Rob Ford Asks Police to Release Alleged Crack Video

Toronto mayor admits to mistakes and apologizes to residents

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Chris Young / AP

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appeared on a local radio station following revelations this week by police of a video of the politician allegedly smoking crack, and called on police to release it for the public to see.

Toronto residents “deserve” to see the video and “judge for themselves,” Ford said, though he admitted he hadn’t yet seen the video himself. “Unfortunately, I cannot change the past,” Ford continued, saying he had “made mistakes” and apologized to his constituents.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair announced earlier this week that authorities were in possession of a video that was “consistent with what has been described in the press,” but must follow due process and cannot release the video.

Ford previously denied using crack cocaine and the existence of the video since reports first surfaced in May by Gawker.

[CTV News]



There are a lot of details this article leaves out. For one, Mayor Ford only apologized for highly publicized incidents of public drunkenness in the past year, which he had previously denied. He made it quite clear he was not apologizing for, or admitting, any drug use. Second, the chief of police has no power to release the video, which the mayor and his lawyers know. If they released it now, considering it is evidence in the extortion trial of Rob Ford's driver/alleged drug dealer, it would cause a mistrial.