Syrian Opposition May Join Peace Talks

Group outlines conditions for talks aimed at ending Syria's civil war

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Syria’s opposition has conditionally agreed to participate in international peace talks in Geneva, Reuters reported Monday.

In a statement released Monday, the coalition outlined conditions that must be met for the talks to take place: relief agencies must be allowed to access besieged areas, political prisoners must be released, and any political conference should result in a political transition.

The group also stipulated that negotiations should start with previous commitments, such as those set out in the first round of Geneva talks, as well as the discussions held in London in October.

Russia and Western nations are sponsoring the talks in hopes of reaching a negotiated settlement to the conflict which has claimed more than 100,000 lives since 2011.



That is cool that Syria's opposition has conditionally agreed to participate in the international peace talks. That means that things that need to be said will be heard and it will all be peaceful too. I for one am happy about this agreement for Syria and I know that it is going to be a good thing and it is definitely going to be very helpful on both sides.

Jak Manson |