Saudi Spy Chief Blasts U.S. Regional Policies

Prince Bandar Bin Sultan al-Saud's rebuke follows kingdom’s decision to forgo serving on the U.N. Security Council

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Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal (C) walks toward the plane carrying U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry upon his arrival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, June 25, 2013.

Saudi Arabia’s top intelligence officer says the kingdom is planning to reduce cooperation with the U.S. in the arming and training of Syrian rebels because it is unhappy with Washington’s Middle Eastern policies.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan al-Saud criticized American policy while hosting a group of European diplomats on the weekend, railing against Washington’s decision not to bomb Syria last month, expressing concern over the thawing of relations with old foe Iran and voicing displeasure at Washington’s wavering support for Sunni insurgents fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Al-Saud’s airing of grievances follows Saudi Arabia’s decision on Friday to forgo serving on the U.N. Security Council due to the body’s inability to solve ongoing conflicts in the region.



The REAL story...

The issue is Qatar.

First, understand that the U.S. has, under Mr. Obama, lost nearly ALL of its allies.

Here's what needs to be understood about Saudi Arabia...

While it's true that Wahhabism has, without a doubt, been a contributing factor in the formation of groups like AQ, the KSA really doesn't support al Quaeda, which is in opposition to the Al Saud monarchy. Or, at least they DIDN'T.

There are essentially two AQ camps now. There are the AQ groups which are branched off from the Bin Laden group(s) and which are largely comprised of Saudi expatriots, and then there are the ones that Qatar has co-opted.

The Obama administration's drones are doing Qatar's dirty work for them. They are decimating the old school, Saudi-national-comprised al Quaeda camps in Yemen and Pakistan.

My assumption is that if the Saudis are backing AQ at all, it is mainly supporting those groups in Yemen and Pakistan, and these groups likely have new objectives which have less to do with Jihad and more to do with battling Qatari interests.

Enter Qatar, and hear me out...

Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not get along. There's a history to this, mostly having to do with territorial disputes, etc., but more recently the conflict is over what Qatar is doing in the world.

Qatar does not really have petroleum deposits, per se, but they are sitting on the world's largest natural gas deposits. And, what few people understand is that the whole 'Global Warming' movement is centered in Qatar. So, you have a whole movement that fights oil interests, while profiting off the sale of natural gas. Al Gore, whose venture capital firm is consistently partnered with Qatar Holdings, makes millions off natural gas. And, incidently, Al Jazeera is from Doha, Qatar.

Per the recent Syrian near-miss, which player is Europe's biggest supplier of natural gas? You got it...Russia.

And, as for Saudi Arabia, plausible deniability lies in the fact that they are Sunnis and have historically disliked the Iranian Shiites, along with a few additional key issues, going back through history. They would APPEAR to have motivation to participate in a Syrian WWIII.

Qatar is quickly becoming the world's greatest infiltrator of foreign states and political groups. They have presided over the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as Al Quaeda. And this is to say nothing about the United States, where Qatar's influence is now so profound that there is no longer any doubt that they are behind the silent jihad here.

And, what I MUST stress, is that what we're really talking about is State Capture HERE IN THE U.S. But, to make matters worse, the Qataris are the world's megazillionaire drug and human trafficking mules. Remember Columbia when it was a narco-state? We're becoming or have become the same thing, under the auspices of a foreign power that no one would ever suspect.

Global warming/Climate change was Qatar's method for U.N. and E.U. subversion.
University endowments and the student body was used to infiltrate the universities. Qatar has even forged deals with several North American universities, who now have satellite campuses in Qatar:

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
Texas A&M University at Qatar
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Georgetown University in Qatar
Northwestern University in Qatar
Stenden University, Doha
College of the North Atlantic, Doha
University of Calgary, Doha

Televised sports was their modus operandi for taking over the media. Would either Fox or MSNBC bad mouth the sports industry? Of course not. Everybody loves sports.

As for the now co-opted Muslim Brotherhood...well, this will explain a lot:


The reason why this is so difficult for people to accept is that no nation in world history has ever attempted to take over another entire nation, completely through subversion, before.

I encourage you to further dig in and vet Qatar. They are at the epicenter of what's happening in the U.S. and in the world right now.

Further consider that Qatar just signed a $550 BILLION deal with Boeing, who it claims to have a sort of 'marriage' with, for the acquisition of 2,500 787s.

They also just spent $100 million to promote tourism in Mexico and are building Istanbul's third international airport.

Can you imagine 2,500 cargo-fitted 787s flying round-the-clock between places like Instanbul, Mexico City, Mogadishu, Tripoli, etc.?

Qatar is taking over the world and they're using up and tossing out the United States in order to do it.

Perhaps most one is paying attention.


Who's trying to take over FIFA? Qatar.

Who owns Fiat? Qatar.

Who is heavily invested in shale-oil in the U.S.? Qatar.

Who practically owns London? Qatar.

Who stands to make $6 Trillion off the catastrophic collapse of the Chinese housing market? Qatar.

Where Russia fits in:

The Obama administration brought a simplistic, college textbook knowledge of Russia with them, when they took over the White House. They made the colossal error of assuming that the Russians were closet Stalinists, which makes little sense considering that they had the agencies at their disposal.

The Russians are leading a 'Eurasia Movement' that's essentially anti-'Atlanticist'--i.e. anti-NATO and anti-American, who seek to create a Russia-centered empire that encompasses Europe and the Middle East.

The Eurasia movement is a bizarre Nationalist movement that borrows much from Nazism and incorporates elements of Russian Tsarism, Stalinism, pro-Arabism and a hatred of Liberal, Western constructs.

Anyway, it should be noted that the Snowden revelations have effectively neutered the Obama administration's ability to use the U.N. and the E.U. as proxies for their apparent attempts at a neo-Trotskyist revolution. This threat of global Marxist revolution has, beyond a shadow of a doubt, been chopped off at the head. But now comes the bad news:

The Russians are fueling a massive Pan-European Nationalistic backlash across Europe, and they're winning--HUGELY. If the Obama administration or the rest of America believes, for one single second, that the administration stands a chance of surviving this backlash tidal wave, they're incredibly deluded. Don't believe this won't spread across the United States like wildfire. IT WILL.

If you thought the Obama administration was baiting American citizens into martial law, you'd be half right. The other side of the equation is that the forces driving the undercurrent are, in fact, forcing the Obama administration into political suicide by baiting them to crack down on the Right, out of sheer terror.

What does this mean?

It means baten down the hatches.

And, for supporters of the Qatari-Obama camp, I seriously doubt there's much time to disavow yourselves, before the SHTF. Time to jump ship.

For the rest of us, perhaps we should hope that the administration resists the temptation to crack down on the right. Not because the Obama administration WON'T be utterly obliterated if they crackdown on their opposition, but because they WILL. It is our best option that they sit on their thumbs and do absolutely nothing until Obama's term is up.


Our ME policy is horrific.  It is based upon a shallow understanding of what the ME ruling class wants us to believe.  It has no street content and is therefore incapable of making informed decisions about future events.  The comments typically posted by other american citizens is typically shameful in its ignorance and arrogance.

Arab spring was caused by the 1980's ME baby boom and the simultaneous shift in population away from rural areas and into cities. The size and scope of ME baby boom is much greater than the western post-war baby boom. Religion, politics, fanaticism, terrorism, al queda, sectarianism are competing for space within this demographic.  The United States needs to agressively support ideologies we want to succeed. Whichever ideology wins will become ME for the next 50 years.  We need to quit being stupid and start being pro-active.  

the youth need a manifesto that competes with islamicism.  This manifesto needs to address their grievances (corruption, oppression, humiliation, lack of opportunity) while softening their fears (foreign control, sectarian inequality, replacing one dictator with another).

US interests are best served by finding a group that will create and distribute such a manifesto including a touth savvy marketing and distribution plan such as songs and poetry.  If we cooperate with GAC it may even be possible to gain support of al jazeera and other me satelitte media and find an arab host country where the group can operate.  Once the manifesto is released.  In the ME every politcal group must have an armed jihad wing that can protect it from assassination and fight for territory.  Sad but true state of affairs in the ME.  In syria we should take steps to ensure that the syrian branch should have access to desirable weapons that can protect civilians better than other competing ideologies.  The protection of both body, mind, and soul will attract followers much faster than the strict rules and sectarian bias of islamicism.  and that folks, is how you win in the ME.  It's how Iran ( a sectarian persian country) took over labanon ( an arab country in which the iranian sect is a minority ).  It is easily replicated in Syria where the end result is having the arab majority take over an arab country.


Why Saudi are making noise about democracy when they do not have one in their own country + why US and West ask them this question? Dont tell me it is only because of their oil wealth .....


Well, finally -- now we Americans can grasp that these primitive tribal fanatics are our enemies, not our friends. They were installed buy the Brits to sew up the oil supply. 

Most of the guys who flew the planes into the Towers were Saudis. They are financing al Qaeda in Syria. Drone strike anyone, on the Royal palace? 


@arvay oh, and you are the best friend to those ppl!! thanks for letting us know.