Muslim Brotherhood’s Twitter Star Gets Arrested: Twitter Reacts

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An English-speaking spokesman for Egypt’s embattled preeminent Islamist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested Tuesday amid an ongoing crackdown on the Brotherhood and its political affiliates.

Gehad Haddad, the son of an adviser to former President Mohamed Morsi, has been to some extent the face of the party to the English-speaking world, garnering on Twitter a following of 72,500 people (Arabic and English-speakers) and routinely appearing on international news channels.

The immediate response on Twitter is testimony to Gehad Haddad’s influence—respected by some, spurned by others—in the deeply divided country. We’ve compiled some of those tweets for a taste of the response:

The vitriol:

[tweet] [tweet]

The defense:

[tweet] [tweet]

The commentary:

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