Bombs Found in Cambodian Capital Before Opposition Rally

Security officials in Phnom Penh say there are no suspects yet and the investigation remains ongoing

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Tang Chhin Sothya / AFP / Getty Images

An expert from the Cambodian Mine Action Center wears a bomb suit as he examines a homemate bomb found in front of the National Assembly building in Phnom Penh on Sept. 13, 2013.

Two improvised explosive devices were discovered in central Phnom Penh on Friday morning, close to where opposition rallies are due to be held in two days time.

One bomb was found inside a 10-litre barrel outside the National Assembly. It was deemed too sensitive to move and was safely detonated on site. In addition, three M79 shells tied together with wire were found near Wat Phnom. The Cambodia National Rescue Party is slated to hold a mass demonstration at nearby Freedom Park on Sunday, which was likely to overflow into the historic temple.

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“We cannot say it’s a terrorism act, unless there is confirmation from the investigating team first,” Military Police spokesman Kheng Tito told the local press. The Cambodian capital has seen huge street protests in recent weeks after Prime Minister Hun Sen was returned in a disputed election held on July 28.

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