Tweet on Tehran? Iran Unblocks Twitter, Facebook

Iran’s new moderate leadership continues to embrace the social-media revolution

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Fars News / Reuters

Supporters of moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani hold his picture as they celebrate his victory in Iran's presidential election in Tehran on June 15, 2013

Iran’s new President may be loosening the government’s tight grip on its people — if ever so slightly. Four years after both Twitter and Facebook were blocked following a postelection uprising and ensuing crackdown in 2009, the social-media platforms were back online as of Monday evening.

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Since Hassan Rouhani took office in August, the reform-minded cleric has taken to tweeting on his own official Twitter account, along with the country’s Foreign Minister. The President has used social media to comment on the crisis in Syria, congratulate Iranian athletes and bid holiday greetings to the global Jewish community on Rosh Hashanan. However, Rouhani was notably quiet on Monday night and did not tweet an official announcement concerning the unblocking of the social-media outlets.

After years of confrontation with America and Israel during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s presidency, Rouhani appears to be making inroads with the international community. During a nationally televised interview broadcast over the weekend, U.S. President Barack Obama confirmed that he has been exchanging letters with the new Iranian President to discuss the Syrian civil war and the country’s controversial nuclear program that Washington is keen to dismantle.



well, if the people of Iran are happy with this move of their govt. then its a good. 


I've noticed every single time a western journalist mentions something Rouhani has done recently they always use such painfully careful language in describing the loosening of government controls. "Rouhani is showing POTENTIAL signs of being SLIGHTLY more moderate...' "loosening the government’s tight grip on its people — if ever so slightly..." etc

For anyone who even modestly understands Iran, it's society, culture and politics, and has been following the new President, it is abundantly clear that he is DEFINITELY a lot more moderate, liberal even, than his predecessor, and he is showing MANY signs of loosening the governments 'grip on its people.' He has only been in office for barely a month and he has already done so much, every other day there seems to be a headline tucked away in the remote regions of time, or the bbc or the guardian, about Rouhani doing something that not long ago would have seemed implausible for Iran. Perhaps the press is waiting for his UN speeches before making judgements, but I think it is time that reporters opened their eyes to what is happening and give credit where it's due.