Memo Reveals NSA Can Spy Even On Close Ally UK

The NSA declined to say whether its official policy

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A leaked National Security Agency memo suggests the United States can spy on even its closest allies, including the United Kingdom, despite prior non-spying agreements.

The memo, dated January 2005, appears to be a draft, and the NSA declined to say whether it became official policy or if the U.S. has spied on British citizens without the country’s consent, the New York Times reports. But the document, provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, indicates that both the U.K. and the U.S. believe that spying on each other’s citizens without the other’s consent is acceptable in extraordinary circumstances.

While NSA spying revelations have riled U.S. partners like Germany and France, there have been few reports until now of spying between the U.S. and its closest intelligence partners, like the U.S. and Canada.



Why is this news? Are people here in America as well as foreign leaders that naïve to believe that spying and espionage just...went away. We had technology in the 1960's! capable of seeing a grapefruit on the ground from space. So, what, 40 years later our technology regressed and electronic technology spying was sidelined by some documented diplomatic promise? Really?

Come on people, wake up! The movie Enemy of the State with Gene Hackman and Will Smith, wasn't just Hollywood make believe. Chew on this...What they allowed you to see in that movie were capabilities they no longer wished to covet! This was in 1998.     


@SeekingUnderstanding The new world order is like the television show People of Interest, just ten times worse. Your cel is an open mike and GPS tracker. Not only is every word we say recorded, stored and sifted through by the NSA's algorythms, but we are videoed from above using millimeter resolution satellite spy cams. This has gone way beyond simple intelligence gathering to mass mind control and electronic harrassment. See below.