At Least 80 People Killed in Latest Iraqi Violence

Escalating Shi'ite-Sunni bloodshed as U.S. ponders entering parallel sectarian conflict in Syria

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Khalid Mohammed / AP Photo

Security forces inspect the site of a car bomb attack in Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013.

A series of rush hour bombings in Baghdad killed at least 80 people and wounded scores more on Wednesday, according to official sources. Several blasts shook the northern district of Kadhimiya, with the majority of victims believed to be Shi’ite Muslims.

Iraq has been wracked by spiraling bloodshed with at least 4,137 civilians killed and 9,865 injured so far this year as enmity between Sunnis and Shi’ites becomes ever more vicious. U.N. figures made July the deadliest month for Iraqis in five years with a death toll of 1,057 people, mostly civilians. Baghdad is the country’s worst hit province.

This latest violence comes as the U.S. ponders military intervention in Syria, which is also in the grip of an escalating sectarian conflict as Sunni rebels battle the predominantly Shi’ite military of beleaguered President Bashar Assad.



@peterdaou good thing we took military action there and stopped the bloodshed. oh. wait.

EldrickWo 1 Like

just let them kill themselves-stay out of Syria 


I don't know why the UK and France have been so intent on helping the Sunni insurrection and foreign Mujaheddins overthrow the secular, Christian-safe (there are millions there who will be leaving when Assad goes), and non-warlike Assad , unlike our former, late, ally Saddam who fought Iran - with our connivance despite knowing he was gassing the Iranians - where was the indignation then?)  and tried to annex Kuwait. I know Obama is taking the easy way out, he will look like a wimp if he doesn't bomb somebody after poison gas was used, after all his red line talk. But take a step back and you can see that this DUMB 101, we kill people, destroy infrastructure in a country already edging toward central collapse, help to kill the central government and expect a fairy tale ending. Maybe, or maybe we will create another Afghanistan full of the ruins of modern civilization peopled by simple, warlike goat herders, with lots of chaotic room for real terrorists who will soon rule everything from Jordan to India. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised, both world wars came after escalating series of dumb moves by everyone involved, (except Hitler in WW11 who was clear about what he was up to 20 years before he did it). Well once again the usual suspects, Paris and London are screwing things up royally (Germany is avoiding this war like the plague and Russia and China are almost standing in the way of our cruise missiles. Well we strike again. Here's hoping it doesn't go badly. We are making a mistake but I hope that it doesn't kill as many people as it could according to the law of unintended consequences. My fear is that we get away with attacking Syria now but when we decide we want to attack Iran, any day now, Russia may draw an atomic line in the sand and Putin after drawing it will take the easy way out and leave it up to our cruise missiles whether WW111 breaks out or not. Israel may decide suddenly on its' own tto pull the trigger for everybody itself. They've been been known to put their self-interest before everything. And then it will be anyone's guess whether we wake up the next day.

MiloBendech 2 Like

So can we all agree that the invasion of Iraq was one BIG TERRIBLE WASTE OF TIME MONEY AND LIVES?

We spent 1 trillion dollars , 8 years and 4500 US lives to  reignit a sectarian conflict that has  been going on for a thousand years
Now instead of Sadaam killing his own people...Iraqis are killing each other.

dissidentX 1 Like

Iraq: still worse off than before the invasion.