‘Rodent Commandos’ Parachuted into Guam to Battle Snake Infestation

Dead mice spiked with painkillers part of latest scheme to kill off invasive serpents

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The brown tree snake was accidentally introduced to Gaum in the late 1940's or early 1950's.

With all other efforts to cull a teeming population of snakes failing, U.S. officials in Guam have called in air support.

On Sunday, approximately 2,000 dead mice pumped full of Tylenol were dropped across the island in an effort to eliminate a species of snake that officials say is responsible for inflicting millions of dollars of damage.

The nonnative brown tree snake is reportedly killing off a native species of bird and known to shut down electricity substations, causing at least 80 power outages a year on the U.S. territory, according to a report published by NBC News.

The most recent scheme, which is part of $8 million program to destroy the reptilian pests, aims to capitalize on the brown tree snake’s fatal inability to consume low doses of acetaminophen — a primary ingredient in the over-the-counter painkiller.

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