European Union Cancels Fresh Trade Talks With Ukraine

Brussels refuses to meet with Yanukovich government until it sees evidence of clearer commitment to deal

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A Pro-European integration protester waves a Ukrainian national flag as she stands on a statue during a mass rally at Independence Square in Kiev December 15, 2013.

The European Union has halted fresh trade talks with the embattled government of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich as hundreds of thousands of protestors rallied in Kiev against the country’s refusal last month to sign a free-trade deal with Brussels.

The E.U.’s move follows weeks of mass protests after the Yanukovich government put the brakes on a free trade agreement with Europe in favor of consolidating stronger ties with Russia. Yanukovich then appeared to vacillate, saying last week that he would sign a trade deal after all.

On Sunday, the E.U.’s Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele accused to Ukraine government of being out of touch with reality.

Over the weekend, U.S. Senator John McCain attended the protests in Kiev, where he briefly took the stage to offer words of support to the masses enduring frigid winter temperatures.

“To all Ukraine, America stands with you,” said McCain, according to the AFP.

Protestors are calling for large-scale demonstrations to coincide with Yanukovich’s trip to Russia on Tuesday, where he is scheduled to meet with President Vladimir Putin.



US offers support to people demonstrating in support of freedom and self-determination, while the EU, in full panic-mode, snub them to avoid angering the Russian bear. More news at ten.