Six Egyptian Soldiers Killed as Violence Roils Country

Militants killed the soldiers near the Suez Canal, and a state-owned TV station in Cairo was attacked

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AP / Sabry Khaled

Egyptian security forces and civilians detain a supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi near Ramsis Square, Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, October 6, 2013.

Six Egyptian soldiers near the Suez Canal were killed by suspected militants, and a rocket-propelled grenade was fired on a state television station in Cairo on Monday morning, after Islamists and security forces clashed in violent protests over the weekend.

Two people were injured in the grenade attack on the state-owned satellite station, Reuters reports, while three were killed and 48 injured in a separate explosion near a state security building, which a witness said was caused by a car bomb. The soldiers were attacked in Ismailia while in a car at a checkpoint near the Suez Canal, a vital point for global trade .

The attacks come after at least 53 people were killed and 271 injured in Egypt on Sunday during protests held amid growing tensions between state security forces and Islamist supporters of the deposed president Mohamed Morsi. Sunday’s protests took place amid anniversary celebrations of the country’s 1973 war with Israel — the state had warned that anyone protesting against the army would be considered a foreign agent rather than an activist. The day was one of the bloodiest since Morsi was deposed by the Egyptian military in July. Morsi’s supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood have defied a harsh crackdown and called for more protests Tuesday and Friday.


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