WHO Confirms Polio Outbreak in Syria, Warns of Spread

It's the first confirmed outbreak in the country in 14 years

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The World Health Organization said Tuesday it has confirmed 10 polio cases in northeast Syria and warned that the disease could spread across the region.

The first confirmed outbreak in the country in 14 years surfaced amid the two-and-a-half-year civil war that has limited access to vaccinations and basic hygiene. Before the war, almost all children were vaccinated against polio.

The confirmed cases were found among babies and toddlers who were “under-immunized,” WHO spokesman Oliver Rosenbauer said. WHO, the United Nation’s health organization, is investigating another 12 cases in the country.


Patti Codd
Patti Codd

I was in first grade with a girl who had polio. (Yes. Long time ago) and I can still, to this day, remember those heavy and cumbersome braces she wore everyday and her struggles and the other kids talking behind her back. I am afraid with parents not wanting to vaccinate their children, for whatever the reasons, we are taking a serious step backward.


How about war being the cause of the spread of disease. If there was peace and prosperity in Syria with access to clean water, clean air and nutritious food without the fear of being bombed would there be diseases such as polio? War is the problem and the solution is stop fighting. The truth is simple but for humans this seems to be a difficult thing to do to live with integrity and self-respect. When will we learn to value life- the most precious gift of all - and live in peace?