In Caracas, Tensions Simmer over Venezuelan Election

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In the immediate aftermath of Venezuela’s tightly contested presidential election this past Sunday, supporters of Venezuela opposition leader Henrique Capriles demanded a recount after a slim electoral defeat to Nicolas Maduro, the anointed heir of the late Hugo Chavez. Protests raged in Caracas and elsewhere. Though they subsided in subsequent days amid calls from both camps for peace, tensions remain high.

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luisanasuegart 2 Like

While I am glad that TIME is bringing attention to the situation in Venezuela, these images do not come close to portraying the reality that is Venezuela right now. The streets are plagued with Chavistas and Maduro supporters riding around in motorcycles with guns, not only chasing and terrorizing unarmed, peaceful protestors, but they are shooting at them, and laughing as they do. Where are those images? Where are the images of old people running from tear gas. Where are the images of CHILDREN, I'm talking 6 to 8-year-olds holding machine guns in their red Chavista shirts? Here is one: Where is the picture of the engineering student lying on the ground with gunshot wounds on his legs? Thanks to social media, I have seen video after video and image after image of university students, parents, grandparents -- normal citizens -- bleeding from their faces after having rocks thrown at them or being hit with guns. It's more than just tension that is going on in Venezuela, it is inhumane, unjust violence. The opposition, which already bears a name that suggests conflict, is asking for their right to vote to be recognized. Peacefully. They are NOT running around shirtless and starting fires and causing civil unrest. They want a recount. That is all. In return, these hooligans are sent by the government to instigate violence, start fires, and KILL people who are defending their right to a fair election. The images in this slideshow barely touch the surface of the situation. Now more than ever the world needs to see and understand the whole truth. Venezuela, the real Venezuela that was built on democracy, NEEDS the support of other countries, and it begins with people understanding the reality of these "simmering tensions," which are really past simmering and at a critical point. They have long boiled over. I am a 26-year-old young professional who was born in Venezuela, and although I have been in the U.S. for 22 years, my heart aches for my family and friends living in such a state of uncertainty and terror. Regardless, they put themselves at risk with their heads held high in pursuit of a better life, the way of life they remember from 14 years ago. This makes me very proud of where I come from, and it's why I will do what I can, even if it's leaving this comment as an extension to the content above. A grain of sand. Thank you, TIME, for at least putting Venezuela on the radar for some of your readers, and giving me the opportunity as an informed reader to add to it.


@luisanasuegartThat is the most distorced view of what is going on in Venezuela i've ever seen. It's realy funny how this des-information shows not even a half of the truth.

Maduro won the election legitmately with international observators including E.U, UNASUR and non-government agencys, even yours former president Jimmi Carter pronounced that the venezuelans electoral system is one of "the best in the world". But of cours the U.S does not reconize an result that put venezuelans people intrests in front of yours imperialist desire, that is expect too much from uncle sam!

Now you say that the government is instigating the violence?? Please go home sit a little more in fornt of your pc and look for new sorces because you're beeing manipulated, i'm sorry..

For your information the one who is instigating violence is CAPRILES. EIGHT  GOVERNMENT SUPPORTERS WERE MURDERED in Zulia, Táchira and Caracas by the  "peaceful protestors", like you prefer to call, in that states, and in many others, occurred a several attacks on units of social programs like Pdval, CDI and Mercal who offer to the citizens free health care and food in a lower price. Most killings occurred when people tried to defend those units, and one were burned alive, that you didn't seen, did you?There hasn't one case of assassination on the opposition side.

I lived 6 years in venezuela and i never seen such a violent opposition neither a midia so well agreed with the interest of ours imperialist neighbour.


@DaniloVinhote @luisanasuegart Danilo you're a clown and a liar. The government has all the resources and willingness necessary to imprison and falsely accuse whoever they want, and you have all the biased sources to refuse Luisana's and my claims. Good for you, but the world is finally starting to know better- Thank God. Venezuela has become a more dangerous and more expensive place for everyone, and for those depending on Mercal it has become a place where the poor cannot even aspire to buy from the regular marketplace, they are forced into massive lines and shortages and given less choices on what to eat, who to vote for, what to wear, where to work. The campaigns before the election and hours of hateful rants "en cadena" after just exemplify the immediate use of disproportionate power... but no, it's the opposition that is an imperialist power. Wake up and realize that totalitarianism is no different than your hated American imperialism, and Capriles represents neither.


This is exactly what I came to say after I saw the pictures, there is definitely pictures and videos which are not being shown, which need to be addressed to the rest of the world.