Bangladesh’s Worst Industrial Accident: Scenes From a Terrifying Tragedy

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An eight-story block housing factories and a shopping center on the outskirts of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka collapsed on April 24, killing at least 1,000 people.

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It's freakin' Bangladesh. Not enough people died to clear out the massive overdrive of people there as far as I'm concerned. 


I would choose Bangladesh's clothes than China's. It is sad to know that these things are only noticed when some accidents happen. Why can't they do something to improve the lives of the workers. I read Vivek Sood’s book The 5-Star Business Networks wherein he mentioned that innovation is important for business and also the different strategies the company will present. But I think it misses the point that EMPLOYEES are also important in a business. Employers should take care of their people.


mostly  Bangladeshi journalist is betrayer. “The media will make someone at hero today, someday will make up same people at zero”.It’s apparent that, most of journalists are poor in the non-developing country. They have a way to earning is just making amazing news. So that they have choice to compose such news what has interested in people too much. But journalists also must have to attend of ruling party leaders at first. Probably poor journalists can lose them job because of party leaders And terrorist attack too.


Despite Rangers and police operation in Karachi, violence continued in the metropolis, claiming three lives on Wednesday.Police said a tortured body was found from Gulshan-e-Sikandar in Kemari Town and another from Phool Chowk in Kharadar area. The deceased were not identified. Rescue sources said a man was gunned down in Baldia Town No.7 area.Six shops and one car were torched as two groups clashed over a land dispute near Old Sabzi Mandi on Wednesday morning.Reports said that following the clash the angry demonstrators torched six shops and one car, while the firing, arson and stoning continued for sometime.
Police said that the two land mafia groups over a dispute on a piece of land came clashing violently and later it turned into a free for all, as the baton wielding demonstrators opened fire, broke shutters of scores of shops, looted and torched them.
Following the incident, police have taken several miscreants into custody and strong contingents of police and Rangers started patrolling the area.



Progressive parties being made targets of terrorism: Altaf 

KARACHI: Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Chief Mr Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned the killings of the ANP candidate for NA-254 Sadiq Zaman Khattak and his son Shahid Khattak.

According to the statement released from London, Altaf Hussain said that the victims were coming out of a mosque with his son after offering the Friday prayer when they were targeted by the terrorists, which he said clearly demonstrates that the terrorist using the name of Islam had, in fact, nothing to do with Islam and were far removed from humanity.

The MQM chief said that progressive and moderate political parties were being made targets of terrorism, and it appeared that terrorists had been given free rein to carry out bomb blasts.

He called on the caretaker government that the killers of Sadiq Zaman and his son should be brought swiftly to justice.

Altaf extended sympathies to the ANP leader and workers on the tragic incident and prayed Almighty Allah to rest the departed souls in eternal day all,Progressive parties being made targets of terrorism:in karachi urdu people shidhi pakhtoon balochi people killing in pakistan pml-n polacy note pml-n anti smale porvince  people he thinks servents ??????????


wings of parties to be eliminated: Nawaz?he is ANTI MUHAJER PEOPLE
NOT VOTE CAST PML-N ?KARACHI: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif expressed his
resolve to eliminate the militant wings of all the political parties in
the country after coming to power.

The PML-N chief
made this commitment on Thursday while talking to newsmen at the Jinnah
Terminal here and said the PML-N would revive the life and prosperity of
Karachi and restore the status of this mega city as the city of lights.

He declared that there was no militant wing of any political party in
the Punjab and the election campaign was going on peacefully in the
province without any disturbance.

“Everybody is
disturbed due to the situation in Karachi. Extortionists are moving
freely and businessmen are being kidnapped for ransom,”with Lahore
through motorways. He claimed he truly loved Karachi and wanted the city
to return to its normal life like the past.

advised the PPP leadership not to mislead the masses and tell the nation
about what they had done for the country with their performance over
the past five years.

The PML-N leader claimed that
those labelling him as ‘Taliban prime minister’ had done nothing for the
country and the people would reject them in the upcoming elections.

He also rejected the allegations of Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan,
claiming the PML-N would win 171 National Assembly seats in the country
if the PTI could manage 100 seats. “The ratio of my party will be double
than any other party in the elections,” he said. “People want change,”
he raised a slogan.

The PML-N leader avoided
commenting on the statement of Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
on democracy and elections, saying he also held the same sentiments.
Nawaz later left for Thatta to address the public meeting of his party
candidates. This was the fourth visit of the PML-N chief to Sindh for
the election campaign.

Dr Mumtaz Uqaili adds from
Thatta: Nawaz Sharif announced to construct Ketibundar port if his party
voted to power to form the government.

This he
stated while addressing a large public gathering at Naka Ground.He said
that there had been no development in Thatta since he was ousted from
the government.

He said that his government
conducted nuclear explosions, constructed motorway, improved Karachi
port, initiated Gwadar port and introduced employment opportunities for
jobless people.

He said that his government would
steer the country out of the present crises and chaos left by the PPP
government. He said that the PPP government had only given hunger,
unemployment, lawlessness and corruption to the masses. He added that he
would establish a bank to provide easy loans to people to improve their
economic standard and eliminate poverty.

He promised establishment of educational institutions and universities to enhance the educational standard of the local people.

He criticised the PPP government for failing to rehabilitate the people
affected by heavy rains and flood in Thatta district. On the demand of
PML-N candidate from NA-237 (Thatta-1) Marvi Memon, he announced
electrification and sui gas supply to needy villages of Thatta district.

He announced widening of Thatta to Hyderabad National Highway at par
with the present Karachi to Hyderabad Super Highway. He said that Thatta
was on the top of list of those districts which would be given
preference in development schemes.

Online adds:
Nawaz Sharif said that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) should
apologise from the nation because the looting group did nothing for the
masses during their regime in last five years.

Former prime minister said that he did not think the PPP would get votes
in the elections.Sharif said if voted to power‚ his party would bring
the country out of existing crises.


The Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Quaid, Altaf Hussain, said on
Thursday that the political leaders supporting terrorism wanted to
impose their own interpretation of the Sharia in the country in order to
become Amirul Momineen.

In the coming elections, the
battle would be fought between liberal and progressive political parties
against the parties supporting religious extremism. He asserted that
the descendents of the founders of Pakistan needed no certificate of
patriotism from those who were working against Pakistan.

expressed these views while talking to a gathering of the Elders Wing
of the MQM at the Lal Qila Ground. Hussain said that people who had
taken an active part in the Pakistan movement or had attended public
meetings at that time were also present at the Lal Qila Ground. These
elderly people saw Pakistan emerging on the map of the world with their
own eyes, he said, adding they witnessed the slaughter of two million
Muslims during the struggle for creation of Pakistan, but they persisted
in raising the slogan for Pakistan.

”Our forefathers
crossed a sea of fire and blood for achieving Pakistan, but it is ironic
that those who had opposed the creation of Pakistan are teaching us
about patriotism. Those who betrayed the freedom fighters to the British
in return for land and who remained loyal to the British are teaching
us patriotism,” he said.

Hussain categorically denied
existence of any militant wing in the MQM. “A leader (Nawaz Sharif) has
said today in Karachi that he would end militant wings of political
parties in Karachi after coming into power. If the militant wings are in
Karachi, why lethal bullets of Kalashnikovs are fired in the Punjab,”
he said.

There is no militant wing in the MQM, but it has
wings of brave, determined and indomitable workers, including the
elderly, women and young people, he said. Hussain said the day the MQM
government comes into power, it will take over palaces in Raiwind and
convert them into schools, colleges and health centres.

asserted that the MQM is the only political party in the country that
is working for empowering people of the poor and middle-class segments
of the society. The MQM is not only representing them in the corridors
of power but also struggling for their rights, he said.

knows the elements behind ongoing bomb attacks and slaying of personnel
of armed forces and the parties that support these terrorists, he said.
The leaders condoning the terrorism of these elements never uttered a
word that they would wipe out the terrorists behind bomb attacks on
mosques, imambargahs, shrines, schools, and slaying of innocent people
and personnel of armed forces, he said.

”We are the
followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who did not spread the religion by
the sword. He preached the teachings of Islam gently and softly and with
arguments. It is our belief that the elements wanting to enforce their
narrow interpretation of Islam could not be true followers of the
religion,” he said.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to
forgive even the worst enemies of Islam. He termed the heinous custom of
burying alive of the female children as great sin and called it
barbarism. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) enjoined upon men and women to
acquire knowledge, but the terrorists were bombing girls’ schools in the
name of Islam and lashing women in public, he said.

said that the terrorists wanted to confine the women to homes and take
away their basic rights. He asked the audience if they would like to
stop their women from getting education, driving or going out of homes.

liberal and progressive forces in the country have firmly decided that
they would not throw their women to the mercy of barbaric terrorists, he
said. They have decided that they would foil any such conspiracy with
their democratic, constitutional and legal struggle, he said.

said that attempts were being made to obstruct the path of liberal and
moderate parties by carrying out bomb blasts. “But we would not
surrender before these terrorists. We do not want to fight anyone. We
believe in sectarian and religious harmony, and we respect all sects,
schools of thought and religion. We do not want to give fatwas of
infidelity against others,” he said.

He said that the
election campaign was being run in the Punjab only and while parties in
the remaining three provinces were not being allowed to run their
campaign freely.Hussain hailed the statement of General Ashfaq Pervez
Kayani once again and said that the MQM was with the armed forces
against the terrorists carrying out bomb attacks.

saluted the workers of the MQM on continuing the election campaign
courageously in the face of terrorism, bomb attacks, targeted killings,
and other hardships. He asked everyone to bury their differences and get
united as the movement was once again passing through a difficult time.

Meanwhile, in a hard-hitting statement condemning the
bomb blast occurred at MQM Burnes Road Sector and Haq Parast election
office, Hussain said no matter how many attacks are carried out by
terrorists, they would not back off. He said that terrorists stocks of
bombs and explosive material will exhaust, but his party’s spirits will
remain high and “we will face all the challenges boldly and


hundreds innocent dead it's nothing but a stupid ruling party politician dead it's something to PM of the Bangladesh  the world's most fool prime minister is in the Bangladesh i think it.


Life for Bangladeshi's is hard as it is, treated like slaves in Middle East, even worse in their own country. Each life lost represent a family of probably 10, who depend on that person to feed them. Corrupt politicians and greedy immoral business people with no morals, ethics or integrity make a very bad incestuous governorship. Its is a tragedy that such a rich country in terms of resources natural and human is run by the worst kind.  


Bangladesh is poor, that does not mean lives are cheap and can be ignored. The authorities concerned ought to ensure that building regulations are adequately and properly observed to save precious lives.