The 5 Places in Hong Kong Snowden Should Hide In

As Prism leaker Edward Snowden has discovered to his cost, a well-known Hong Kong hotel like the Mira is no place to go to ground. So where would a young white American whistle-blower really go in this city, if he wanted to avoid detection? Edward, if you’re reading this, use the local knowledge of TIME’s Hong Kong office and hunker down in one of these five locales

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flippertie 1 Like

"use the local knowledge of TIME’s Hong Kong office and hunker down in one of these five locales"

Is time using adolescent interns to write their articles now?  This collection of drivel and cliche shows about as much 'local knowledge' as a teenagers rushed  'What I did on my summer holiday' essay.  


Clearly this hack lacks the ability to write incisively and intelligently on either Edward Snowden the man or - more importantly - the hugely significant and shocking information he has revealed.

So what does that leave? The 'satire' option - or at least a strikingly lazy attempt. I *do* live in Hong Kong and these descriptions are laboured, boringly clichéd and sadly out of touch - and in the case of Lockhart Road, merely puerile and sexist. Grow up!


Wow! Time magazine has turned into a mix of Cosmopolitan and Comedy Central these days...

Sad to see the steady decline in the quality of this magazine

ScottKirkham 4 Like

This is ill informed journalism. TIME attempting titilation. This will negatively affect the TIME brand, reducing credibility for the important global topics which it can represent. This is an important topic, but where is he editor in chief going with this? Very poor journalism and will call into question past and future stories - disappointing.