Maya Angelou Recites Nelson Mandela Tribute Poem

"We watched as the hope of Africa sprang through the prison's doors."

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Maya Angelou, the 85-year-old American poet who first met Nelson Mandela in the 1960s, composed “His Day is Done” for her friend, who died Thursday. Here, she recites the tribute in a video posted to the State Department’s YouTube channel Friday “on behalf of the American people.”


Maya the Oprah joke, what a phony racist, she should not even be near the memory of Mandela ,he was real , she is a fake.



It is quite ironic- if not tragically so, that the “paid for” Tea Party posters like you are RACIST….just like your phony protests often invoke “communist” or “socialist” memes when, in fact, the “no new taxes, ever” + “cut ALL entitlements and Food Stamps” GOP is far more similar to Stalin starving 3,000,000 Ukrainians in the 1930s. Moreover, whereas the Tea Party-led GOP seems to delight in comparing the ACA to some “despotic” mandate…they seem conspicuously incapable of even acknowledging that the CBO determined the ACA SAVES THE TREASURY TRILLIONS over the next 100+ years. It cannot be both. Either the GOP Congress’ course of conduct is in furtherance of FISCAL PRUDENCE, or it is simply thwarting duly Federal law with no Compelling or even Legitimate State Interest in mind. Funny, even challenging the Tea Party supporters to rationalize these glaring contradictions only invites judgmental and hateful responses. 

Is that because Prescott Bush was apparently a Nazi sympathizer?

(see, e.g., 'Dark Legacy' documentary on Netflix)

Or is the "real agenda" just "divide and conquer" the American people on hot button issues like "race"- oh, "abortion"- and "same-sex marriage"? Well, in between trying to "scare" the Most Powerful Military in the World with imaginary "terrorist" threats that are mere criminal acts (e.g., 9/11 and Benghazi) made with an eye towards deflecting "attention" from the National Security threat of Climate Change and "fracking"? Do I have that right or do I need to use your "Bitcoin" (aka future IED) to get a straight admission?


@drudown @Openminded1 The only thing I am paid moron is my pensions, that i worked for over a 30 plus year career. You are a mental midget  who needs to get a life. You live and breathe this democratic liberal bs. Go out have a nice dinner, travel get laid, just get off your lib soap box


@drudown @Openminded1 You need to get laid really. You are a certified nut case. Try and get a life, preferably away from the liberal democratic party. they are making you a bore, and in need of a mental health professional.


@Openminded1 @drudown

Notably, the "new" Tea Party-led GOP's "messaging" (er, propaganda) machine routinely and quite incorrigibly tries to preemptively "turn the tables" on reality in a fleeting attempt to control much more logical inferences. Just like the Clean Skies Act makes the air less clean in practical “cause and effect” application, so too, does Santorum’s analogy turn reality on its head via such deliberately misleading “messaging”. While the actual GOP declarant is immaterial (i.e., GOP candidates all sign required "oaths of loyalty" to the primary GOP lobbyist regime and vote in lock-step fashion, thereby obviating any actual, truly autonomous 'leadership' ability or function), here Santorum's outlandish hypothetical of the aforementioned “tactic” is, well, a prima facie example of the troubling dynamic.

Stated differently, a far more apt analogy to the small minority group thrusting Apartheid on ALL of South Africa would be the GOP minority threatening to “defund” the ACA via UNLAWFUL MEANS (see, INS v. Chadha, infra) if its unconstitutional Legislative Veto request was not “honored” by the President, consequences to the Founding Fathers, People and Treasury be damned. This was nothing short of seditious and treasonous.

That is, there were actually GOP declarants dispensing such KNOWINGLY MISLEADING LIES that carried grave FISCAL CONSEQUENCES, i.e., unlike whether President Obama’s uncle was in this city or with him blah blah blah. By stark contrast, it is almost difficult to even imagine a more injurious LIE than the GOP declarants alleging in the “shut down” that, gee, "a default is not really a default".

Oh really? More like "Bitcoin is not a CURRENCY" and if you ACCEPT another, non-US currency in ANY official election, State transaction and/or even ANYWHERE within US jurisdiction… that too, is seditious and treasonous. You ARE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE. You cannot just “abrogate” JOB DUTIES by “choosing” to work “4 whole days in December” and INSULT the People by “having a GOP-led Committee regarding ‘communicating with E.T.’”…that is not LAWFUL when, as here, the Budget required on an ANNUAL basis is still NOWHERE to be seen.


How much “green” do these GOP members of Congress have socked up in super-PAC “savings” for a “rainy day”- I mean, if their own willful REFUSAL to perform PLENARY POWER to COLLECT TAXES continues to this very day?

“After we ‘discuss’ Rees’s Pieces…gee, how about we ‘change our laws’ to allow another, competing MADE UP ‘currency’ that NOBODY but some alleged ‘hacker’ knows of, despite the SELF-EVIDENT CONFLICT OF INTEREST?” – GOP Congress

Sure, no indicia and concurrent risk of wide scale, Madoff Ponzi Scheme fraud. 

My god what happened to the RULE OF LAW?

What happened to the DUTY OF CANDOR as a condition precedent of advocating State Action?

Conspicuously, we now even see GOP members of Congress reading directly from lobbyist-funded “anti-ACA playbooks”, not unlike the “paid for” pundits like Palin dispensing knowingly false, deliberately misleading statement about “death panels” in the ACA.

How is THAT not "news"? How is that not “a FRAUD on the PUBLIC” by GOP declarants?

(see, e.g.,that even with the IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that Health Care COSTS have dramatically SLOWED since the ACA was enacted…these GOPO declarants seem to find no "wrong" in LYING about the ACA? [e.g.,]

Lo and behold, not content to just LIE about the “skyrocketing costs” like Sen. Cruz…declarants like Palin “double down” with socially divisive rhetoric about “death panels” in the ACA to further (drumroll, please) "tie" the "new" Tea Party-led GOP's "anti-ACA" agenda into the KNOWINGLY FALSE- even if imputing “homicidal intent” to the State per the Libertarian “government is the problem” mantra, when, under any reasonable construction of the operative facts in the United States…the GOP “governance” is FAR, FAR more likely to “result in death” insofar that Governors in “Red States” DENYING their citizens access to the ACA- while the GOP pushes its OPEC-funded “fracking” agenda is at least plausible [i.e., “fracking” EXPOSING said US citizens to cancer-causing Benzene and lethal methane if ANY natural gas pipes should, and foreseeably and inevitably will, be compromised…and then being DENIED Health Care coverage on some absurd technicality that (repeat drumroll, please) the ACA OUTLAWS].

So, GOP Congress…please do NOT reach for yourimaginary Legislative Veto card [i.e., presumably next to your magic Filibuster wand] in the coming Budget dispute…insofar that "making a stand" in the last “round” prior to the UNLAWFUL “shut down” openly entailed UNLAWFUL Legislative Veto threats [per INS v. Chadha (1983) 462 U.S. 919] and (drudown, I can write this)…suggesting the State "default" on its Treasury Debt obligations (thereby immediately and irreparably VIOLATING the Constitution's CONTRACT CLAUSE- and deliberately or at least recklessly negligently causing devastating effects including, but not limited to interfering with the prospective economic advantage of the Several States), but, again, like Santorum’s “upside down” analysis (e.g., the GOP trying to deny it sown citizens Health Care REFORM is, ahem, ‘akin to fighting Apartheid’) is more accurately conceptualized as despotically "inflicting" damage to the State OUTSIDE the proper TAX and SPENDING mechanism REQUIRED by LAW, as if, in the end, the PLENARY power (i.e., less onerous and more reasonable means) to raise revenue does not circumscribe any such "discretion" for ANY Committee or MEMBER of Congress or EITHER partisan identification to [my god, you TRAITORS] “shut down” the government for ONE MINUTE, i.e., impugning the Common Defense in furtherance of NO LEGITIMATE, nor COMPELLING STATE INTEREST.

In summary, sorry Grover, there is no "partisan" excuse for VIOLATING or deliberately OBSTRUCTING duly enacted Federal law, much less affirmatively THWARTING the People's DUE PROCESS rights selectively incorporated via the 14th Amendment by “drowning the government in the bathtub”. That shows Scienter of TREASON, and there is nothing about INJURING the Constitutional framework in a “partisan” mind-set that COULD ever provide an exculpatory justification for doing so, much less would a LOYAL AMERICAN seek such a reason.

The INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY requires REVENUE LAWFULLY OWED to the PEOPLE arising out of your “sham” non-profit, Foreign-funded steeple.

"Truth fears no trial." - Thomas Fuller, M.D.