Kenya Mall Attack: Eyewitness Accounts of Gunshots and Grenades

"We began crawling behind cars and underneath cars"

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Survivors describe the chaotic moments following the attack at the upscale shopping mall in Nairobi, which claimed the lives of at least 68 people on Saturday.


How many more innocent people will die before the politicians (and the media) learn, that terror is a self-propagating disease, a killing instinct that looks for justification rather than a normal response of human beings to some real or imagined injury? Terror has to be eradicated by the cooperation of every security apparatus of every legitimate government, save none. Anyone who chooses to be a bystander will surely become a target sooner or later, because the desire to kill spreads uncontrollably as one more terror act is left unpunished. This is not Kenya's first brush with terror, but previously the response was ineffectual, probably because the acts were presumably directed towards Israelis. This time the terrorist exposed their true face: they killed any declared non-Muslin in their path, blacks, whites and Asians. Let's hope it's the last wakeup call required to mobilize the many governments that prefer to hide their metaphorical heads in the Arabian sand.