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Media freedom is declining in Bulgaria, China leads the world in cyber espionage and public confidence in the European Union has fallen to a record low in its six biggest countries

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin, right, and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu attend a meeting of senior military officials in Moscow on Feb. 27, 2013

Russia Human Rights – President Vladimir Putin is overseeing the worst era for human rights in Russia since the Soviet era, according to two new reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW), reports the Daily Telegraph. Putin, who began a second term as president almost a year ago, is accused of bringing in new laws to stifle criticism of his regime and adapting existing laws to silence dissent – policies HRW describe as “a crackdown on civil society unprecedented in the country’s post-Soviet history.” Putin has also brought in a new law which compels any organization that receives funding from abroad to describe themselves as “foreign agents” if they are considered to be involved in undefined “political activities.” Amnesty, whose Moscow office was inspected by prosecutors and tax inspectors last month, described this as “deliberately reminiscent of the Cold War,” writes the Telegraph.

Cyber Espionage — A new report reveals that China leads the world when it comes to cyber espionage, reports VOA News. According to the “2013 Data Breach Investigations Report” by Verizon, a major U.S. telecom company, 96% of computer espionage cases targeting intellectual property and business trade secrets were caused by “threat actors in China,” while the other 4% were unknown. Security experts have cautioned against drawing conclusions that the Chinese government is behind the cyber attacks originating from the country.

Bulgarian Media — The Economist notes that media freedom in Bulgaria is worsening as journalists reportedly come up against intimidation and pressure to serve the interests of political parties and various economic groups. Financial troubles and lack of transparency in media ownership also hinder greater media freedom. The Eastern European country now ranks 87th in the Reporters Without Borders’ annual Press Freedom Index, down from 35th in 2006.

Poverty in Paraguay — Export commodities like soybeans and corns generate large profits for Paraguay, but much of the country’s 6.5 million people remain left behind, reports the New York Times. Paraguay’s agriculture-driven growth fails to create enough jobs for the population, more than 30% of whom live in poverty. The commodities boom is highlighting inequality that is entrenched in Latin America’s poorest, landlocked country. Most of the arable land is controlled by 1% of the nation’s landowners and spending on social development is minimal because the government lacks tax revenues.

Confidence in the E.U. – Public confidence in the European Union has fallen to a record low in its six biggest countries, reports the Guardian. The E.U.’s polling organization surveyed people in Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, and Poland. The results, which suggest a huge drop in trust in the E.U. as an institution, raise questions about the union’s democratic legitimacy, which is three years into its worst ever financial crisis, writes the Guardian. The most dramatic decrease in trust in the E.U. has occurred in Spain, where the banking and housing market collapse, eurozone bailout and soaring unemployment have combined to produce 72% “tending not to trust” the E.U., with only 20% “tending to trust.”

Angry Teachers – Teachers in Mexico’s south-western Guerrero state have attacked the offices of political parties in the state capital in protest at the country’s education reforms, reports the BBC. The rampaging teachers, who are thought to have been joined by recently-formed civilian self-defense groups, are part of Mexico’s radical teachers’ union, the National Co-ordinator of Education Workers. The reforms they are protesting against impose centralized teacher assessment and seek to end corrupt practices in the education system. But unions said they could lead to significant lay-offs and may, according to critics, be paving the way for the privatization of Mexico’s education system, writes the BBC.


Вашингтон, Лондон и Брюссель решили нанести удар по президенту России Владимиру Путину.

Араик Саргсян, академик, Почетный Консул Македонии в Армении, Президент Академии Геополитики.
Для чего была затеяна эта большая геополитическая игра с Украиной, в которую оказались втянуты кроме России и США ведущие страны Европы? Главное заблуждение заокеанских политологов и сотрудников ЦРУ было в том, что они подошли к российской элите с мерками 90-х годов прошлого века. То есть, рассуждали примерно таким образом: лишив олигархов В.В.Путина и его самого источника существования, мы не только испугаем президента России, но и заставим его делать то, что необходимо стратегам Вашингтона и Лондона.Вашингтон, Лондон и Брюссель решили нанести удар по президенту Российской Федерации В.В.Путину и его ближайшему окружению.
Неужели они занервничали из – за присоединения Крыма к России? Нет, их ненависть направлена на того, кто рискнул сделать нашу страну сильнее и богаче, ведь кроме геополитического значения Крыма, огромный вес имеет и воссоединение русского народа. ..


Arayik Sargsyan: Chernomyrdin promised the post of president in exchange for the defeat of Serbia: Armenian expert 

Russia has not provided assistance to Serbia during the 1999 war, since the contract was made between Viktor Chernomyrdin and the then U.S. Vice President Albert Gore. Told a press conference on July 27, said member of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems Araik Sarkisian. “Chernomyrdin, who was then Prime Minister of Russia, promised to return as president, if he sold all the points of agreement”, - he said. Under the agreement, the expert said the Russian side was not to provide assistance to Serbia and to supply defense systems S-300, which, naturally, led to its defeat in the war, and Serbia was forced to give up Kosovo. 
This agreement, according to Sarkisian, developed the then Deputy Foreign Minister Georgy Mamedov. “When countries confidence in its foreign policy to individuals, and its policy towards other countries is much more dangerous. I want to Armenian politicians have been more prudent and did not make any hasty steps. The question is, why now, under the dictation of the United States of the Hague court found Kosovo’s independence. But the fact is that the U.S. is interested in maintaining the military-political tension and activity in the territory of Macedonia, to Korea, “- the analyst believes. He pointed to the fact that Kosovo is a transit country for drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe, and in Pristina that serves the largest U.S. base, which holds the key to the entire region. Sarkisian believes that Russia also does nothelp Armenia in the solution of the Karabakh problem, because the republic is fully under the authority of Washington: “The U.S. is literally ruled by Armenia and Russia related to this incident with jealousy, and said that to solve the problem only after the U.S. from it will refuse. ”


President Obama became the main opposition in Russia. Strange that Vekselberg, Avenue, Alekperov, Sechin, Prokhorov came under sanctions. Arayik Sargsyan, academician, President of the Geopolitical Academy, Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia.


«Russian Spring" came to the Crimea: war or peace . Arayik Sargsyan , Academician, President of the Academy of Geopolitics , Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia. May 22, 1949 James Forrestal, the first (by then former) U.S. Secretary of Defense, while in a psychiatric hospital, committed suicide by jumping fr om the window . During the illness, according to the common story, he raved, repeating the words: "The Russians are coming". March 16, 2014 a referendum in the Crimea on the status of an autonomous republic whose citizens express their opinion on whether the subject of the Russian Federation Crimea or remain part of Ukraine with broad powers. This will be a referendum for the citizens of Ukraine litmus test of the new government, which has already been set in terms of chess zughzwang , wh ere any statement in Kiev only worsen his situation . It is clear that the new government of the victorious revolution fear the collapse of the country to pieces, some of which will go immediately under the protectorate of the EU , Russia and others . But why Ukraine should break up into its constituent parts ,


EU provokes civil war in Ukraine.

Arayik Sargsyan , Academician, President of the Academy of Geopolitics , Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia. According to media reports on the Ukrainian revolution , the U.S. government has allocated $ 3.4 billion through USAID listed in Kiev and Lviv. If you add the cost of Germany, Poland , France, the UK and Sweden , the amount to revolution easily overstep the mark of $ 5 billion. Many are active three months of protest actions , as are leaders Evromaydana V.Klichko , A.Yatsenyuk and O.Tyagnibok and opposition fighters who have made a small business during seasonal outage . In the big geopolitical game started strategists in London and Washington main goal - Russian and Crimean Tatars in the event of hostilities will only bargaining chip , cannon fodder Turkey and NATO. Probably soon lead the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers of the West and hirelings hold shift operation Yanukovich and holding new presidential elections , which would be provided to one of the opposition leaders. Such a turn finally split Ukraine apart, but this is what the henchmen seek EU and the U.S. , whose money is now actively involved in the Ukrainian revolution. In this rather strange that voices can not be heard to release Tymoshenko . It would seem that the slogan "Freedom to Yulia! " Should be raised at the barricades of Kiev from the first days of confrontation. But no, it did not happen . Why ? Because Tymoshenko is a huge political counterweight Schuler Klitschko - Yatsenyuk - Tyahnibok that do not represent anything. Leaving today Tymoshenko to freedom , the revolution would have taken an entirely different scenario , where the presidential - parliamentary form of government changed to a parliamentary and regions would get more freedom in economic development than it is today . But as luck would Viktor Yanukovych Tymoshenko keeps under lock and key , not letting it change the course of history, and it is very strange. The fact that the President of Ukraine in the near future will be forced to leave his post , apparently for many obvious to him. Therefore, Viktor Yanukovych as often and effectively consult with representatives of the EU , which rudely pulls U.S. Deputy Secretary V.Nulland . Has the right !


Where's Tibet? Tibet Is a Major Global Issue

Two Kirti Monastery monks just self-immolated yesterday, Apr 24, bringing the self-immolation count to 117 inside Tibet, not including Tibetan self-immolations in India, Nepal and mainland China. ( link)

Tibetans demand release of the kidnapped 11th Panchen Lama, who turns 24 today, April 25. He was kidnapped by the Chinese government in 1995 at age 6, together with his parents, immediately following the recognition of his reincarnation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. ( link)

Severe Repression in Tibet, says U.S. Human Rights Report ( link)

More Tibet News:

Sydney University agreed to host, canceled, then reinstated His Holiness the Dalai Lama's upcoming June talk, "Education Matters," in a decision that upholds Tibetan human rights and peace in the region. ( link)

21 U.S. senators signed a letter to John Kerry urging him to raise Tibet in Beijing last week. Students for a Free Tibet sources in Washington reported that Kerry had robust discussions on Tibet during his recent visit to Beijing.

French President Hollande goes to Beijing next week. Please take a minute now to sign a petition urging President Hollande to publicly raise the Tibet crisis with the new Chinese leadership.