Toronto Mayor Reportedly Offered ‘5 Thousand And a Car’ For Video Of Him Smoking Crack

Toronto's crack-smoking mayor offered cash and a car for an incriminating video according to police documents

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have tried to buy — for $5,000 and a car — the video that police say shows him smoking crack cocaine, according to newly-released documents.

In a 450-page police document released Wednesday by an Ontario judge, police notes describe a conversation between two alleged gang members, Reuters reports. “Remember that day he said that in front of me?” one said, according to a transcript, which was translated by police. “He said I’ll give you five thousand and a car,” another man replied, referring to Ford’s supposed attempt to buy the video.

Ford admitted last month to smoking crack “in one of my drunken stupors,” after months of denials, and has since been under political siege in Toronto, refusing to resign even as lawmakers strip him of most of his powers. He said earlier this year that he hadn’t seen the video and that it doesn’t exist, but media outlets reported on its contents before police said last month they had obtained it.

Ford walked past reports without responding to questions on Wednesday. But he denied the latest allegations during an appearance on a sports radio talk show on Thursday, the Associated Press reports.

“Number one that’s an outright lie and number two you can talk to my lawyers about it, but I’m here to talk about football guys,” Ford said.



Well, as a US citizen, I can't say much.  Our nation's Capital re-elelcted a crack smoking mayor.  We elected an ABSOLUTE IDIOT President named George W Bush.  The guy couldn't even master the english language, but we put him in twice.  What did we get for it: a small tax break for the little guy, but a GIGNATIC tax break for the, the wealth disparity increased.  After giving a tax break, he starts 2 wars; 1 based on the complete lie of WMDs.  And, as for his hands off approach to business, well...the world almost went into a depression because these great businessmen were more interested in enriching themselves than any consequences of the cr@p products/services they peddled. 


Smart voters in Toronto, just like the dummys in the USA voting for the con man Obama. Goes to show Canadians can be very stupid too, even if they think they are superior.


@Openminded2Mixed emotions over the Rob Ford thing. As a proud American, at the very least, he admitted it! And his reasoning...?? he did it in a "drunken stupor"! Now THAT'S funny!

So I ask myself this... is he doing his job? I don't know the answer to that. But I do know that if you think he is a minority, you'd be wrong.He is ONE who got caught is all. And to me, if he is doing his job, what he chooses to do in his personal life is between him and his God. Period.

A person who uses drugs is certainly not a bad person. In fact, if we treated it like the health issue it is and NOT the criminal issue we have made most of society beleive it is (until it affects your own home), we could solve so many of the problems that plague our society today today. I mean a 40 year War on Drugs?? What a joke!

Let's look towards other countries who are more forward-thinking and stop wasting so much time, money human potential and stop lying to the American public!


Imagine that today's illicit rugs are overnight LEGAL and sold much like alcohol and cigarettes and manufactured by qualified individuals and companies meeting strict health standards. Purity and quality is regulated. You buy it like smokes and booze, and tax the be-jesus outta it!


ODs, hotshots, unsafe drug practices, blood-borne diseases, welfare system abuse, burglary, theft and other petty non-violent crimes drop rapidly and significantly. Prices for users are reasonable but the government makes a big cut, same as tobacco and alcohol. And like A&C, it would instill healthy competition for these manufacturers.

(If your worry is we end up with a nation of junkies and potheads, statistics prove in fact the opposite is true.)

In a very short time, we could pull this Great Nation out of this economic disaster some of the few have made for MOST of the rest of us. AND I MEAN IN A WAY ALMOST NOTHING ELSE WE DO AT THIS POINT COULD.

In addition, these tax dollars can also be spent on a REALISTIC drug education for our children at a young age, rehab for addicts WHO WANT IT (as it doesn't work any other way), the ability for anyone to meet their potential and live in society working and PAYING TAXES. An economy that is boosted literally overnight in a way I cannot even begin to imagine.

Human potential is boosted tenfold as those who want a real life, but could never have it in the past, now get to have an opportunity to also pursue their own happiness and live potentially successful lives.

And 2 important things... the U.S., MY home, has more people incarcerated than any other country in the world, (that's right!), 70% of these people are NON-VIOLENT drug-offenders... not criminals. These people could be let out as they never should have been in!

This leaves our correctional facilities to that small percentage who have committed real crimes but can now get the rehab they need. At the same time, the SCUM who own these Privatized Prisons would be outta business and quickly onto the next white-collar crime.

The recidivism rate would take a huge drop as much of repeat offenders has to do with stupid Parole/Probation systems that keep drug addicts in and out of jail with little end in sight. For cops and others in the law enforcement business, no longer would their time be spent on busting those with a joint, breaking up families and making people feel like they are "bad", when in fact the laws are wrong.

People who spend years, and sometimes lifetimes trying to end their cycle of addiction in order to live this life that is promised them but find it next to impossible. FOR ADDICTS, IF SIMPLY QUITTING BY SHEER WILL WAS POSSIBLE, THEY'D DO IT! You cannot know until you walk in their shoes. And let's not forget that many people are 1 or 2 paychecks away fom a park bench themselves!

If you think there is no "cruel and unusual" practices in the U.S., you'd be wrong. Among many of them is putting a heroin addict or a methadone PATIENT in a jail cell without his meds (for methadone, it is doctor prescribed meds being denied them) and putting him/her on suicide watch. Pretty powerful statement, but far from reality for the majority so hard to really grasp.

THE LOSERS?? really only one group mainly... and they most deserve it... the CARTELS!
Let's not forget that before Prohibition, most drugs were legal. Heroin was widely-used in cough syrups for example. And in reality is another opiate of which many are used in medicine today. Believe it, if you were in pain and this was the opiate that took that pain away, you may think differently.

Of course, Coca-Cola would not be the company it is now without their original formula which consisted of LEGAL cocaine! duh!

Far, far more people die from smokes and alcohol that all other drugs put together every year.

Open your eyes and THINK about it!

If anyone has something to say about this, I encourage peaceful, logical, educated discussion. This is all just my opinion. It does not make me a user, dealer, addict, crook or bad person. Simply someone who questions authority.