were bleeding at the same time. Therefore, Knox HAD to be present during the murder. FACT.

Sollecito's bloody bare footprint was on the bath mat and the bare footprints of both Knox and Sollecito were clearly revealed by luminol, as both paraded barefoot through Meredith's blood, during their "clean up" after the murder. FACTS.

Finally, We are all aware of Knox’s pathetic attempt to delay the discovery of Meredith’s body.

On the morning after the murder, one of the officers of Postal Police discovered that there was a locked door. Knox pointedly explained, before several witnesses, that it was Meredith’s door and that there is no reason to be concerned because she locked the door all the time, even to take a shower. Based on Knox’s assurance, the Postal Police ignored the door.

However, in part one of her interview with “The Daily”, (at”,  from 5.34 onwards, immediately preceded by a big gulp when she says “Meredith’s room”), Knox states of that room:

“Her door was locked and that was strange. She didn’t normally lock her door. It had happened at various times, but not… it wasn’t the usual thing…”

This is a complete reversal of what she had told the Postal Police and it proves, yet again, that the guilty-as-hell Knox cannot tell a consistent “story”. FACT.

This is also another example of a major Knox interview where the interviewer does not challenge any of Knox’s obvious lies, but allows her to hold forth as if she must be telling the truth. 

No much wonder that she continues to sucker so many gullible Yanks.

Time to wake up - anyone who continues to support both of these callous, manipulative murderers, in the face of all the indisputable evidence against them, is no better than an accomplice, by proxy, in Meredith's murder.


@mealer222 @michellesings1  

The bathroom was shared by both individuals. It is not unusual - in fact, expected - that both sets of DNA would be present, as well as residual DNA traces from other individuals who had been in the apartment or were in recent contact with the apartment residents.

There is no way to tell apart DNA from blood as opposed to DNA from other sources. "Blood DNA" is not the term used in the court decision. 

The "bloody footprint" was a mistake printed by some of the media. The footprints were revealed by Luminol - Luminol is also used to reveal blood - thus, leading to the confusion. Blood from neither Knox nor Solecito were found at the crime scene.

Forensics do not work like they do in the movies or "CSI". There is an sizable amount of room for interpretation. In this circumstance, because the defendant and the victim were roommates, the forensics are very difficult, as it is not easy to determine whether trace evidence was from the crime scene, or existed before the crime. For example, the knife, mentioned in the recent decision, that had Knox's DNA on the handle and Kircher's blood on the blade - it could mean that this was the murder weapon wielded by Knox or that Knox had recently used the knife to chop some veggies.

I have no dog in this fight - I have no opinion whether Knox is guilty or not guilty. It appears to me, however, that the case has taken on a life of its own among the public, with both sides presenting lengthy, meandering, inconsistent, and often inexpert diatribes. Deep-seated emotion and bias is obvious from every perspective. 

No matter what the eventual conclusion, the case will continue to be undecided among the public.


Hmmm, I don't see them as inventing any "new ways", I see them as applying all of the old "tried and true" ways.

As an example: There is a term in syllogistic logic called a hypothetical syllogism; where if A=B and B=C, then A=C.

You see, nobody needs to have "been there" to apply the math.

Your ad hominems and the innumerous other invectives by "friends", as you so basely exemplify, do not make for intelligent, reasoned, or logical arguement.  Such ad hominems actually reduce any point trying to be made by you, or others, into drivel.

I find it both ironic and disingenious that a person complaining about "haters" can be so hateful.


@michellesings1 What are you doing on this forum then? have you total proof or something?I suppose you feel you are stalking for your idea of Justice,when in reality you know nothing either;no man can prove this case either way,as yet hopefully one day,if someone else was involved,the case will,with great relief on all sides be resolved,which it has not yet been,in reality,as there was no evidence to support the case one way or the other.


@SamukiElm @mealer222 @michellesings1 Sorry, sir, but you fail to explain why Knox's DNA was mixed with Kercher's, in Filomena's room.. A room Knox was not welcome in.. Can you explain that, please?..

And I'd like to know how Meredith's blood was mixed with Knox's DNA in 6 different places in the flat, yet Meredith's blood WAS NOT mixed with any of the other 2 people who lived there, or the 4 guys who lived downstairs?.. Anywhere?..

If this was an innocuous DNA transfer, then why did only Amanda's DNA get mixed with Meredith's?.. I mean, lol, wouldn't it be logical that, if meredith's DNA was innocuously transferred in Filomena's room, that it would then mix with Filomena's DNA, and not someone who never went into that room?..

LOLOL.. And it never gave you pause that Meredith's blood is all over the place, but Guede's footprints lead directly out of the house?.. I mean, lol, why isn't Guede's DNA mixed with Meredith's all over the flat, if he was the lone killer?..

It's just amazing how stupid you people are, wow..


Yes, it's shocking and ugly, all the venom. 

It's not even about rage over Meredith. 

If it were anger over Meredith's sexual assault and murder I'd expect equal or greater howls over Rudy Guede who certainly played a significant part according to the evidence.

No one is offering to kill Rudy themselves as I have seen people offering to do to Amanda in the comment sections in articles like these.

The anti Amanda Knox community seems largely unmoved that Rudy will be released on parole soon. This convicted murderer will serve less than 10 years - and he sexually assaulted Meredith too - and possibly masturbated over her corpse, semen was found on a pillow in the room. 

In my opinion, Rudy is worthy of hate. He is not fit for society.

Guilters just seem focused on making sure Amanda 'rots' and if Raffaele won't help by providing new verbal evidence that damns her then he can 'rot' too. 

Rudy can go free ASAP - he's not fun to victimise. 

It's more deliciously fun and supremely satisfying to victimise the pretty girl with the world at her feet. 

Because they HATE that beautiful young white girl who represents the popular girl they hated in school. Perhaps the girl who rejected them. The girl with limitless opportunities. The girl with the upstanding and loving boyfriend, who effortlessly attracts desirable partners. The girl who gets to travel, finds work easily, who has both the money and free time to study language and creative writing in a foreign country. 

The girl who gets to have all the things YOU wanted but never got. That BITCH! - Right? But, now you've got her right where you want her, and she's gonna PAY - right? Burn that witch!!

Bitter, twisted, utterly consumed with insane jealousy, pretending to care about Meredith to hide their real motives. 

I see you. 

You don't fool me. 


@EmmaD'young Dumb bitch look at the evidence I have read her book & his & 2 others

plus the massei report they r both so involved.


Rudy is an idiot and murderer, same as the other two.

You can't see past the end of your nose.


@NWwood Rudy Guede is the  murderer period. He single handedly, broke-in to the girls villa second story, pooped and left his doing there, attacked Meredith when she arrived disrupting his plans of stealing money, slit her throat when Meredith tried to defend, then tried to rape defenseless Meredith, stole her money and cell phones and fled to Germany realizing the crime he had committed and police know he was the probable culprit because of his prior MO.

Amanda and Raffaele have nothing to do with Meredith's murder. They are caught in the net like innocent dolphins are caught at see, by evil Mignini who saw an opportunity to redeem his lost glory in the Florence murder case.

They both are innocent. They is no reliable physical or genetic evidence collected by the forensic police that places them at the crime scene and the time between 9:00 pm to 9:45 pm on Nov.1 2007 when Rudy Guede attacked and killed Meredith.

Simple burglary gone bad and murder case by single perpetrator is blown out of proportion by Perugian authorities, Italian and British media for their selfish gains, false ego, reputation and pride.


@SomNathan @NWwood "Single-handedly".. lol.. How did meredith's blood get all over the flat, when we know Guede walked DIRECTLY OUT OF THE HOUSE AFTER THE CRIME?..

Riddle me that, idiot?.. Guede's bloody footprints lead directly from meredith's room, to the front door, and witness testimony places him elsewhere for the rest of the evening.. So, he left immediately following the murder..

Yet, somehow, LOLOLOL, Meredith's blood gets deposited in 6 different places in the house, including Filomena's room.. How did that happen, sir, if the supposed "lone" killer immediately left the scene, leaving bloody footprints to indicate his path of departure?..


Horribly written, dishonest article (much like the book she penned). She supports a murderer and then plays the victim. Disgraceful.


@grevyturty Ha.  Don't act like a stereotypical 'guilter' or anything.  All of you can go on for hundreds of pages about Knox's behavior, and her 'confession', and whether the 'break-in' was real or staged.  But you can never satisfactorily answer the most basic questions. 

1. What was Knox's motive?

2. Why no DNA from Knox or Sollecito in the victim's bedroom?

3. Why no credible link between the couple and Guede?

4. Why wasn't she on the first plane home after the murder?


1. What was Knox's motive?

Whatever it may be, it's not a good one.

2. Why no DNA from Knox or Sollecito in the victim's bedroom?

There is, quit being an ignorant denier.

3. Why no credible link between the couple and Guede?

There is a very credible link, he was the local drug dealer (they weren't growing it themselves). 

4. Why wasn't she on the first plane home after the murder?

Because she wanted to hang around and "be helpful" and keep up appearances-- she understood that an innocent person would/should have no need or reason to run.   Had she jumped on a plane, she knew the focus would have turned on her like Sauron for the Ring.  She was just lucky that first interview was as a witness and there were no recordings made, yet she and Sollecito still managed to nearly hang themselves anyways.


@NWwood WRONG analysis, therefore  WRONG interpretation.

1. Amanda and Raffaele have no motive. That is why prosecutors have NOT been able zero in on a single motive. They themselves are confused. Nencini's report introduced a 3rd motive of "argument about $300 rent money". Sounds funny. How did Nencini came to that conclusion, Poor Rudy said so. Rudy overheard the conversation between Amanda and Meredith while he was pooping. A pure white lie which the judge believes.

2. There is no reliable physical or genetic evidence against Amanda and Raffaele in the room where Meredith was killed by Rudy. He left ample evidence both physical and genetic all over the room and well documented in court documents.

3. There is no link between killer Rudy and innocent Amanda and Raffaele. No document is available that says that he was selling drugs to Amanda and Raffaele.

These all the lies and false evidence published by fake sites.


@SomNathan @NWwood Convenient.. No reliable physical evidence.. LOLOLOL.. Never mind Sollecito's DNA on the bra clasp, right?..

You people really should be ashamed of yourselves, wow..


Ghislane100 is nothing but a mother-f***king idiot.  Obviously, his a$$ is where is mouth is, since every time he opens it, sh*t spews forth.  You should do the world a favor and die, since you're a poor excuse for a member of the human race, and you have absolutely 0 redeeming qualities.

There's a special place in hell reserved for spineless, brainless, d*ckless cowards like yourself.


Note:  “jls1950” is Joe Starr, a Seattle resident who was identified as being Chris Mellas’s best friend, and whose syntax, repeated libels and foul language for the last six years in various forums marks him as being one single awful person, regardless of how many ID’s he appropriates.


I think the hate is about all the media attention on this Amanda and her boyfriend. Also because the murder of Meredith sickened all to the stomach,and people dont have any answers,and may never have a full must admit,by some peoples standards,that the murder was vile.I was not there,so I have no idea who commited the crime and for what reason.I take a look yearly to see if any information has been found,this case seemed to have taken on mammoth proportions,unfortunately a lot of haters believe that the couple where guilty,time will hopefully tell,for all concerned.Its Meredith and her family which needs the truth,not us really. The internet is a useful tool,it can also cause problems,such as this!!!!


In 2010 I had never heard of Amanda Knox or Raphael Sollecito or the whole trial. I happened to be watching Oprah one day and saw the parents on tv. Outraged after watching this that two innocent "kids" would go to jail, I went to the internet and read up on the trial. Within 15 minutes, it was obvious that the parents had left out a huge amount of evidence and downplayed a number of pieces of other evidence (and I got my evidence from good sources like Newsweek). I concluded (I mean, whoa, it doesn't take a rocket scientist) those two are guilty. They deserve to be in jail. I wonder why America is so upset about the conviction of two obvious murderers. Is it their social class, their looks? Two nice, well educated middle class white kids, so good looking could never have committed this crime! I think it's a huge threat to American middle class identity, not to mention keeping the tabloids going non stop. Read the Massei report. It's a masterpiece of putting all the evidence together. No question in my mind, they did it. Hello, if there was a dead body found in your home, don't you think the police would be investigating and questioning you? They questioned several people. every bit as they questioned Knox and Sollecito. Their alibis and responses held up. This was a university town with lots of young students. The police aggressively pursued this crime, questioning all the people who knew Meredith Kercher. There's just so much evidence against these two it's unbelievable. I truly, sincerely hope, for the sake of the Kercher family and justice, the heinous crime they committed and for which they were found guilty, will be upheld in the new appeal. Thank goodness for their Supreme Court! May they serve their time.


@doramaar There is no evidence against AK & RS. Rudy Guede is the sole murderer who broke into girls 2nd floor, pooped in Filomena's toilet, attacked Meredith when she arrived and disrupted Rudy's plans of stealing money, slit her throat, tried to rape her then fled the scene leaving behind load of evidence. AK & RS were not there when he killed Meredith.

Italian prosecutors and their justice has made many errors and concocted many lies to frame Amanda and Raffaele.

Amanda and Raffaele are INNOCENT.

All the haters and guilters are WRONG.


@jls1950 Thank you for one of the few sane posts in a very long time.  This comments thread has been hijacked by some of the most deranged trolls to be found anywhere on the internet.  They are a testament to everything that Nina Burleigh has written.  How they think their behaviour is supposed to respect the memory of Meredith or advance any kind of argument or reasoned debate is a mystery.  Before the days of 'care in the community' they would have been sectioned and kept well away from the rest of us.  


@FozzyBear @jls1950 Another idiot that has run off with his tail between his legs !

No substance, no clear points regarding the Knox case and no intelligence!!

Will he/she ever come back with an intelligent answer?! I doubt so, he/she is too busy licking JLS1050's arse :(

I think they are the same person, using so called 'proxy' server's, sitting in their mouldy, damp bunker,  leering over pictures of girls way too young to be legal, and 'investigating' conspiracy theories.  

Again, JLS1950, where is your 'evidence'?! Oh, I forgot, there is none, because you write 100 % BS, and have been doing the same for the last 4 - 6 years!

I do not know how you have the nerve to keep posting accusations against people for the last 6 years !!

The funny thing is that these accusations are thrown at various people from multiple discussion forums, and they are all the same accusations !! Anyone who does not believe in your warped views are obviously an "Italian man who works for the secret services or the government".

I know you must (hopefully!!) realise that your foreign policies are sneered at by the rest of the world, but please prove to us that most Americans are not like you :(

You believe the world is flat and never visit a foreign country.

You are a small minded, ignorant old man !

Go hide in your bunker, for the rest of the world is seeking YOU ';)

Ta Ra :)


@FozzyBear Poor Fozzy! Your IQ is so low that my comment is beyond your capabilities.

I will spell it out for you, Mr Remedial: YOU MADE NO POINT!

Your irrelevant comment is worthless.  You clearly know nothing about this case and you therefore fail to make a single point.  You are what is commonly known as an 'armchair pundit' and even within that category you are a failure.

You carry on embarrassing yourself.  You are no different from all of the other Knox groupies; poorly educated, the result of bad parenting and dependent on lies.

Knox is about to face a new trial, the outcome of which will see her locked up for life.  Her animal porn loving ex will spill his guts and all of you groupies will then have a very difficult time trying to excuse the fact that you have been supporting a murderer for years.  You especially, of course, because you are especially thick in a group known for being imbeciles.

Before she is banged up, Know will firstly face financial ruin and the knowledge that she bought about the financial ruination of her disgusting parents, both of whom know full well that she is a murderer, and both of them fully deserving of what is coming their way. 

In addition to the fact that her book is one huge flop, with humiliatingly low book sales, now to be remaindered to sales bins, Knox is also facing huge defence fees for the new trial.  She is also being sued left, right and centre both civilly and criminally, for the huge pack of filthy lies she has spewed in her book.

Knox is going to be in debt to the tune of millions.

She will rot away in her cell whilst her parents rot away in the car they now call home.

In the meantime, I will think of her occasionally in full contentment that she got her just desserts, and that you miserable lot with your grotty little lives, were provenly 100% wrong.

Of course, I am used to being right, and my life is indescribably superior to yours, so one could say that it is unfair to gloat.  I would rightly counterbalance this with the fact that sub-human scum like yourself is too thick to recognise insult in the first place.



@FozzyBear Shame you cant' even afford said tablets, moron :)

Go back to begging outside some seedy train station with your mutt in Manchester lowlife!

Now try to make a comment with some substance to this thread as to why you believe slug Knox and her animal porn loving ex lay are innocent. I know this is hard for you, but go on, give it a really good try. The rest of the audience of this discussion board will give you a little bit of slack :)

Cheers lowlife :)


@FozzyBear @jls1950 You post two identical comments in total on this board, and manage to make no point of any worth whatsoever.  How typical!

Lets face it, Knox groupies like yourself are ten a penny!  You have so little knowledge of the case your only available response is to hurl personal insult and to pretend you give a flying F about poor Meredith.

It is very clear that you are a fan of Knox the Murderer.  As such, perhaps you would like to tell us all why it is that Meredith would care a jot for your so called 'respect'.  I can tell you right now, she would tell you where to shove it!  Try to remember that she was in fact there at the time of the murder, and, like her family, she knows full well who murdered her, you ignoramus.  John Kercher is completely correct to lay the blame at Knox's feet, after all, he has been privy to all of the facts and sat in court through a good majority of the trial.

As far as those who know Knox is guilty being 'trolls', try and grow up.  Do you have any idea how pathetic you sound? Perhaps you should look the word 'troll' up in a dictionary.  You will find it applies more commonly to Knox groupies like yourself; a group of low IQ morons intent on spreading filth and lies, particularly about the family of a murdered girl.  Many Knox groupies are disgustingly vile and the comments they make, insane.  You carry on posting and we will see if you belong in this category.  You are already well on your way.

jls1950 has many idiotic beliefs, one of which is that Meredith was too dark skinned to be the real intended victim.  He believes Knox was the real target!  This is not only foul, it is insane.  It sums you up perfectly that you wish to fawn at the feet of this nutter.

As far as the 'kept well away from the rest of us' is concerned, rest assured, my lifestyle is such that I run absolutely no risk of ever bumping into someone like you.  You carry on spewing rot from your windowless basement bedsit Minimum Wage Fozzy!  I expect my pool cleaners salary exceeds yours.  By the way, it is in fact you who needs help.  It is not normal to support a murdering tramp and you are therefore abnormal.  No doubt you have a predilection to lean this way, after all, you are thick, you have no morals and you have obviously been bought up very badly by equally thick and ineffective parents.

Good luck with that! :)


Just the notion of "Meredith Haters" or "Amanda Haters" is incredible asinine.  These misleading, spurious, and often nonsensical rants in posts like some of the ones below have cause more injustice to Meredith Kercher and pain for her family than anyone not in the Italian Justice system or named Rudy Guede.


I see the Meredith haters have fled.

Since Knox has given numerous interviewers the tide has turned against her even more!

She seems to be digging her own hole ! 


Otillysinclair - your facebook entries are hilarious - especially the piece of footage from Dr Drew - he sums you up to a tee. 

Someone who is obsessed with their own importance who tries to give the image that they know the murderer for their own self gratification.

The true Knox supporters must cringe when they come across groupies like you!!

You are quick to start insulting any posters that have a differing view than your's.

Can your perverted brain not understand that not everyone has the same opinions?!  This tends to really frazzle your retarded brain ! 

You must be living in la la land to try and convince people that you were an academic and that your daughters are all fantastically clever. No one on here (including me) has any interest in what your brats are doing !!

You all lead a dull grey life and are jealous of anyone else's talents and wealth. 

As Ghislane mentioned earlier, ask your wardens to keep changing your huge nappy knickers, as like you, they are full of BS.

Cheerio :)


You know nothing about my morals or myself and yes, I am indeed a fine person,  let's stick to the subject - not personal insults. A lot can be seen in peoples traits and behaviour. Why do you think profilers are used ?!  There are many instances that would question Knox's morals, the first one that comes to mind is that she admitted breaking up with Sollecito after he 'broke' her alibi. She would have stuck to him like glue had he given her the alibi she needed. 

Her ' creative writing course ' must have helped with her recent book - you could not get more 'creative' than the trash she has just published. Spare me the sob story about being broke. There is an old saying "What goes around, comes around".  One day she and her animal porn loving ex boyfriend will get their just desserts - I hope for Meredith's family this comes as soon as possible.


@StacyMorgan @sidepartinmartin What a laughable example of someone so desperate to excuse a murderer that they have to resort to outright lies!

Sollecito was reprimanded at college when his stack of animal porn was discovered.  I know facts are inconvenient for you, but you will have to get used to sucking them up.  The on-coming trial is going to prove you wrong on many, many points!

As you are provably dimwitted, I will do you the service of re-posting this extract from Oggi:

"'When and why did you break up with Raffaele?'

“When he “broke” my alibi (during a police questioning, Raffaele claimed to not remember if Amanda had left the house the night of the murder, editor’s note.) It was a shock for me.”

As you can see quite clearly, Knox was asked about her break up with Sollecito.  She gave her reply; it is clear for all to see.  She BROKE up with her animal porn loving boyfriend when he BROKE her alibi.

There is no dispute here.  This is straight out of the mouth of Knox, no argument, fact, end of.  

The fact that you seek to deny this statement tells me everything I need to know about YOU!  You are a big fat LIAR.  You have just lied for all to see.  How beautifully embarrassing for you!

You have shown yourself to be so desperate to deny the truth that you are even willing to stoop to trying to re-write statements made by your heroine Knox herself!  This is remarkable!  It does in fact undermine any comment you have ever made on this topic.

Of course, you have exposed yourself as markedly ignorant by missing the real significance of her statement in the first place.  It is not how or why she broke up with Sollecito, it is that he withdrew her alibi!  You lot have lied repeatedly on this very comment board that Sollecito did not withdraw his alibi.  Now Knox has publicly announced that he did!  You are showing yourself up left, right and centre!

Now for the whopper!  In your rancid mind it is perfectly normal and acceptable to watch animal porn! This is the most perfect example of scraping the barrel I have ever seen.  According to you, you are the kind of woman who finds the sickening abuse of helpless and vulnerable animals acceptable.  I recommend you offer yourself up as a pen pal to Jodi Arias, another of your American female sicko's, because you quite clearly share a lot in common with the twisted sector of society.  No wonder you admire the murderer Knox so avidly!

I hope you don't have children.  You are clearly unfit to be a parent, or in fact, to even maintain a decent relationship.  Nightmarishly sick people like you should be locked away.


@StacyMorgan @Ghislane100 Face it, Morgan, you are immoral trash.  

You defend a murderer purely because she is an equally immoral American, and you are so ignorant that you have to resort to the 'hate' card.  You do not have a clue about other peoples feelings so drop the pretence.

I am very glad to see the back of you.  You are filth and your daughter will no doubt take after you.  Crawl back to your windowless basement bedsit, prole.


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan 

Good God !! What on earth is going on in your sick mind that you could claim I have incestuous relationships with my three gorgeous sons :(

This is the sickest comment I have ever read. 

I really think you need to seek mental help!

 Only a true pervert would make this comment without knowing anything about the private life of someone who posts on a comment board stating that viewing porn / animal porn is not the norm for all young men.

My family are extremely close, and of course at the age of 17 and 12 year olds, we have taught our children respect and politeness, especially towards females. They have come across porn on the internet and have always told us when so we can take the appropriate actions.

It sounds that this concept is alien to you - I pity any offspring that you have. Do not try to mirror any incestuous feelings you have towards your brats on someone else !! 

By the way, there is a direct correlation with viewing porn and the way said viewers act towards women. There are numerous studies on this, but it appears you would think this behaviour is correct. 

If you have bred any brats they will probably be as ignorant as you!

You could all seek mental help together - if it works it will help rid the world of future Knox's and her animal porn loving ex lay!!

The other Knox lovers must be disgusted with your post - you are doing their 'cause' no favours what so ever. In fact, you have just shown your true perverted colours - Well Done !!


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan If you ever insinuate again that your own children watch 'kiddIE' porn or animal porn, I will report you to the Australian police.  This is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE!  This is NOT NORMAL PRACTICE outside your home.

You are a shockingly disgusting pig.


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan 

BTW - How sad are you that you also post this comment on your facebook page!!  It says more about your character  than it does mine. 

I notice you are an habitual defender of murderer's. Jodie Arias was found GUILTY of the brutal stabbing of her boyfriend yet you seem to defend her behaviour by saying he was mentally abusing her.

You are the biggest hypocrite - maybe he got his view of women by watching the porn that you defend as being normal. As I said earlier there is a direct link with violence against women and with the viewing of porn.

You are an unfit parent in saying that 12 year olds should not know about porn. I live in the real world where sadly children of their age do know about it, especially with children having their own laptops. I consider my partner and I fully responsible adults with teaching our children about the world around them and fully respecting females. They were also taught this at the superb Private School that they went to, where sex education was taught very gently and loving showing full respect for girls.

I presume your brats have been sent to your local authority 'sink' school, where the majority of girls leave school at 14 and pregnant, having no one responsible enough to teach them about sex and relationships!! 

If you think that a normal loving family is incestuous - God Help your partner (if you have one) and your feral brats !!

Your statements are obscene.

Your family should be truly ashamed of you. Why don't you show them your comment, hopefully they have morals, unlike you!! You are an absolute disgrace!!

You should talk to victims of sexual abuse and incest before you make crass comments that can take victims straight back to the nightmare of what has happened to them.

You should be banned from Internet Forums as you are a vicious disgusting excuse of a human being.


@sidepartinmartin @OtillySinclair @StacyMorgan Excellent comment and spot on with every point!

It is very clear from it's comment that Sinclair sides as a matter of course with psychopathic murderers.  This strongly suggests leftist tendencies.  It has been scientifically proven that leftists have brain abnormalities, so that would be perfectly in keeping with the gutter level moral traits shown by Sinclair.

Other traits include envy of success, wealth and an obsession with other people's money.  I note it boasts of a private school education.  Given it's grammar, that is highly unlikely.  

In reality, it is nothing more than a minimum wage, grubby maggot, with feral dirty minded brats and the morals of a sewer rat.  Your home life no doubt makes it sick with jealousy.


@OtillySinclair @Ghislane100 @StacyMorgan @sidepartinmartin 

Won't the mental institution that you obviously reside in not let you have access to a computer more than once a month?!

How sad and lonely you must be to comment on a discussion board and then state you do not read any replies that you receive. Do you think this is normal behaviour?

Go ask your wardens to tighten your straight jacket to stop you looking at your brats as sexual trophies that you desire :( You disgusting sad pervert.


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan  The imbecile called Sinclair is so retarded that it's post has completely dismissed the main point in an earlier rambling ! I believe it has deliberately left this piece out as it is such a vile remark, it now wants it hidden!!

So once again, why would IT say I have an incestuous relationship with my three sons?

Try to read through this v e r y  s l o w l y, then, being as dimwitted as you are, you might begin to understand the problems you have.

I believe another of your ramblings went on about not coming back to post here, or reading comments for a month? Now, what would that make you? Oh yes, a BIG LIAR for all to see.

Something TOUCH A NERVE for you to visit us again so quickly you moron.

My CHILDREN are another one of your obsessions about me. I happen to mention once only that they go to a Private School, which bothers the hell out of you, so much so that you continually feel the need to mention it?!  I would love to know where I have mentioned wealth. Peoples finances are none of your concern, although it does show you to be a bitter jealous old hag.

DO NOT mention my children and incest again, maybe INCEST involving your daughters is normal for you but not for the rest of us normal people with high morals.

I really do not give a damn what you think about Knox or the animal porn lover !

I do, though, find it interesting that you seem to defend many murderers. You seem to suggest that the "murdered" are somehow to blame for their own demise - how disrespectful and odd that is!

Are you already suffering dementia, if not, it must be just waiting round the corner for you!


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin 

Re Imbecile Sinclair's paragraph 1:

Yet again another mention / obsessing about my children"s school!  

You would not leap to images about someone. Strange that when you accused my sons and myself of being incestuose - you old hypocrite you!

Paragraph 2:

Your thoughts on Knox bore me. Yes I do believe she killed the lovely Meredith. We are entitled to our own opinions on this. It has nothing to do with my children, your obsession with them is getting creepy

I am a disgraceful parent because I do not believe in Knox's guilt - never heard this one before but as I mentioned earlier the old imbecile is obviously losing her marbles.

Paragraph 6: I am an immoral disgrace as apparently I support porn viewers. This is the BIGGEST BS, how someone can determine this from all my posts against porn is unbelievable. How can posters trust anything that comes from this imbeciles mouth. She has discredited herself so much that her posts now mean NOTHING to ANYONE!

Paragraph 8. I am obsessed with appearances - would love to know where I have stated this ?!

At least two more mentions about MY CHILDRENS school - this interest in three young boys is becoming more concerning.

I am a 'bogan or 'white trash' - no idea what or who these people are - maybe relatives of the moronic Sinclair.

Moronic Sinclair claims she is an expert in the field of "porn" Wonder what trashy XXXXXX Rated movies she appeared in - no wonder she thinks so highly of animal porn lovers, why she can so casually accuse some one of being incestuous with their children and is now showing an obsession with my three sons!!

Mentions my money once again - proof that I have ever mentioned my money?

Believe me, my highly intelligent sons would not read the trash dim wits like you write, especially one whom has accused them of incest :(  Your writing is of the same level as Knox's. Good job she studied "creative" writing, seeing that her recent rubbish book was totally created.

Once again, have you had the nerve to show your "incest" comment to your family yet. Really old Granny, "what does incest mean" . "It means you really old Granny has the worse potty mouth in the world" !!


@OtillySinclair @Ghislane100 @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan I expect you must find life very challenging given the fact that you clearly have an extremely low IQ, as proven by this comment, the latest in line of a series of illegible rants.

I see you are very bothered by the fact that I spend at most 5 minutes every couple of days responding to the Knox groupies on this board.  You accuse me of spending all day commenting.  This strongly suggests that you are so appallingly thick that it takes you hours to think up your reply.  I cannot say I am surprised.

Try to stay clear of assuming everyone else is as moronic as you are!  In fact, if a mere 5 minutes results in the kind of reaction I have provoked in you, it is well worth the effort.  You are clearly unable to control yourself.  If I gave a damn about you I would recommend you calm down, you seem close to bursting a blood vessel in your no doubt ugly head.

As far as my 'sad and pathetic' life is concerned, you would die with joy if you got to experience even one day of my life.  You say you live in Australia.  In that case, you will perhaps have visited Singapore.  My apartment there is on Scotts Road, a stones throw from Orchard (in fact, it takes me no more than 5 minutes to get to Ion.  It is the only apartment in the development to have its own pool, which, as it is up on the penthouse floor, makes it even more spectacular.  Of course, the fact that I spent literally SIng$ tens of thousands  having fabric wall-coverings etc has also added an extra layer of glamour.  It was a very enjoyable experience furnishing it from scratch given the wonderful shops in Singapore.  Having a townhouse in Bath, Somerset, and a canal-side house in Herengracht means I spend a lot of time looking for the right pieces. 

I know you would never be able to afford anything but you could always tease yourself and have a peek in Proof Living and Vanilla Home if you can scrape up the air fare. 

 I would imagine cattle class is quite cheap, no?  Of course, I would not know. We always travel First Class at the very minimum, and only if Suites Class is not available.  We have a sickening amount of Kris Flyer points thanks to the many trips we make from Singapore to the UK, or to Geneva etc.  My points are likely worth more than you abode.

Talking about house prices, thanks to my talent for interior design our Scotts Road penthouse has increased in value from Sing$ 12 million to Sing$ 18 million in one year.  Not bad going!  My husband is a very successful property developer so we are very used to making money this way.  Lets just say, that up mark is a drop in the ocean for us.

The trouble with you Knox groupies is that you are always so eager to throw around personal insults.  You will not get anywhere trying that on with me.  I am well aware that my finances put me in a very small bracket of people and yes, much as people with no money like to pretend having money is not important, that is patent crap.  Money is wonderful, especially when you are as good at spending it as I am.  So, you can take your insults and ram them where the sun don't shine; they are irrelevant, meaningless and as far from the truth as is possible.

We occasionally pop across to Sydney because my beautiful daughter likes shopping in the little designer boutiques in WIlliam Street.  I am glad to say, we meet no-one resembling you.  Spending money like we do, and doling out tips like we do, tends to ensure that you are treated very well, but even so, you are surely only representative of the very worst kind of Australian.

Being intelligent, I like to gather as much information as I can on the retards that support Knox.  It only takes two minutes to look at Facebook etc and it is well worth the laugh that it gives me.  You lot are class free across the board.

So, you carry on posting your filth. It impacts not on me.  I am in the enviable position of doing what I want to do, when I want to do it.  If I want to spend 8 weeks at the very lovely Amanusa, Bali, then I will and I have.  Bless them, they are so obliging they will even order in any European foods we want!  In our position, we are used to this level of service.  

I will keep my Savoir beds, my sofas that cost more than the average car, my collection of Chaumet and Bulgari jewellery and watches, my fabulous wardrobe stuffed to the brim with Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Dries Van Noten etc, etc.  I will continue eating daily in the very best restaurants in the world, and I will continue spending more time than is the norm with my fabulous family.  

We pay people like you to keep our pool clean.


@Ghislane100 @OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan 

What a charmed life you and your family lead :)

Thank goodness that there are many people that do not have such communistic views as the old wretch Sinclair! She is shameless in her jealousy of wealth or a nice life. People who are happy with their own lot do not bleat on as much as she does about a strangers finances. 

You are obviously a high achiever and good for you. I believe that all success is truly encouraged in Singapore - what a great attitude :) The world would be far happier if people were encouraged through out their life.

The old wretch has very warped views. It appears to spend the majority of it's time on the internet defending sexual deviant murderers. Also believing some victims have helped cause their own downfall !!

Fair dinkum you old moronic nutter - hope the straight jacket is tight enough :) 


@sidepartinmartin @Ghislane100 @OtillySinclair @StacyMorgan I hope the strait jacket is so damned tight, it chokes her wretched old carcass!

Many thanks for the kind words!  You are very correct in your summarisation.  In life,  the only people we encounter that have a problem with wealth, are those bitter envious leftist types.  Just like the pensioner Sinclair.

How hilarious that she is so old!  Odds are, the pensioner not home she lives in occasionally lets her have access to their computer on the days she has failed to sh*t herself.  Her carers should make sure to keep her in nappies around the clock!

Can you imagine?  No money, no looks, no talent and ignorant to boot!  On top of that, she is a mentally deranged animal porn and kiddie porn loving pervert!  

I feel a mass of pity for those Australians that have to associate with the vile pig.

Anyone who openly sides with a whole host of vile murderers is nothing other than pure scum.

Thankfully, we have lives that are extremely comfortable and privileged, you and I.  Our chances of ever having to meet someone like this old fool are non-existant.  May the hideous OLD hag rot!


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan 

BTW - You sad old pig, according to your rant above, you seem to think it is funny to have touched a nerve about incest and sexual abuse - a great big LOL to you !!

Once again you have proved yourself to be a moronic and obscene old thing.

There is no way you were a so called "academic" - you are too morally corrupt to have kept a job working with normal people. Your weirdness would stick out like a sore thumb, just as the deviant Knox's does. Your obsession with Knox makes me think that she is a far younger version of yourself!

One of my favourite sayings is "You can't argue with stupid". The author had you in mind whilst writing this.

Cheers :)


@OtillySinclair @Ghislane100 @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan I see someone has lent you a dictionary and you are now attempting to use some big words.  Good for you!

You are a very thick and very idiotic old hag with nothing to say.  You are the result of a poor education, an under-par IQ, no talent and no money. 

Your refer to your offspring as 'children'.  The youngest one is at least 30!  That alone makes you a retarded moron!


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin Normal children do normal things, they do not go on to sites about murder full stop.  That you imagine children carefully reading your posts and actually taking your garbage on board speaks wonders of your twisted personality.  You are a cretin!

You can attempt to criticise sidepartinmartin all day long as far as I am concerned, you will not get anywhere.  Every comment you make is a worthless lie driven by bitter envy.

Her life is in every way superior to yours; not only doe she enjoy the benefits of a very healthy bank balance, which some would consider sickeningly healthy, she also has an IQ which puts yours to shame and she is talented in her area of expertise.  You are a paltry worthless piece of crap and every word you utter is irrelevant.

You obviously know all about white trash because of your gutter level ancestry.  That you give it capital letters indicates you speak of your bottom rung status with pride; good for you!  Add to that the fact that you admit to being an expert in porn and clearly you really are as common as muck.  

How pathetic that you think you can judge others from the bottom rung you inhabit.  Your comments do nothing more than prove how eaten up with jealousy you are, and indeed, you have a lot to be jealous about.  Sidepartinmartin's children, and she is entitled to call hers this because they are not over 30 you pathetic cretin, are intelligent, loving, well behaved, kind, friendly, talented, nice natured, humorous, very popular and beautiful.  In fact, they are perfect.  They stand out because they are so wonderful.  They are the polar opposite of any child you will ever have encountered given your disgusting background and your disgusting character.

You are also abnormal.  You boast of forcibly discussing porn with children!  There is a big difference between enlightening children in a healthy way of the world they live in without ramming a whole ton of ugly down their throats.  I hope you are not indicative of all lower class Australians because, if so, your children will be growing up sick in the head and you will have played a big part in that.

The wonderful thing is that no punishment would ever be greater to my mind than the life you already lead, so you carry on grinning and bearing it, maggot, you deserve every second.

Don't worry though, sidepartin and I will raise a glass to you on the day we celebrate Knox and Sollecitos life term sentences in the ever gorgeous George Cinq, and we will laugh and laugh.  If that makes us sound rather superior, rest assured, we are.


@Ghislane100 @StacyMorgan @sidepartinmartin 

You have summed up SM far better than I ever could. I just hope that natural selection has run its course and left her unable to reproduce.

I know this seems harsh but just imagine being the child of someone who believes that animal porn is normal amongst all young students. This type of attitude can not nurture a normal youngster.

 No wonder that someone with this type of attitude thinks that Knox's behaviour in the light of the violent murder of her 'good' friend Meredith was normal. The majority of people were sickened seeing her and her weirdo boyfriend kissing and smooching outside the murder scene    truly stomach churning. 

Normal people would have a sense of respect and act accordingly. Much the same as any normal mother would not find it normal or acceptable that her son views animal porn or is obsessed with sex :(


@StacyMorgan @sidepartinmartin 


What a sweeping statement! I am truly shocked that you think it is 'normal' for students to view animal porn and for young men to also be 'completely obsessed with sex :(  

I have three sons, 17y old and 12y old twins, and although we are an open minded family, they would never view animal porn. In fact they think it is as perverse as liking children. Thank goodness I have three normal and respectful children. My 17 y old is a student in journalism and I can assure you that he and his friends are not obsessed with either animal porn or sex!!

It does make you wonder about the upbringing of animal porn loving and sex obsessed college boys - totally 'normal' behaviour according to StacyMorgan. If this is indeed true I would prefer my boys to be 'abnormal' in the mind of someone like SM !!


@sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan StacyMorgan is a very sick person indeed.  It cannot be common that a female defend animal porn.  This, on top of her defence of two torture/murderers, shows her to be abnormal.  

Lets hope she doesn't have children!  God help them if she does, they don't stand a chance of being normal with her for a parent.


@StacyMorgan @Ghislane100 @sidepartinmartin 

Why try and backtrack what you said earlier - in your mind viewing animal porn and being obsessed with sex is apparently normal in young students. There is no point in you denying what you said - it is clear and in print for us all to see. All you do by accusing Ghislane of being sick and nasty minded is proving yourself to be an even bigger liar with perverse morals. 

You must realise that you have put your foot in it big time and are now stating that you will not post here anymore - I am not surprised - your shame and lies are open for all to see. You then even have the bare faced cheek to blame your sick morals on someone else.

I hope to God that your daughter does not have your's or Knox's rock bottom morals, although in your warped view I am sure you would be really proud if she turned out like physco Knox !!


@sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan @Ghislane100 Excellent comment, sidepartinmartin!

It is a sad fact that Americans are getting a very bad name thanks to people like Morgan!  If she is representative of the average American parent, God help them!  

It is very apparent that Knox supporters are vicious in their defence of her, oftentimes introducing personal insult in replacement of their lack of sound argument.  For instance, this board is full of claims that Sollecito did not withdraw his alibi for Knox.  Now, even Knox herself has admitted such!  Her supporters have been extremely loud about this point and now they are left looking like the pack of liars that they are.  After all, if they have been so embarrassingly proven wrong on this point, imagine how many other points they cling to are lies?  

The bloodied footprint on the bathmat that they say belongs to Guede is nothing more than a digitally altered version of the original!  The original has obviously been forensically tested and it proves with flying colours that it belongs to Sollecito.  This evidence is so sound that it would stand up world wide!  

If the evidence against Knox and Sollecito were to be tested in the States, the Americans would have to conclude that they are guilty also.  Knox has gained herself a pack of feral fans, lowdown and class free morons who spout out filth and lies.  The new trial is going to bring pain and misery to every single one of them and each and every one of them fully deserves it!

The Stacy Morgon types, common and disgusting to the core, will have to content themselves with losing.  Given the extra time she will have on her hands, she will be able to dedicate herself full time to trying to correct her parenting to date.  After all, like you say, how can her daughter be anything other than a tramp given her mother's appalling morals?  The sick cow is in the gutter!


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan I see you claim to have experienced morning sickness 3 times.  If each of these occasions resulted in birth, and you made the poor decision to not give the baby up for adoption, that means there are currently three children exposed to you and your sickness.

'sidepartinmartin' has never claimed to have discussed porn with her sons.  To the contrary, you are just fond of putting words into other people's mouths in order to paint them in a vile way.  It is clear for everyone to see that you are a very twisted and foul person!

To suggest that parents who encourage their children to be open and honest about porn are 'incestuous' is beyond unnatural.  Normal people do not make accusations like this!  Knox groupies are known for being rabid head-cases but even they do not sink to this level on the whole!  Indeed, I cannot see you getting much support for your disgusting views even amongst them!

In reality, any parent worth their salt brings up the subject of porn with their children because it is easily available on-line, and most children have laptops these days, or access to a computer.  

Unlike you, 'sidepartinmartin' obviously has a nice, open, honest, trusting relationship with her children.  Unlike yours, her sons are not fixated on porn.  Given your hands off approach, your brats no doubt enjoy animal porn, just like your hero Sollecito!  

You can only base your opinions on the relationship you have with your brats.  I know you are jealous of normal families, but you will not get anywhere trying desperately to impose your sickening attitude, and your disgusting family values (or lack of) on other families.

I not only pity your brats because they don't stand a dog's chance of being normal thanks to you, but I pity anyone around you.  You are a filthy inhuman pig who is obviously beyond help.


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan 

BTW You are the only person on this thread to ever mention "kiddie porn" - obviously your brats must view this with your approval for you to mention this in the first place with no critisism of its existence. 

You go get some HELP - your brats will be the better for it,  they will probably be removed from the scum hole that you live in!


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin @StacyMorgan Touched a nerve?  How bloody hilarious!  A lowdown nobody like you isn't capable of making any impact whatsoever!

If you want to touch a nerve I would suggest you try brushing your gums before you wedge your false teeth back into your disgusting rotten gob.  The inside of your mouth no doubt resembles that of an alsatian with rabies.  


@OtillySinclair @Ghislane100 @StacyMorgan @sidepartinmartin 

I have just noticed this posting.

Another vile personal rant from it. Not only does it know nothing about the personal lives of forum posters,  it also insults people with mental issues by suggesting someone needs medication! By this I am not implying Ghislane has any issues

In fact, it should be on medication itself, believing that porn / kiddie porn and animal porn is normal viewing for young men :( Also suggesting that it's brats are free to watch it themselves. 

It is a liar, it will come back to this thread and read recent posts, although it deny's this. It surely wants a reaction as it has already posted its " incestuous " comments on facebook. 

It proves it is after attention - obviously single in real life and such a weirdo it gets paid no attention at all!

Another hypocritical post, it must check this discussion daily.

Although it denies reading Ghislanes posts, this is so obviously a lie, otherwise this comment would not be aimed at this poster.

It is a sick, jealous individual who obviously dislikes people who have a far superior life than they do!!

Good luck with your poverty driven life and carry on fantasising about a life that you or your brats will never have!


@OtillySinclair @sidepartinmartin 

Hey Sinclair, you aged and gnarled old moron -  something has touched a nerve - lol !!

You have once again proved what a BIG LIAR you are, you are so obviously reading replies that you earlier said you would never read.

Straight back at you - I have not bothered reading your rants and lies, but I can 100 percent bet there are many more mentions about my children and / or their schools. For some odd reason this seems to bother you more than anything else :(  Such a sad and jealous reaction.

Ask your brats to tighten your straight jacket and wheel you back to the local loony bin. If you are a good girl they may let you use the computer again next week.

Ta Ra you moronic peodo :)


@sidepartinmartin @OtillySinclair Hello there Side Partin!  Isn't this the best fun ever, winding up little miss minimum wage!

Imagine the big thumping veins in the side of it's repulsive head right now!  They must be fit to explode!

Old Sinclair is so obviously envious!  It appears it must have a real problem with it's lot in life, although I do concede, it has a point on this one.  I would HATE to spend as much as one second in it's shoes. Imagine what those shoes must be like; hand me downs no doubt, or those plastic crocodile things that the poor like wearing.

Bloody hilarious!

I know it is not polite to rub people's noses in their position when your own is so vastly better, but Sinclair is so low down and vile she deserves it!