Watch: Thousands Cheer Newly Arrived Ambassador Caroline Kennedy in Japan

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Caroline Kennedy presented Emperor Akihito with her credentials to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan on Tuesday, following a traditional procession aired live on national television.

Thousands of onlookers cheered the ambassador — the first female ambassador from the U.S. — as she rode up to the Imperial Palace in a horse-drawn carriage, a custom for newly arrived ambassadors.

Kennedy, whose father President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago this week, has drawn stardom attention. Her father, who fought in the Pacific during WWII, had planned to be the first sitting president to visit the country before his death.



She is a very decent and intelligent woman.

It would be unfortunate if the usual hateful and jealous teatards, gop's and the loike start their usual diatribe to insult her although, it can be expected of their kind.

I'm sure she's above all that and is able to just slough it off however, the rest of us who are REAL Americans and remember the wonderful place that was American Camelot in those few months are not so forgiving.

Those who are not like us with our positive attitudes need to recognize that these people in Japan revere and love her.

She'll do a good job for both countries.

I hope she seeks a higher office here at home.

We deeply need to rid ourselves of the terrible ones.


Public fascination with Caroline Kennedy has been going on for over 50 years. Within weeks of JFK being elected, public interest in everything Caroline Kennedy did and said was news and the nation was captivated by her.  During the 1960's the Kennedy's became a boundless source of material for  satirists, but parodies were rarely stinging, the humor one of endearment.

One such parody  "Caroline's Doll Book"was published in 1962. A good natured satire satirizing the first family it  offers us  a glimpse into the politcs people and issues that caught Americas attention during the heady New Frontier era.Take a rare look