Greenwald: Significant Revelations on NSA Spying to Come

Reporter behind Snowden leaks urges journalists to band together against 'sustained attack' on press freedom

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Gustavo Miranda / AP

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the first stories about the National Security Agency's global spy program, speaks via teleconference from Brazil at the 69th General Assembly of the Inter American Press Association in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Monday, Oct. 21, 2013.

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who facilitated the leaks of former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, promised Monday that many more reports regarding NSA’s international and domestic spying are in the pipeline.

In a videoconference with reporters from around the Americas, Greenwald said that the upcoming revelations will be as significant as the recently published disclosure that NSA intercepted over seventy million phone calls in France over a one-month period, the Associated Press reports.

Brazil-based Greenwald said that he was consulting with experienced editors and reporters on the potential harm of the leaks, but also called on journalists to “band together” in order to withstand the “sustained attack” on press freedom in the United States.



The worst is yet to come. 

Not for our lying, embarrassed politicians and agents, but for the America people at large.

Snowden is an ethical person, what he's doing is to alert Americans to the fact that the government has effectively voided the Fourth Amendment. 

However, about one million people have been issued "top secret" security clearances. So, let's brace ourselves for the personal vendettas, sale of information to foreign government and -- most especially --- violations of citizens' rights, harassment, false arrest and mistaken shootings -- for sure by a predictable minority of dumber-than-sh*t cops out there. 

Information is already being passed to police forces, who are using it for "crime fighting" rather than homeland security.

Most cops work hard to protect citizens, but the law of averages will produce the dumbos who will act. Anyone remember G. Gordon Liddy? Imagine him with this kind of info.

The likely result? Outrages will create the same wonderful reactions among Americans that our drone strikes create overseas. Jobs lost, careers marred, homes broken into, peaceful citizen harassed and roughed up, maybe even killed "by mistake."


@arvay ...for sure...coupled along with the NDAA makes for a disastrous concoction. Simply label your neighbor as shady and have him or her locked away never to be seen again. It's great that Snowden sacrificed himself for the benefit of many, but along with that,  we all know what rolls down hill. Like you said, dumbass LEO's with itchy trigger fingers getting top level (leaked) intel without a warrant is treacherous indeed...