Filipino Chapel Serves as Hospital for Newborns

The chapel inside Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center in Tacloban is the temporary home to newborn infants and their mothers, after Typhoon Haiyan destroyed the hospital's original neonatal facility

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Typhoon Haiyan’s Path of Destruction

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Tales from the victims of Yolanda

Through the storm surge and chaotic sky, 
the scale of destruction: hell on earth, 
towns flattened into a horrible wasteland, 
the deluge created ghost cities in a second, 
every night spent is a horror painted with gothic madness, 
and the survivors live in an unthinkable nightmare, 
their throats are left dry, 
there is no water everywhere, 
they have never eaten for straight 5 days now, 
with dignities blown by the diabolic wind, 
sense of decency fades into the darkness of hunger, 
in order to survive, 
they resorted into looting to preserve lives than to live like zombies, 
walking dead souls in a state of anarchy.

'All are dead and gone except me! 
Don't come home anymore ate! 
Mom, dad and our little nipa home is swept into the sea by the huge waves! '

Crying with tears of shattered soul, 
herself is in total ruin, 
Marga told her dramatic story to a Journalist, 
It has been five days since the Super Typhoon Yolanda battered her city, 
her eyes are tortured by the gruesome pictures of unexpected deaths, 
the tone of her words sounded very traumatized by the deluge, 
and the deeper cut on her forehead is still wet, 
never been medicated, 
when even the hospitals turned into rubbles.

'Kuya in Cebu City, 
if you are listening, 
Forgive me! 
Here is Aya, 
my daughter: your beloved niece, 
I am sorry not to protect her from the violent wind of the storm, 
it was too strong, 
I thought it was the end of the world! '

He said, 
shivering in the darkness of living hell, 
crying while asking for absolution, 
every drop of her tears flow on his daughter's violet lips, 
his heart is broken into pieces, 
the pain he could not bear, 
his hug is tight and he cried till the last drop of his tears.

' mommy, 
if you hear me, 
if you could still remember before you left us, 
we took an oath before you that what might happen we will remain as one happy family, 
nobody will leave and separate, 
but kuya Roel and ate Ella are both dead, 
they were drowned in a flood of 12 feet deeper, 
I tried to give them a decent burial, 
even the funeral homes are devastated too, 
their cadavers were in advance state of decomposition, 
I am very sorry, 
I was forced to bury them in a mass grave! '

An eight year old girl told the media man, 
he could not withstand the pain the girl is feeling within, 
his emotion is breaking into rubbles, 
and he cries too.


The Rainbow of Tacloban

After the storm's bloodiest assault, 
nothing is left but broken homes, 
obliterated souls and shattered dreams, 
but beyond agonies and miseries, 
for the first time, 
through our turbulent evolution, 
contradictions are thrown out, 
cooperation defeated competition, 
humanity unites as one people to sympathize, 
nations at war stand together to fed the hungry victims of the typhoon, 
a turning point in our human history, 
the greatest leap of mankind, 
it's a miracle, 
the rainbow of Tacloban City is a clear message, 
love will always prevail over hatred, 
that's beautiful.


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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14). Churches should always stand as a place of protection and peace for anyone.